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Helsinki, Finland

Tekes – the Finnish Funding Agency for Technology and Innovation, a part of Finnish Ministry of Employment and the Economy, is the most important public funding agency for research funding in Finland. In 2009, Tekes invested €579 million in 2,177 projects, of which €343 million was directed to enterprise projects and €236 million to universities, polytechnics and public research institutes. Tekes is a part of the Finnish innovation system, and functions as a funding agency only. Wikipedia.

Agency: Cordis | Branch: H2020 | Program: ERA-NET-Cofund | Phase: LCE-18-2015 | Award Amount: 22.86M | Year: 2016

This ERA-NET Co-fund will bring together a number of national and transnational organisations with an interest in promoting the greater use of bioenergy. It follows on from two previous BESTF ERA-NET Plus initiatives launched in 2013 and, like its predecessors, aims to kick-start large scale investment in close-to-market implementation of bioenergy, thereby helping to achieve the key objectives of the European Industrial Bioenergy Initiative (EIBI) Implementation Plan and the Strategic Energy Technology (SET) Plan. The EIBI aims to boost the contribution of sustainable bioenergy to the 2020 climate and energy objectives. This proposal addresses the need for integrated action across Europe to promote the development of bioenergy demonstrators across a number of technologies by coordinating research and development projects and providing a financial mechanism to support projects that are close to commercialisation. The overall aim for this third BESTF ERA-NET is to implement a joint programme for bioenergy demonstration projects to demonstrate enhanced bioenergy technologies that will help Europe progress towards achieving its 2016 and 2020 targets. It will leverage public-private partnerships to manage the risks and share the financing of close to market bioenergy projects. The key objectives of BESTF3 are: 1.To implement a single collaborative funding call that will support projects focused on the generation of bioenergy. 2.To maintain and enhance coherence and networking between national bioenergy programmes across the EU. 3.To further the demonstration of enhanced bioenergy technologies in order to help develop robust project plans for a range of demonstrator and flagship plants, that will help Europe to make progress towards achieving its 2016 and 2020 energy targets. 4.To disseminate knowledge gained from the programme and individual projects across the EU.

Agency: Cordis | Branch: FP7 | Program: CSA-ERA-Plus | Phase: ENERGY.2012.10.1.1 | Award Amount: 10.11M | Year: 2013

BESTF will bring together a number of national and transnational initiatives in the field of bioenergy. These include; research, development, demonstration and financial instruments. They have been stimulated and driven by both public and private participants. By integrating these actions, risk will be minimised and confidence will be provided to private investors in support of bringing bioenergy closer to market and in Europe. This project aims to kick-start large scale investment in close-to-market implementation of bioenergy thereby helping to achieve the key objectives of the European Industrial Bioenergy Initiative (EIBI) Implementation Plan: To enable commercial availability of advanced bioenergy at large scale by 2020, aiming at production costs allowing competitiveness with fossil fuels at the prevailing economic and regulatory market conditions, and advanced biofuels covering up to 4% of transportation energy needs by 2020. To strengthen EU technology leadership for renewable transport fuels, serving the fastest growing area of transport fuels in the world. This project will closely address the requirements of Topic ENERGY.2012.10.1.1: ERA-NET_Plus Bioenergy Demonstrations of the European Industrial Bioenergy Initiative, aligning it to the wider strategic European requirements: to increase the security of energy supply and to increase the sustainability of energy supply. BESTF will implement a single collaborative funding call that will support projects focused on the generation of bioenergy: energy generated directly or indirectly from sustainable biomass. These projects will have been based on prior high quality research undertaken at a European, national or industrial level but require a final non-economic step to demonstrate the performance and reliability of all critical steps in a value chain so that the first commercial unit can be designed and performance guaranteed from the outcome of the demo unit.

Agency: Cordis | Branch: FP7 | Program: CSA-SA | Phase: SME-2013-4 | Award Amount: 763.16K | Year: 2013

The Commercialise project will be to provide knowledge to the European Commission, enabling them to implement an efficient and effective coaching and mentoring scheme to increase the commercialisation of R&D results from the dedicated SME instruments in Horizon 2020. Despite high demand, existing programmes to support SMEs have not delivered the impact on Europe expected. As stated in the 2013 Research for SME Work Programme, Too many good ideas and research results are not commercially exploited because companies lack the skills, competencies and capabilities to develop and to implement strategic business plans ensuring deployment and commercialisation of innovation. Growth coaching has been shown across Europe to effectively eliminate the barriers to growing through innovation, and many lessons can be learned and applied to the ECs dedicated SME instrument. Commercialise will take a structured approach to assessing existing coaching and mentoring programmes of relevance, using this knowledge to design best-in-class support, and piloting the support in challenging environments across Europe to ensure the model is robust and ready to be applied. As shown in this proposal, we believe a well-designed coaching and mentoring programme could increase the European GVA generated by the dedicated SME instrument by up to 1.7 billion.

Agency: Cordis | Branch: FP7 | Program: CSA-ERA-Plus | Phase: NMP.2012.4.0-3;KBBE.2012.1.2-08 | Award Amount: 23.03M | Year: 2012

The overall objective of the WoodWisdom-Net\ is to support the transformation of the European F-BI and sustainable forest management for increasing resource efficiency and adapting to and mitigating climate change effects. This will be achieved by integrating knowledge and technologies of large-scale industrial products and processes, as well as primary production. The aim is to plan a single joint call for proposals for research, development and innovation in the forest sector with a clear financial commitment from the participating national (or regional) research programmes and the EU. The estimated total funding volume of the joint call is expected to ca. 30 MEUR (share of industry funding 5-10 MEUR). The main approach in the WW-Net\ is the substitution of non-renewable resources (e.g. materials or fossil fuels), by renewable forest-based solutions to reduce carbon emissions and waste. The joint trans-national call will address the whole forest-based value chain in four areas. These are: 1) the sustainable management of forest resources through 2) their efficient utilisation in industrial processes to 3) value added products and 4) competitive customer solutions. The exact scope will be defined during the project. WW-Net\ will base its research, development and innovation funding activities on the processes and experience developed during the preceding ERA-Nets towards streamlined and efficient processes. The preceding ERA-Nets WoodWisdom-Net (2004-08) and WoodWisdom-Net 2 (2009-12) form the transnational WoodWisdom-Net Research Programme (total funding volume of the launched 3 calls ca. 50 MEUR) which provides the planned ERA-NET Plus Action with a solid foundation. Looking to the future, the WW-Net\ will continue to improve the delivery of joint activities and has ambitious goals for funding trans-national research and offering access to the resources of other countries.

Agency: Cordis | Branch: FP7 | Program: CSA-CA | Phase: ENERGY.2012.10.1.2 | Award Amount: 2.27M | Year: 2012

The goal of SOLAR-ERA.NET is to undertake joint strategic planning, programming and activities for RTD and innovation in the area of solar electricity generation, i.e. photovoltaics (PV) and concentrating solar power (CSP). Joint activities, namely joint calls, are defined for key topics and priorities in accordance with the Solar Europe Industrial Initiative (SEII) based on the Strategic Energy Technology (SET) Plan and its related Implementation Plans for PV and CSP. The networks activities will primarily involve the launching of joint calls for RTD proposals by national and regional RTD and innovation programmes. In order to define and support best joint activities, strategic information exchange and use of implementation tools will be carried out among the network participants and associates from key stakeholder groups. As the largest European network ever - with 19 partners from 18 countries and regions - in the solar power field, SOLAR-ERA.NET will involve more than 20 RTD and innovation programmes dealing with PV and CSP. This high level of involvement of most relevant stakeholders will provide excellent outreach and coordination needed for an efficient and coherent approach in the highly diverse and versatile RTD landscape. The EC funding (for the ERA-NET project) shall be multiplied by a factor of 50 in the form of joint calls. These joint calls for RTD and innovation topics in PV and CSP shall result in a total funding volume by the participating programmes of at least 50 MEUR. Assuming an average leverage factor of associated funding by industry and research of 2,5, this shall lead to the mobilisation of at least 125 MEUR in joint projects. SOLAR-ERA.NET will thus contribute to reach the objectives of the SEII, namely boosting the development of the PV and CSP sector beyond business-as-usual, and of the ERA-NET, namely enhancing cooperation between the national/regional programming stakeholders at European level.

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