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Caetano-Anolles K.,University of Illinois at Urbana - Champaign | Mishra S.,University of Illinois at Urbana - Champaign | Mishra S.,Tech Forum | Mishra S.,National Institute of Technology Tiruchirappalli | Rodriguez-Zas S.L.,University of Illinois at Urbana - Champaign
PLoS ONE | Year: 2015

Levels of myostatin expression and physical activity have both been associated with transcriptome dysregulation and skeletal muscle hypertrophy. The transcriptome of triceps brachii muscles from male C57/BL6 mice corresponding to two genotypes (wild-type and myostatin-reduced) under two conditions (high and low physical activity) was characterized using RNA-Seq. Synergistic and antagonistic interaction and ortholog modes of action of myostatin genotype and activity level on genes and gene pathways in this skeletal muscle were uncovered; 1,836, 238, and 399 genes exhibited significant (FDR-adjusted P-value < 0.005) activity-by-genotype interaction, genotype and activity effects, respectively. The most common differentially expressed profiles were (i) inactive myostatin-reduced relative to active and inactive wild-type, (ii) inactive myostatin-reduced and active wild-type, and (iii) inactive myostatin-reduced and inactive wild-type. Several remarkable genes and gene pathways were identified. The expression profile of nascent polypeptide-associated complex alpha subunit (Naca) supports a synergistic interaction between activity level and myostatin genotype, while Gremlin 2 (Grem2) displayed an antagonistic interaction. Comparison between activity levels revealed expression changes in genes encoding for structural proteins important for muscle function (including troponin, tropomyosin and myoglobin) and for fatty acid metabolism (some linked to diabetes and obesity, DNA-repair, stem cell renewal, and various forms of cancer). Conversely, comparison between genotype groups revealed changes in genes associated with G1-to-S-phase transition of the cell cycle of myoblasts and the expression of Grem2 proteins that modulate the cleavage of the myostatin propeptide. A number of myostatin-feedback regulated gene products that are primarily regulatory were uncovered, including microRNA impacting central functions and Piezo proteins that make cationic current-controlling mechanosensitive ion channels. These important findings extend hypotheses of myostatin and physical activity master regulation of genes and gene pathways, impacting medical practices and therapies associated with muscle atrophy in humans and companion animal species and genome-enabled selection practices applied to food-production animal species. © 2015 Caetano-Anollés et al.

Mehos G.,Jenike and Johanson Inc. | Mehos G.,Tech Forum
Chemical Engineering Progress | Year: 2011

The article describes the solids-flow property tests that should be performed and explains how to design an effective dust collector based on these properties. As dust-laden gas enters the baghouse and passes through the filter bags, particulates collect on the bags' fabric. Overtime, the buildup of dust causes the pressure drop across the fabric to rise, and the filter media must therefore be periodically cleaned, either by shaking or by applying a reverse-flow high-pressure pulse of air. The collector's outlet must therefore be equipped with an airlock to seal the hopper against the suction vacuum. A rotary valve is most commonly used for this because of its relatively low cost and simplicity. For dust collection hoppers with elongated outlets, sealing is accomplished by locating the airlock at the screw feeder discharge. The rotary valve or double flap valve must operate at a rate faster than the instantaneous rate of the screw feeder.

News Article | January 25, 2013
Site: thenextweb.com

Every two weeks, The Next Web helps you keep track of interesting technology events around the globe by bringing you a list of upcoming tech conferences, meetups and get-togethers. As the end of the year approaches, we’ve already added a few of next year’s events. For most of these events we’ve arranged a special discount on tickets. If you think your event should be included, feel free to submit it for review. *Denotes events organised by The Next Web. Expect the 8th edition of The Next Web Conference to be packed with amazing speakers, high quality content, networking events, parties and dealmaking opportunities. On April 25th & 26th we’re expecting 2000 attendees in Amsterdam to join us in raising the bar for every technology conference in the world. The attendees are a blend of decision makers from the European and American tech scenes, developers, startups, innovators, along with venture capitalists, industry journalists, bloggers, and senior level executives. Should you throw out the Customer Loyalty playbook? In the year of customer loyalty program renovation, the Customer Loyalty Marketing Summit is your one-stop for all of the latest trends, technologies, and approaches for engaging and retaining customers. Join IQPC as we highlight the most successful emerging trends in loyalty programs and learn how to build a relationship with your customers that will not only drive higher profits, but lead to that will transform point-of-purchase interaction and long-term customer engagement. LatinComm is collocated with ITEXPO East and is THE event to help you capitalize on the tremendous communications and technology opportunities in Latin America and the Caribbean. It is designed to give you the tools to develop a Latin American business strategy and successful partnerships. Hear from top professionals from North and South America. Reserve your booth in the LatinComm Pavilion on the ITEXPO show floor. Decoded Fashion will become the first Tech Forum to ever take place on the runway at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week on February 14. This will also be the wrap up of the world’s first FASHION HACKATHON. It will take place Feb. 2-3, 2013, and will bring together 200 top developers to have an app launched by America’s top Fashion organization — the CFDA. The top three finalists will present their apps to a panel of fashion industry judges on the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week runway, on Feb. 14, 2013, in front of Tech and Fashion media and industry leaders. TNW readers – 10% off with the code TNW10 BlackBerry Jam Europe 2013 is a showcase for the bold, new direction BlackBerry is heading with the upcoming BlackBerry 10 platform. Whether you’re a Native, Web, or Android developer, don’t miss this opportunity to explore the powerful, game-changing BlackBerry 10 platform. These are the things that have been propelling mankind forward since the beginning. SuperConf is a study of that intersection. We celebrate by launching startups, providing workshops & having world class speakers share their insights with hundreds of technologists over two days of perfect weather in Miami. TNW readers get $50 off of their ticket price with code TNWSUPER. SearchCongress is one of the most important events of WebCongress Tech Events. They are Spain’s cutting edge events in terms of digital marketing. It is organized every year in different cities in Spain and in the world where more than 10,000 professionals meet every year. The conference’s philosophy is “Inspiration, Training, and Networking” because it becomes a place where you learn from conferences and workshops, you will meet people of the industry, and you will have the chance to mingle with potential clients and find new business opportunities. SearchCongress is our event where professionals get inspired. The 25th edition of the ASF’s popular conference and community series will take place 24 February-2 March 2013 at the Hilton Portland & Executive Tower in Portland, Oregon, with the following agenda: 24-25 February: pre-conference trainings, BarCamp, and Hackathon activities 26-28 February: main conference + expo, evening events, BOFs, and MeetUps 1-2 March: post-conference sprints, workshops, and team building events TNW readers can get their discounted tickets by using the code nextweb-13 when signing up. The goal of MLOC.JS is to bring together the opinion leaders and decision makers of JavaScript so that a wide audience can learn the state of the art and peak into the future. To achieve this goal we’re bringing together 15 leading international JS developers. The speaker list includes the best of JavaScript, like: Alon Zakai from Mozilla, Douglas Crockford from PayPal, Michael Bolin from Facebook. TNW readers save $50 by using code TNW at checkout. Hear how Fortune 500 Corporations are using crowdsourcing to out-innovate, out-process, & out-engage their competition at Crowdopolis Big Apple. Startup Weekend is a global grassroots movement of active and empowered entrepreneurs gathered for 54 hours to learn the basics of founding startups and to validate a new business idea. Beginning with pitches on Friday, participants (developers, marketers, product managers and startup enthusiasts) will form teams and collaboratively create new product or service ideas for the web or mobile market. By Sunday evening, teams demo their prototypes and receive valuable feedback from a panel of experts competing for prizes that help them to launch the business in the real market. Readers – Get 15% off when you use the code TheNextWeb at http://swcluj2.eventbrite.com/ At ecomTIM one can find the most important trends in e-commerce, innovating opinions and case studies. The participants receive practical advice with immediate applicability from leaders of online commerce and they can find out how to maximize sales and minimize costs. The 2nd annual Future Insights Live is a multi-track, 4-day tech conference, featuring an optional workshop day and 3 conference days. A combination of our existing shows – Future of Web Apps, Future of Web Design, and Future of Mobile – FILive will discuss the future technologies, platforms, and business models YOU should be using and implementing to launch the next big thing. TNW readers – 10% off when you use the code TNW10 during checkout. The Maastricht Centre for Entrepreneurship is planning an amazing program for the 5th edition of the Maastricht Week of Entrepreneurship (MeWeek). Under the theme of “Brand You”, MeWeek is gathering the region’s best entrepreneurs to showcase their achievements, talk about how they were able to make their mark and inspire participants to become entrepreneurial and build on their passions. TNW Readers can save 10% as soon as registration opens in January. Disclosure: Some links in this article offer a commission payment to The Next Web if you click through and buy tickets.

Chahine J.A.,Tech Forum | Ha M.N.,Tech Forum | Hem V.,Lectrus Corporation | Tzouanas V.,University of Houston-Downtown
ASEE Annual Conference and Exposition, Conference Proceedings | Year: 2014

Because of the rising energy prices, green-house effects, and environmental concerns, there has been a lot of emphasis on using alternative, renewable energy sources. This paper is concerned with the use of solar energy to meet the energy needs of a scaled model house. Photovoltaic (PV) panels are used to collect solar energy and convert it to electrical energy. In this experimental study, the design of a photovoltaic system is presented for a small model house along with its associated instrumentation, real time data acquisition and automation using NI® LabVIEW. The study clearly shows that energy requirements can be met using renewable energy sources and that the goal of a zero energy house is attainable in many locations. This work was performed in partial fulfillment of the requirements of the Senior Capstone Project course in controls and instrumentation of the Engineering Technology department at the University of Houston - Downtown and then was continued as research project as part of continuing education. Student experiences are summarized and the need for teamwork and effective project management methods is emphasized. © American Society for Engineering Education, 2014.

Agency: Cordis | Branch: FP7 | Program: CSA-CA | Phase: REGIONS-2012-2013-1 | Award Amount: 2.07M | Year: 2012

The global maritime market is on a strong growth trajectory, and this project aims to harness that growth to create economic and employment benefits for Europe. On the one hand, growth is driven by commercial megatrends such as demand for marine/offshore renewable energy, fish products and emerging potential for blue biotech products; on the other hand, there is high demand for efficient use and management of the ocean resource, as described in the EU Integrated Maritime Strategy. Increasing Europes innovation capacity in maritime resource efficiency will underpin successful exploitation of these growth opportunities. Traditionally, the maritime industries have been slow to explore how demands for resource efficiency would impact on them. Fish stock depletion and rising fuel costs have, of course, risen quickly up the political and commercial agendas, and shipping companies as well as builders and engine manufacturers have invested in improving fuel efficiency. However, the wider needs for maritime resource efficiency are posing challenges which in many cases lack viable solutions. Emerging marine activities (for example in exploiting marine renewable energy) are presenting new opportunities for innovation, but are also highlighting areas where further improvements in resource efficiency need to be achieved. European member states contain a number of Regional Research Driven Clusters (RRDCs) which are active in the fields of maritime development and marine & coastal resource management. This project will add significant value to this existing cluster infrastructure, via three main approaches that will support their long-term development and sustainability: Facilitating interaction and knowledge exchange between RRDCs each focused on its world-class strengths (Smart Specialisation); Raising the effectiveness of RRDCs by strengthening shared approaches to innovation support Using RRDC activities to stimulate involvement of supply chain companies

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