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Rome, Italy

Telecom Italia is an Italian telecommunications company which provides landline services, mobile services, and DSL data services. It was founded in 1994 in a merger of several state-owned telecommunications companies, the most important of which was Società Italiana per L'Esercizio Telefonico p.A., known as S.I.P., from the initials of the earlier Società Idroelettrica Piemontese, the former state monopoly telephone operator in Italy. The companies stock is traded in the Borsa Italiana.Telecom Italia, TIM, TIM Brasil, Olivetti, Telecom Italia Sparkle are the main brands of Telecom Italia Group. Wikipedia.

A method involves measuring and monitoring usage of data stored on a user device by software applications installed on the user device, the data being generated by resources of the user device. The method includes for each resource, assigning a resource sensitivity value, the resource sensitivity values of different resources being adapted to enable discrimination among resources based on sensitivity of the data they generate; for each application, calculating a respective application access level to the data by combining through a first predetermined function the resource sensitivity values of the resources that generate data accessed by the application; calculating a device access level to the data by the applications, the device access level being calculated by combining through a second predetermined function the calculated application access levels of the applications installed on the device; and associating with each application a respective indication of the calculated device access level.

A method is disclosed herein for controlling distribution of media contents over a network, wherein the contents are distributed by making the contents available at surrogate servers. The method includes the steps of identifying additional contents eligible for distribution; defining a set of categories; identifying for each category at least a reference content; associating the additional contents with the predefined categories based on semantics affinity with the reference content, the semantics affinity being calculated as the distance of each of the additional contents to the at least a reference content; selecting at least one of said predefined categories; and making at least one of the additional contents associated with said selected predefined category available for distribution at the surrogate servers.

Telecom Italia | Date: 2013-02-01

A system for managing house appliances supplied through a power grid is provided. Each house appliance operates according to at least one corresponding operative mode. Each operative mode comprises a sequence of operative phases. The system comprises at least one control unit interfaced with the house appliances for exchanging data. The at least one control unit collects power profile data comprising timing and electric power consumption data of each operative phase of each operative mode of the house appliances; generates a time schedule of the house appliances operations by distributing in time the execution of the operative phases thereof such that total power consumption of house appliances is kept under a maximum power threshold of the power grid; and controls the operation of the appliances based on the time schedule. The at least one control unit is configured to generate the time schedule by exploiting a Particle Swarm Optimization approach.

A method and device for authenticating a user of a communication device accessing an online service. The online service is accessible over a data network and is provided through a service platform. The communication device is connected to a mobile phone network and to the data network. The communication device includes an interface software application configured to interact with the service platform through the data network for fruition of the online service, and a messaging function configured to send messages through the mobile phone network. A user-side authentication application is provided at the communication device, a provider-side authentication application is provided at the service platform, and an authentication control function is provided in communication relationship with the provider-side authentication application and with the mobile phone network.

Telecom Italia | Date: 2014-11-17

Disclosed herein is a method for serving an aggregate flow in a communication network node, the aggregate flow including a plurality of individual flows. The method includes identifying in the aggregate flow, based on serving resources allocated to the network node, individual flows that may be served without substantial detriment to perceived performance, and serving the identified individual flows with priority in respect of the remaining individual flows in the aggregate flow. The method allows the presence of individual flows that may not be served without substantial detriment to perceived performance due to shortage of serving resources to be notified to an external control entity.

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