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Prieto L.A.B.,Tomas Bata University in Zlin | Kominkova-Oplatkova Z.,Tomas Bata University in Zlin | Frias R.T.,Technological Institute of Celaya | Hernandez J.L.E.,Technological Institute of Celaya
MATEC Web of Conferences | Year: 2016

This paper deals with the comparison of three implementations of Particle Swarm Optimization (PSO), which is a powerful algorithm utilized for optimization purposes. Xamarin, a cross-platform development software, was used to build a single C# application capable of being executed on three different mobile operating systems (OS) devices, namely Android, iOS, and Windows Mobile 10, with native level performance. Seven thousand tests comprising PSO evaluations of seven benchmark functions were carried out per mobile OS. A statistical evaluation of time performance of the test set running on three similar devices-each running a different mobile OS-is presented and discussed. Our findings show that PSO running on Windows Mobile 10 and iOS devices have a better performance in computation time than in Android. © 2016 The Authors, published by EDP Sciences.

Alarid-Garcia C.,Technological Institute of Celaya | Escamilla-Silva E.M.,Technological Institute of Celaya
Preparative Biochemistry and Biotechnology | Year: 2017

Four strains of Aspergillus (Aspergillus niger CDBB-H-176, A. niger CDBB-H-175, A. niger ATCC 9642, and Aspergillus terreus CDBB-H-194) were used to produce extracellular β-glucosidase. Using an orthogonal experimental design (L9), we optimized the parameters of culture medium to maximize the activity of β-glucosidase. The optimal conditions (same for the four strains) were as follows: temperature, 30°C; pH, 6.0; orbital agitation, 200 rpm; concentration of sucrose, 0.5% (w/v). The most productive strain was A. niger CDBB-H-175, with a yield of 701.2 U/mL. In a second stage, we optimized (L18) the concentration of nutrients in the culture medium to determine whether this modification would increase the production of β-glucosidase. The optimal conditions for A. niger CDBB-H-175 were as follows (%, w/v): NaNO3, 0.3; KCl, 0.3; KH2PO4, 0.15; NH4NO3, 0.1; NH4H2PO4, 0.1; MgSO4 · 7H2O, 0.05; yeast extract, 0.1. The production of β-glucosidase under these conditions was 1207.9 U/mL. Enzymatic assays were used to characterize the enzyme; the optimum temperature and pH of β-glucosidase produced by the four selected micro-organisms were found to be 65°C and 5.0, respectively. We determined the Michaelis–Menten constants (Km) only for A. niger CDBB-H-175 and CDBB-H-176; the values were 2.7 and 2.2 mM, respectively. © 2017 Taylor & Francis

Vazquez N.,Technological Institute of Celaya | Cervantes I.,Applied Mathematics
Proceedings of the 6th Andean Region International Conference, Andescon 2012 | Year: 2012

Paralleling converters is normally employed to increase power capacity in different applications, such as autonomous micro grid systems and unininterruptible power supplies. These systems share the current between the different converters, but it must be in an equalized manner, no matter different type of loads or conditions. This paper propose an alternative to operate parallel inverters, the proposal is able to reconfigure its operation by itself under connection or disconnection of inverter modules, and the system keeps uniformly shared the current between the power units. Selected control strategy is sliding mode control due to its robustness under large uncertain variations. Operation and experimental results are shown. © 2012 IEEE.

Diaz-Carmona J.,Technological Institute of Celaya | Jovanovic-Dolecek G.,National Institute of Astrophysics, Optics and Electronics | Ramirez-Agundis A.,Technological Institute of Celaya
International Journal of Digital Multimedia Broadcasting | Year: 2010

A frequency-designed fractional delay FIR structure, which is suitable for software radio applications, is presented. The design method is based on frequency optimization of a combination of modified Farrow and mutirate structures. As a result the optimization frequency range is made only in half of desired total bandwidth. According to the obtained results the proposed fractional delay structure allows online desired fractional delay update, with a high fractional delay value resolution. © 2010 Javier Díaz-Carmona et al.

Flores I.,National Autonomous University of Mexico | Mota M.M.,University of Amsterdam | Hernandez S.,Technological Institute of Celaya
27th European Modeling and Simulation Symposium, EMSS 2015 | Year: 2015

The urban transport infrastructure is one of the most important problems for the cities, and involves many aspects that concern to citizens, governments and the economical growth of the countries. The objective of this paper is to show how this issue has been studied in recent years, with emphasis in the use of simulation and optimization at the whole planning process. We also consider the important key topics as sustainability, costs and risks, mobility and environment impact. Some study cases are shown in order to clarify the concepts presented.

Samano N.,Technological Institute of Celaya | Padilla-Medina J.A.,Technological Institute of Celaya | Vazquez N.,Technological Institute of Celaya
International Journal of Photoenergy | Year: 2016

Solar panels have become attractive in order to generate and supply electricity in commercial and residential applications. Their increased module efficiencies have caused not only a massive production but also a sensible drop on sale prices. Methods of characterization, instrumentation for in situ measurements, defect monitoring, process control, and performance are required. A temperature characterization method by means of thermograph analysis is exposed in this paper. The method was applied to multicrystalline modules, and the characterization was made with respect to two different variables, first a thermal transient and second a characterization with respect to the current. The method is useful in order to detect hot spots caused by mismatch conditions in electrical parameters. The description, results, and limitations of the proposed method are discussed. © 2016 Noe Samano et al.

Reyes-Malanche J.A.,San Luis Potosí Institute of Scientific Research and Technology | Vazquez N.,Technological Institute of Celaya | Leyva-Ramos J.,San Luis Potosí Institute of Scientific Research and Technology
IET Power Electronics | Year: 2015

Low voltage and high current are typical requirements for the input source of the new family of microprocessors; therefore there is the need to develop new topologies and control strategies that can meet such requirements. A narrow duty ratio has limited the application of the conventional buck converter for wider step-down DC-DC conversion. An interesting option is to consider the quadratic buck converter; however, there is still the problem to obtain a wider step-down conversion. In this study, a switched-capacitor quadratic buck converter is proposed such that a wider conversion ratio is obtained for lower-output voltages. The converter consists of a quadratic buck converter with an array of capacitors and diodes, also referred as a voltage multiplier. To illustrate the behaviour of the proposed converter, experimental results are shown for a conversion from 36 to 1.5 V and an output power of 30 W. The efficiency of the proposed converter can be effectively increased when soft-switching and synchronous rectification are implemented. © The Institution of Engineering and Technology 2015.

Rivas-Garcia P.,Technological Institute of Celaya | Botello-Alvarez J.E.,Technological Institute of Celaya | Estrada-Baltazar A.,Technological Institute of Celaya | Navarrete-Bolanos J.L.,Technological Institute of Celaya
Chemical Engineering Journal | Year: 2013

In this study, the interactions between the microbial populations in an anaerobic digester leading to the acidification of the fermentation medium were investigated using numerical simulation in the Anaerobic Digestion Model No. 1 (ADM1). The anaerobic digestion of cattle manure at 10. g volatile solids (VSs)/L and 35. °C was used as the case study. The numerical runs were performed using a factorial experimental approach with two levels. The minimum pH reached in the digestion was considered the response variable, whereas the initial concentrations of the main microbial groups included in the ADM1 were considered the factors. The statistical analysis demonstrated that the initial concentration of acetoclastic bacteria was the most critical variable in the acidification of the medium. It was estimated that permanent acidification occurred when the initial concentration of this group of microorganisms was less than or equal to 0.0838. g chemical oxygen demand (COD)/L, regardless of the population density of the other microbial groups. © 2013 Elsevier B.V.

Lopez-Bravo A.,Technological Institute of Celaya | Diaz-Carmona J.,Technological Institute of Celaya | Ramirez-Agundis A.,Technological Institute of Celaya | Padilla-Medina A.,Technological Institute of Celaya | Prado-Olivarez J.,Technological Institute of Celaya
23rd International Conference on Electronics, Communications and Computing, CONIELECOMP 2013 | Year: 2013

Real time detection of moving objects from a video sequence has become an important role in computer vision field. Applications such as traffic control systems, surveillance systems, robotics vision and even more complex tasks such as human face recognition are currently subject of research. Although for some limited video applications the real time movement detection through a serial processor-based system represents a good solution, the use of the inherently concurrent processing and reconfigurability of FPGA's can be substantially beneficial in processing video algorithms for frames with high resolution. This paper describes the design of a background image subtraction method and its FPGA implementation for detecting a moving object in surveillance video applications with high resolution frames. As proposed system input is a video signal with a resolution of 720 × 480 pixels, and as system output is the frame zone where object movement is taking place. Although the described system is for one object movement, the proposed processing algorithm can be extended for the detection of more objects. According to obtained experimental results the proposed system represents a good option for real time detection of object movements with a speed up to 3 m/s. © 2013 IEEE.

Padilla-Medina J.A.,Technological Institute of Celaya | Leon-Ordonez F.,Technological Institute of Celaya | Prado-Olivarez J.,Technological Institute of Celaya | Vela-Aguirre N.,Technological Institute of Celaya | And 2 more authors.
Journal of Biomedical Optics | Year: 2014

Acne vulgaris as an inflammatory disease, with an excessive production of subdermal fat, modifies the dynamics of the bloodstream, and consequently temperature, on the affected skin zone. A high percentage of this heat interchange is manifested as electromagnetic radiation with far-infrared wavelengths, which can be captured through a thermal imaging camera. A technique based on thermal image analysis for efficiency assessment in acne vulgaris is described. The procedure is based on computing statistical parameters of thermal images captured from the affected skin zone being attended by an acne treatment. The proposed technique was used to determine the skin thermal behavior according to acne severity levels in different acne treatment stages. Infrared images of acne skin zones on eight patients, diagnosed with acne vulgaris and attended by one specific acne treatment, were weekly registered during 11 weeks. The infrared images were captured until no more improvement in affected zones was detected. The obtained results suggest a direct relationship between the used statistical parameters, particularly first- and second-order statistics, and the acne vulgaris severity level on the affected zones. © 2014 The Authors.

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