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Berwyn, PA, United States

TE Connectivity, Ltd. designs and manufactures components and products for a variety of industries including automotive, data communication systems, consumer electronics, telecommunications, aerospace, defense and marine, medical, energy and lighting. The company serves customers in more than 150 countries. Wikipedia.

Hecht D.S.,TE Connectivity | Kaner R.B.,University of California at Los Angeles
MRS Bulletin | Year: 2011

Typically, materials with high electrical conductivity such as metals are opaque, and materials with high optical transparency such as glass are insulating. Finding materials that are both transparent to visible light and electrically conductive has proven to be a challenge. The need for such materials continues to grow, as many of today's popular devices such as liquid-crystal displays and organic light-emitting diodes in televisions, touch screens in phones or tablet computers, electrophoretic displays in e-readers, or solar cells on a roof require one or more layers to transmit visible light, while simultaneously applying a voltage or conducting a current. Today, the industry's need for such a material is serviced by various metal oxides, of which indium tin oxide (ITO) is by far the most common. The opto-electronic properties of ITO satisfy industry need for most devices; however, ITO has several drawbacks (e.g., brittle, expensive, and typically applied via costly sputtering techniques). To address these issues, recent advances in solution-processed nanomaterials have enabled several printable alternatives to sputtered ITO. These nanomaterials include conducting polymers, metallic nanostructures, ITO nanostructures, carbon nanotubes, and graphene. The ability to apply nanomaterials from the liquid phase opens the possibility to print these electronic materials roll-to-roll, greatly reducing cost and increasing yield and throughput, while the nanomaterial topology enables truly flexible devices. © 2011 Materials Research Society.

TE Connectivity | Date: 2015-06-11

The present invention relates to an end cap for terminating a transmission cable containing at least one transmission line, the end cap comprising at least one lead-through opening for guiding the at least one line from a rear side to a front side of the end cap. Further, the invention relates to a terminating arrangement terminating a transmission cable containing at least one transmission line. Moreover, the invention relates to a kit for a terminating arrangement for terminating a transmission cable. In order to facilitate the termination of a transmission cable, the present invention provides that a passage extending from the rear side to the front side is formed at the end cap, the passage being adapted for accommodating a central strength member of the cable.

An electrical circuit element is disclosed. The electrical circuit element has an interrupter having contacts and an opening, a propulsion element extending through the opening in the interrupter and having an annular flange, and a seal configuration having an annular ring surrounding the opening. The propulsion element is movable within the opening to open or close the contacts, and in an end position of the propulsion element, the annular flange abuts the annular ring.

TE Connectivity | Date: 2015-11-18

An electrical switch element is disclosed. The electrical switch element includes a housing having a switch chamber, an opening to the switch chamber, electrical switch contacts arranged in the switch chamber, and at least one positive-locking counter-element extending at least partially around the opening. The electrical switch element also includes a cover having at least one positive-locking element engaging the at least one positive-locking counter-element, the cover extending over the opening.

An electrical switch element is disclosed. The electrical switch element has a coil member, a yoke having at least one yoke member, and a control module. The control module is disposed between the coil member and the yoke member.

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