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Taipei, Taiwan

STMicroelectronics and Tatung Company | Date: 2015-12-30

Embodiments of the present disclosure include an apparatus and a method for connecting a first device and second device. An apparatus includes an angled connector configured to connect to a first device to a second device, the first device and the second device configured to communicate through signal paths in the connector, the signal paths configured to pass digital data signals, a fastening device configured to secure the angled connector to the first device.

A method for controlling an electronic apparatus, a handheld electronic apparatus, and a monitoring system are provided. An image within an image capturing range is displayed on a display unit by an image capturing unit. A digital stamp in the image is detected. The digital stamp corresponds to a single or multiple controllable devices. A control interface corresponding to the digital stamp is displayed on the image. An operation action a user executes on the control interface is detected so as to control the controllable device corresponding to the digital stamp.

Tatung Company | Date: 2015-12-22

A channelization method of digital content and an audio-video server system are provided. A received operational behavior is packaged as an execution module, and the execution module is associated with a channel number. A correlation between the channel number and the execution module is recorded in a local channel list. Accordingly, when a switch command that contains the channel number is received, the execution module corresponding to the channel number is obtained from the local channel list, so as to perform the operational behavior to use the digital content.

Tatung Company | Date: 2014-07-29

An electronic assembly includes a heat generating element, a heat dissipation fin set disposed above the heat generating element, a filter circuit board, and a heat conducting layer. The filter circuit board is located between the heat generating element and the heat dissipation fin set, and includes a metal layer, an electromagnetic band gap structure layer, and an insulation layer. The metal layer has a first opening and contacts the heat dissipation fin set. The electromagnetic band gap structure layer has conductive patterns. Thermal vias pass through the insulation layer and connect to the metal layer. The heat generating element contacts the conductive patterns. The insulating layer is disposed between the metal layer and the electromagnetic band gap structure layer, and has a second opening and a peripheral region aligned to the conductive patterns. The heat conducting layer contacts the heat dissipation fin set through the first and second openings.

Tatung Company | Date: 2014-10-22

A cleaning apparatus adapted to clean at least one object is provided. The cleaning apparatus includes a chamber, a fixed assembly, a movable assembly and a driving unit. The chamber is adapted to receive a cleaning liquid. The fixed assembly is disposed within the chamber. The movable assembly is movably disposed on the fixed assembly. The object is adapted to be hanged on the fixed assembly or the movable assembly. The driving unit is connected to the movable assembly and adapted to drive the movable assembly to perform a reciprocating motion along a first direction, so that the object is clapped by the fixed assembly and the movable assembly.

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