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Bandung, Indonesia

Saadah S.,Telkom University
2015 IEEE 2nd International Conference on InformationScience and Security, ICISS 2015 | Year: 2015

Economic indicator in Indonesia are GDP (Gross Domestic Product), GNI (Gross National Income), inflation, export and import. These data had been chosen because economic that came from words 'ecos' and 'nomos' consist of value of life which are implemented in them. Based on that reason, it cannot be avoided that chaos and complex will emerge during measure the economic condition. In order to monitor Indonesia's economic, system that predict each of economic indicator had been developed. This concept tried to answer the chaos and complex in real-problem. System did not measure only one indicator independently, instead of involve all of indicators while predict it. So that, non-linear differential dynamic had been used to face this issued. Furthermore, system would predict as time series and optimized using genetic algorithm. By setting parameter probability mutation and probability cross over, this research got accuracy around 30%-80%. The range of accuracy proved that the system able enough to fit data in finding historical pattern even had to face with chaos and complex. Distribution data and non-linear differential equation are caused of chaos and complex respectively. Keywords-chaos and complex, economic condition, non-linear differential dynamic, time series, genetic algorithm. © 2015 IEEE. Source

This paper presents the problem of guaranteed cost output feedback controller design for uncertain neutral systems. The output feedback stabilization usually leaves the mathematical algorithm which is not applicable, because of non-convexity and non-trivial computation task needs. To solve this kind of problems, we propose a sufficient condition for asymptotic stabilization by applying linear matrix inequalities (LMIs) feasible solutions. To show the usefulness of the proposed method, this method is applied to the DC motor of reaction wheel control design. © 2015, ICIC International. Source

Atmaja R.D.,Telkom University
International Journal of Imaging and Robotics | Year: 2015

Wood processing machine detects the quality of each wood that goes into the machine continuously. Segmentation process is required through real-time to crop each image, so that there will be no redundant especially wood objects were missed or did not succeed to be cropped. This paper discussed the segmentation algorithm which designed to crop image of wood. This paper also measures the impact of distance between the object and also the impact of velocity wood object which passed. The result shows that to achieve 100% accuracy is required the distance between wood objects longer than 8cm. The distance value is influenced by the system computing time and the speed of wood object that moves. © 2015 by IJIR (CESER PUBLICATIONS). Source

Wijaya D.R.,Telkom University
Journal of Theoretical and Applied Information Technology | Year: 2015

ASEAN Single Window (ASW) implementation ensures compatibility of Member States National Single Windows (NSWs) with international open communication standards while also ensuring that each of those Member States can then exchange data securely and reliably with any trading partners that use international open standards. Simpler and faster processing time, and a more transparent way of doing business. In order to facing of ASW, Indonesian Port Companies have to improve their services. Based on this fact, some Indonesia Port Companies try to invest Information Technology to achieve their goals and improve competitiveness. However, frequently processes related with IT investment do not managed properly. Port Company in Indonesia often ignore linkage analysis between IT investment, business objectives, and business impact. Therefore, the value of IT service not been well defined. This work has raised this issue and try to propose systematic approach for IT Financial Management process based on ITIL best practice standard. Research case study in one of the largest government-owned port company in Indonesia that implements Port Integrated IT services. This work start with planning, analysis, and design to be produced proposed IT Financial Management process. Business case analysis perform in planning phase to make sure the IT investment related with business objectives and has measurable impact. Assessment perform in analysis phase to measure the IT Financial Management process readiness. Total Service Valuation (TSV) also formulated to know the value of Port Integrated IT services. The last is design phase which is defined complete procedures, role and responsibilities for IT Financial Management process implementation. The result of this work is systematic approach to implementation IT Financial Management process in Indonesian Port Company. © 2005 - 2015 JATIT & LLS. All rights reserved. Source

Maharani W.,Telkom University
Journal of Theoretical and Applied Information Technology | Year: 2015

In recent years, Social Network Analysis (SNA) is still growing rapidly. The mapping and measurement of the interaction in SNA can be used in many areas, for example to find the most influential users to improve the marketing strategy in Small and Medium Enterprise (SME). In order to find the most influential users in a network, we can apply the centrality measurement such as degree centrality, betweeness centrality, closeness centrality and eigenvector centrality. In this manner, degree centrality is conceptually the simplest one, which is defined as the number of links incident upon a node. While recent works has focused on number of nodes with the weighting between nodes according to its interaction such as following, followed, mention, retweet and reply. In this study, we investigate the combination of tweet content similarity and the interactions between users in twitter using Opsahl method. In this paper, we compare the proposed method with the baseline system from previous research. The experimental result show that the tweet content similarity affect the result of the most influential user in comparison with existing method. © 2005 - 2015 JATIT & LLS. All rights reserved. Source

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