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Upland, IN, United States

Taylor University is a private, interdenominational, evangelical Christian college located in Upland, Indiana, United States. Founded in 1846, it is one of the oldest evangelical Christian colleges in America. Taylor University has been ranked first in U.S. News and World Report’s guide to America’s Best Colleges among 109 Midwest Regional Colleges for five years in a row. Wikipedia.

Hipp A.L.,Morton Arboretum | Rothrock P.E.,Taylor University | Whitkus R.,Sonoma State University | Weber J.A.,Morton Arboretum
Molecular Ecology | Year: 2010

Chromosome rearrangements may affect the rate and patterns of gene flow within species, through reduced fitness of structural heterozygotes or by reducing recombination rates in rearranged areas of the genome. While the effects of chromosome rearrangements on gene flow have been studied in a wide range of organisms with monocentric chromosomes, the effects of rearrangements in holocentric chromosomes-chromosomes in which centromeric activity is distributed along the length of the chromosome-have not. We collected chromosome number and molecular genetic data in Carex scoparia, an eastern North American plant species with holocentric chromosomes and highly variable karyotype (2n = 56-70). There are no deep genetic breaks within C. scoparia that would suggest cryptic species differentiation. However, genetic distance between individuals is positively correlated with chromosome number difference and geographic distance. A positive correlation is also found between chromosome number and genetic distance in the western North American C. pachystachya (2n = 74-81). These findings suggest that geographic distance and the number of karyotype rearrangements separating populations affect the rate of gene flow between those populations. This is the first study to quantify the effects of holocentric chromosome rearrangements on the partitioning of intraspecific genetic variance. © 2010 Blackwell Publishing Ltd. Source

Kiers K.,Taylor University
Nuclear Physics B - Proceedings Supplements | Year: 2014

We consider CP-violating effects in τ → 3πντ and 4πντ (ΔS = 0), and τ → Kππντ (ΔS = 1), assuming that the usual Standard Model amplitudes for these processes interfere with analogous amplitudes mediated by a charged Higgs boson. In the ΔS = 0 case we focus specifically on the intermediate resonant processes τ → Vπντ (with V = ω, ρ, and a1), and consider three CP-odd observables - the partial rate asymmetry, a polarization-dependent asymmetry and a triple-product asymmetry. In the ΔS = 1 case we examine the partial rate asymmetry, two "modified" rate asymmetries, and a triple-product asymmetry. The partial rate asymmetry is expected to be small for both the ΔS = 0 and ΔS = 1 cases. Evaluation of the other asymmetries indicates that they could potentially be measurable. © 2014 Elsevier B.V. Source

Knuttinen M.-G.,Taylor University
American Journal of Roentgenology | Year: 2015

OBJECTIVE. The purposes ol' this article are to review the causes of pelvic cotigestion syndroitie and the imaging used to make the diagnosis and to summarize the treatment options. CONCLUSION. Pelvic congestion syndrome is one of many causes of chronic pelvic pain. It is thought to arise Iroin ovarian and pelvic venous incompetence. Findings from vari ous noninvasive imaging studies, such as Doppler ultrasound and MRI, in association with the clinical symptoms are critical in establishing the diagnosis. © American Roentgen Ray Society. Source

This study addressed the potential ability to link landscape indices to stream water quality in a predominately agricultural landscape located in the Mississinewa River watershed, East-Central Indiana. A methodology for developing and analyzing landscape indices using a GIS and remotely sensed and geospatial data was applied to 30 Hydrologic Unit Code (HUC) 14-digit subwatersheds. Six indices, three representing natural area extent characteristics and three representing natural area disturbance characteristics were developed. The resulting indices were then tested to determine if they could be linked to water quality variables (Total Phosphorus, Nitrate, E.COLI, and macroinvertebrate [EPT/C] Ephemeroptera, Plecoptera, and Trichoptera/Chironomidae scores). These variables were gathered from a database of diagnostic studies that only called for a single grab sample during a storm event and a base flow. Using this data provided an opportunity to test the quality of using single grab water samples as response variables. Regressions were not found to be significant for any of the four water quality variables. The findings provoked a discussion on the need for managing variation in water quality samples when attempting to develop successful linkages between landscape indices and stream conditions. © 2010 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved. Source

Konopka A.R.,Rochester College | Harber M.P.,Taylor University
Exercise and Sport Sciences Reviews | Year: 2014

Current dogma suggests that aerobic exercise training has minimal effects on skeletal muscle size. We and others have demonstrated that aerobic exercise acutely and chronically alters protein metabolism and induces skeletal muscle hypertrophy. These findings promote an antithesis to the status quo by providing novel perspective on skeletal muscle mass regulation and insight into exercise countermeasures for populations prone to muscle loss. Copyright © 2014 by the American College of Sports Medicine. Source

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