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Tel Aviv, Israel

Tel Aviv University is a public university located in Ramat Aviv, Tel Aviv, Israel. With over 30,000 students, TAU is Israel's largest university.Located in Israel's cultural, financial and technological core, Tel Aviv University is a major center of teaching and research, comprising 9 faculties, 27 schools, 98 departments and nearly 130 research institutes and centers. Wikipedia.

Tel Aviv University and The Fund For Medical Research | Date: 2015-02-23

A method of treating or preventing an ovary-related syndrome associated with infertility in a subject in need thereof is provided. The method comprising administering to the subject a pharmaceutical composition comprising an active ingredient consisting of pigment epithelium-derived factor (PEDF) and a pharmaceutically acceptable carrier, thereby treating or preventing the ovary-related syndrome associated with infertility in the subject.

Tel Aviv University, Tel HaShomer Medical Research Infrastructure, Services Ltd. and Bar IIan Research And Development Co. | Date: 2015-08-24

A method of generating a category model for classifying medical images. The method comprises providing a plurality of medical images each categorized as one of a plurality of categorized groups, generating an index of a plurality of visual words according to a distribution of a plurality of local descriptors in each the image, modeling a category model mapping a relation between each visual word and at least one of the categorized groups according to the index, and outputting the category model for facilitating the categorization of an image based on local descriptors thereof.

Methods of designing a polynucleotide sequence for expressing a polypeptide-of-interest in a cell are provided. Also provided are artificial transcript sequences generated according to the present teachings. Further provided are methods of estimating the adaptiveness of a transcript sequence encoding a polypeptide-of-interest to a gene expression machinery in a cell.

A method of transplanting cells into a subject is disclosed. The method comprises transplanting the cells into the paranasal sinus of the subject or the subarachnoid cavity situated between the frontal bone of skull and the olfactory bulb of the subject. Devices for paranasal sinus transplantation and subarachnoid cavity transplantation are also disclosed.

Lipidated glycosaminoglycan particles, prepared by reacting a glycosaminoglycan with at least one lipid to cross-link the carboxylic acid groups in the glycosaminoglycan with a primary amine in the lipid, are used to encapsulate drugs for use in the treatment of pathological conditions in an animal.

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