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Taipei, Taiwan

Tatung University is a private university in Zhongshan District, Taipei, Taiwan, with close cooperation with the Tatung Company. Wikipedia.

Chunghwa Picture Tubes Ltd. and Tatung University | Date: 2014-04-30

A touch panel circuit and an operation method thereof are disclosed herein. The touch panel circuit includes first scan lines, second scan lines, and a first scan sensing module. The first scan sensing module includes first scan-sensing units corresponding to the first scan lines, respectively. Each first scan sensing unit includes a first logic gate and a second logic gate. The first logic gate includes a first input terminal, a first output terminal, and a first control terminal. The second logic gate includes a second input terminal, a second output terminal, and a second control terminal. The first logic gate and second logic gate enable the first input terminal to connect to the first output terminal and one of the first scan lines, or enable the second input terminal and one of the first scan lines to connect to the second output terminal.

Tatung Company and Tatung University | Date: 2011-01-26

A structure of photovoltaic cell for improving conversion efficiency has been disclosed, including a first bandgap layer, a second bandgap layer, a third bandgap layer, a back electrode and a finger electrode, wherein the first bandgap layer is a wafer while the second bandgap layer is a semiconductor film with a thickness of 1100 and a greater bandgap than one of the first bandgap layer, and the third bandgap layer comprises wide bandgap materials and a greater bandgap than one of the second bandgap layer. Thereby, the lattice mismatch of heterostructures between the first bandgap layer and the third bandgap layer may be solved by the second bandgap layer. Also, the carrier recombination within devices may be decreased and the output photocurrent may thus be enhanced to improve energy conversion efficiency.

Tatung University and Tatung Company | Date: 2012-06-25

A method for manufacturing a solar cell including a photovoltaic layer, a first electrode layer, a second electrode layer, an insulating layer and a light-transparent conductive layer is provided. The photovoltaic layer has a first surface and a second surface. The first electrode layer having at least one gap is disposed on the first surface, wherein the at least one gap exposes a portion of the photovoltaic layer. The second electrode layer is disposed on the second surface. The insulating layer having a plurality of pores is located on the photovoltaic layer exposed by the at least one gap, wherein the holes expose a portion of the photovoltaic layer. The light-transparent conductive layer covers the insulating layer and is connected with the first electrode layer. The transparent electrode is connected with the photovoltaic layer through at least a part of the pores.

Tatung University and Tatung Company | Date: 2013-06-04

A biodegradable polyester is provided. The biodegradable polyester is composed of a poly(terephthalate-di-(-caprolactone) unit, a poly(terephthalate-butylene-terephthalate) unit, a poly(terephthalate-butylene--caprolactone) unit, a poly(-caprolactone-butylene--caprolactone) unit, and a poly(tri(-caprolactone) unit.

Tatung Company and Tatung University | Date: 2011-03-09

A cold/hot therapy device with temperature control includes a housing, a pump, a cooling chip, a cooling head, a cooling fin, and a bag. The pump, the cooling chip and the cooling head are fixedly arranged in the accommodating chamber of the housing. The cooling chip includes a cool-effecting surface and a cooling surface. The cooling head is adjacent to the cool-effecting surface, and includes a water inlet and a water outlet, where the water inlet communicates with the pump outlet. The cooling fin is fixedly arranged on the cooling surface of the cooling chip, and is positioned in the hollow passage of the housing. The bag includes an inlet tube and an outlet tube, where the inlet tube communicates with the water outlet of the cooling head, and the outlet tube communicates with the pump inlet. Accordingly, a cold or hot therapy function can be achieved.

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