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Habek D.,University of Zagreb | Dujakovic T.,Health Center Vukovar | Jurkovic I.,Technical College in Bjelovar
Gynaecologia et Perinatologia | Year: 2016

Aim. This research paper in perinatal war issues presents the results of the first research of perinatal events during the Vukovar war in 1991. Material and methods. Retrospective research resulted in perinatal data and perinatal outcome according to protocols of children born at the Department for gynaecology and obstetrics of the Vukovar hospital from 1st May 1991 to 19th November 1991 during the hostile aggression in Vukovar and town occupation. Results. The protocol shows that 228 children were born in 226 deliveries in the period between 1st May 1991 and 19th November 1991, which means that there were two twin deliveries. A total of 124 male (54.8 %) and 104 (46.0 %) female newborns were born. The average parity was 1.70, the average age of parturient women was 29 and the average time of gestation at delivery amounted to 39 weeks. Regarding comorbidity in pregnancy, there were 12 temporary or mild pregnancy hypertensions (5.31 %), while 11 (4.86 %) of them mentioned mild symptoms such as temporary nausea, vomiting and dizziness. There was no record of foetal malformations. There were four perinatal deaths, all of which from premature deliveries. As many as 157 (69 %) deliveries were performed during day, while 71 deliveries (31 %) were performed at night. There were only three deliveries at shelters (at home), and these women were thereafter transferred with their babies to the hospital. Meconium stained amniotic fluid during delivery was recorded in only two deliveries. There were 10.6 % of caesarean sections, 148 (65.4 %) episiotomies, while three children were delivered within vaginal deliveries in breech presentation (1.32 %). There were 9 (3.98 %) preterm births according to the survey data, out of which three children died after birth. 92 % of infants had the five-minute Apgar score of vitality amounting to 10, 7 % of children had grade 5, while one newborn had the Apgar score 1. Conclusion. Although the shorter aggression that lasted for several months and was followed by the occupation of the town involved thousands of shells per day and almost impossible life conditions with no maternal antenatal care, no deviations were found in obstetric complications, early perinatal outcome and overall perinatal mortality, which may be connected to psychosomatic adaptation to the war-related stress. Ongoing studies should examine the long-term effect of the war-related stress to the health of the people born in Vukovar in such conditions. © 2016, SAGE Publications Inc. All rights reserved.

Samardzic I.,Josip Juraj Strossmayer University of Osijek | Cikic A.,Technical College in Bjelovar
Metalurgija | Year: 2013

This paper presents accelerated weldability investigation after weld thermal cycle simulation of TStE 420 steel. The method enables single cycle or multiple cycle thermal simulation of base material specimens and obtaining any point in the heat-affected zone (HAZ) of a welded joint. After weld thermal simulation, an investigation of mechanical properties on treated specimens (hardness, toughness...) is foreseen, based on which it is possible to determine weak points in HAZ of a welded joint and inference regarding to base metal weldability.

Petrovic I.,Technical college in Bjelovar | Simic Z.,University of Zagreb | Vrazic M.,University of Zagreb
Przeglad Elektrotechniczny | Year: 2013

The object of this research is to compare three of the most popular conventional analytical models used for estimation of electrical energy production of photovoltaic panels. From this analysis a single model will be selected with the best characteristics for implementation of modifications and corrections in order to get better energy production prediction results. Monthly and annual production results and errors will be the main criteria for the selection of a single model. Single prediction results of the selected model should be as accurate as possible in the smallest time periods, which are in this case monthly energy prediction results. This should guarantee that annual results are also rather accurate.

Purkovic D.,Technical College in Bjelovar | Sipus Z.,University of Zagreb
ICECom 2013 - Conference Proceedings: 21st International Conference on Applied Electromagnetics and Communications | Year: 2013

In this paper we present new potentials of RFID technology in sensor systems. The working principle so far relied on measuring differences in the power received from the tag based on the environment conditions that surrounded the tag. Sensor systems with larger accuracy can be realized if tags with I 2C interface are used, e.g. tags with UCODE I2C RFID chip from NXP Semiconductors. We have compared two versions of such sensors systems based on active and passive topology, respectively. The active topology has much more freedom in design, while the passive tag works in a limited distance range from the reader. © 2013 KoREMA.

Petrovic I.,Technical College in Bjelovar | Vrazic M.,University of Zagreb
ENERGYCON 2014 - IEEE International Energy Conference | Year: 2014

Modeling of photo-voltaic (PV) system electrical energy production is necessary in order to determine the most efficient parameters (slope, azimuth, etc.) at the location of planed PV system. The most common methods in PV plant modelling use multi-year average input values of irradiation and temperature for a selected location. When using multi-year averages it is necessary to take into consideration possibilities of single year variations. Each year can deviate more or less from the average values, which can be assessed by comparing the last few years with the average year, possible only if the measured data for the specified location is available. In this research a single year of measured data is used to find a better description of the location for the existing PV systems. The results will later enable better modelling of any PV system in the area near the provided PV and measuring systems. Clearness index is a ratio of the solar irradiation on the horizontal surface on Earth and irradiation at the top of the atmosphere. © 2014 IEEE.

Cikic A.,Technical College in Bjelovar | Samardzic I.,Josip Juraj Strossmayer University of Osijek | Stoic A.,Josip Juraj Strossmayer University of Osijek
Tehnicki Vjesnik | Year: 2013

Dehydration of hygroscopic materials, especially fruit (blueberries, blackberries, raspberries, etc.) and some types of vegetables in vacuum dehydrators by means of radiation at low temperatures preserves their original quality and medicinal value. Experimental research has been carried out, whereby the moisture reduction of vacuum-dried blueberry fruits was measured by applying the capacitive measuring method, in order to check the method and contribute to possible development of applicative devices. A real vacuum chamber with radiating plate electric heaters and additional functional and regulation equipment was used. Measuring sensors were projected and made, and a measuring device was assembled and programmed. By changing very low values of capacitance, the possibility of measuring moisture reduction in blueberry fruits during drying was confirmed. A close connection between the regulation precision of working parameters (subpressure, temperature) in the chamber and the accuracy of measuring the material moisture was underlined. By using an interdigital sensor acceptable sensitivity in measuring the moisture of dried material was achieved. Guidelines for further research and possible development of an applicable measuring device were suggested.

Cikic A.,Technical College in Bjelovar | Pintaric A.,University of Applied Sciencies | Samardzic I.,Josip Juraj Strossmayer University of Osijek
Metalurgija | Year: 2013

Various types, forms and states aff ect the heating value of biomass and its conversion into exploitable energy forms. As a result of biomass quality investigations, the share of solid particles in fl ue gases purifi ed in a multicyclone was measured and analyzed at various heating loads of a boiler, the maximum power of which amounts to 2,2 MW. This paper presents the infl uence of fl ue gases on the roughness and corrosiveness of multicyclone material inner wall. A corrective dimensional parameter of the multicyclone was suggested for the purpose of maximum purifi cation of fl ue gases at unfavorable incineration conditions and biomass characteristics.

Kiralj R.,Technical College in Bjelovar
Croatica Chemica Acta | Year: 2014

Sign change problem (SCP) in multivariate Quantitative Structure-Activity/Property Relationships (QSAR/QSPR) is the inconsistency in the direction of association between molecular descriptors and the dependent variable. Sign change is observed when the signs of the elements of the reference vector (correlation vector for the data set obtained from variable selection) are compared to the signs of the elements of all correlation and regression vectors related to a model. SCP check in this work, named Integral SCP (ISCP) check, is established to be a general effective anti-SCP procedure, consisting of five check levels. Twelve diverse QSAR/QSPR data sets from literature were tested, and performance of data sets, models and descriptors was assessed by qualitative labeling systems. Most data sets and models did not have satisfactory performance, what is discussed in terms possible data and model remedy.

Alcoholism is the most common type of addictive behavior. Every year the age limit is pushed and more and more young people reach for alcohol. The problem of excessive drinking and alcoholism in Croatia is one of the leading problems in public health. The research conducted at Technical College in Bjelovar, on the sample of 141 students in nursing and mechatronics, about their habits, knowledge and attitude towards alcohol led to the results that show notable difference between those two study programs. Students filled out an anonymous online survey that included 39 questions related to the socioeconomic status of the individual, drinking habits, knowledge about alcohol and students’ attitudes towards alcohol and alcoholism. The given results showed more positive attitude towards alcohol and higher tendency of irresponsible behavior by students of Mechatronics. It is noticed that students have negative attitude towards alcohol only if they consume it under the influence of society. Alcohol consumption under the peer influence leads to more negative attitude towards alcoholics among nursing students, while mechatronics students have a positive attitude. All in all, nursing students have positive attitude towards those suffering from alcoholism and they are willing to work with them whereas it is not the case among mechatronics students. The negative attitude towards alcoholics, tendency to consumption and little knowledge of consequences of consuming alcohol can be justified by high tolerance of our society towards consumption of alcohol, absence of effective program of addiction prevention and quality education of all study programs. © 2015 KBCSM, Zagreb.

Pavlic T.,Technical college in Bjelovar | Cikic A.,Technical college in Bjelovar | Golubic S.,Technical college in Bjelovar
Tehnicki Vjesnik | Year: 2016

The principles of additive production are such that they enable the making of very complex product geometry. The hardness of printed parts is not increased proportionally to the increase of the infill of the parts themselves. Different ways of printing have a bigger impact on the hardness than the infill. The research conducted on the "solid" model samples established sufficient hardness of parts gained from 3D printing with less material use and shorter time of production due to correct selection of parameters and the way of printing. © 2016, Strojarski Facultet. All rights reserved.

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