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Palo Alto, CA, United States

Technology Partners | Date: 2014-08-11

A desalination system in the form of a submerged gas evaporator that includes a vessel, a gas delivery tube partially disposed within the vessel to deliver a gas into the vessel and a fluid inlet that provides a fluid to the vessel at a rate sufficient to maintain a controlled constant level of fluid within the vessel. During operation, gas introduced through the tube mixes with the fluid and the combined gas and fluid flow at a high rate with a high degree of turbulence, thereby promoting vigorous mixing and intimate contact between the gas and the fluid, which leads to a more efficient and complete evaporation. Additionally, vapor exiting the submerged gas evaporator is condensed in a condensing unit thus precipitating vapor into a liquid for removal.

Systems, methods and computer-readable storage media for profiling software and providing migration effort estimations are described. A software profiling system may be configured to receive code for an application that executes in a first computing environment and analyze the code to determine efforts associated with migrating the application to execute in one or more second computing environments. For instance, the software profiling system may be configured to determine the migration efforts for migrating a software application that operates in a non-cloud computing environment to a cloud computing environment. The software profiling system may generate transformation points that serve as estimation units for solving anomalies identified to bring various aspects of the application into conformance with one or more of the second computing environments. The transformation points may be used to determine an overall migration effort for migrating the application to one or more of the second computing environments.

Technology Partners | Date: 2015-12-11

A method of cleaning compact wastewater concentrator cleans accreted salts from inner surfaces of a compact wastewater concentrator having a demister including mist eliminators. The method of cleaning is simple and quick and eliminates a majority of accreted salts by re-dissolving the salts in relatively dilute process water.

Methods, systems, and/or apparatuses for treating wastewater produced at a thermoelectric power plant, other industrial plants, and/or other industrial sources are disclosed. The wastewater is directed through a wastewater concentrator including a direct contact adiabatic concentration system. A stream of hot feed gases is directed through the wastewater concentrator. The wastewater concentrator mixes the hot feed gases directly with the wastewater and evaporates water vapor from the wastewater. The wastewater concentrator separates the water vapor from remaining concentrated wastewater. A contained air-water interface liquid evaporator may be arranged to pre-process the wastewater before being treated by the wastewater concentrator.

Technology Partners | Date: 2015-01-16

A direct contact liquid concentrator selectively separates and concentrates water soluble salts from a wastewater stream containing two or more water soluble salts by concentrating the wastewater stream until the concentrated wastewater stream approaches or reaches a saturation level of the first water soluble salt; delivering the concentrated wastewater to a first settling tank, where the first water soluble salt begins to precipitate out of solution in solid form; drawing a first liquid solution from the first settling tank and sending the liquid solution to a second settling tank; and drawing a second liquid solution from the second settling tank, the second liquid solution having a higher ratio of a second water soluble salt to the first water soluble salt than the first liquid solution.

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