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Seattle, WA, United States

Targeted Growth | Date: 2011-12-19

This disclosure describes genetically modified photosynthetic microorganisms, e.g., Cyanobacteria, that overexpress an acyl carrier protein (ACP), an acyl-ACP synthase (Aas), or both, optionally in combination with one or more overexpressed or exogenous lipid biosynthesis proteins, and/or one or more overexpressed or exogenous glycogen breakdown proteins. Exemplary biosynthesis proteins include diacyglycerol acyltransferases, thioesterases, phosphatidate phosphatases, phospholipases, triacylglycerol (TAG) hydrolases, fatty acyl-CoA synthetases, and/or acetyl-CoA carboxylases, including combinations thereof. Also included are photosynthetic microorganisms comprising mutations or deletions in a glycogen biosynthesis or storage pathway, which accumulate a reduced amount of glycogen under reduced nitrogen conditions as compared to a wild type photosynthetic microorganism. The modified photosynthetic microorganisms provided herein are capable of producing increased amounts of lipids such as fatty acids and/or synthesizing triglycerides.

The present invention provides methods and compositions for increasing the seed size and/or seed number in plants. In particular, the methods and compositions provide for the over expression of a plant growth and/or development related or associated gene during embryo development. Transgenic plants transformed with genetic constructs having the plant growth and/or development associated gene under the control of an early phase-specific embryo promoter provides mature plants in the field that produce larger and/or more seeds. Methods for selection growth and development associated genes that provide transgenic plants with a higher yield phenotype are also provided.

The invention provides early embryo and early endosperm specific or preferred promoters, which are capable of driving and/or regulating the expression of an operably linked nucleic acid in a maize plant during early development of embryo and/or endosperm, and methods of isolating them. The promoters are derived from

Targeted Growth | Date: 2011-03-25

The present invention provides isolated FAD2 and FAE1 genes and FAD2 and FAE1 protein sequences of

Targeted Growth | Date: 2012-04-11

The invention provides a wheat cell, part, tissue culture or whole plant comprising at least one disrupted KRP gene of the present invention. The present invention also provides methods of increasing weight, size, and/or number of one or more organs, and/or yield of a wheat plant by utilizing the disrupted KRP genes of the present invention. Furthermore, methods of breeding wheat plants to produce new wheat plants having increased weight, size, and/or number of one or more organs, and/or yield are provided. The present invention provides isolated Kinase Inhibitor Protein (KIP) Related Protein (KRP) polynucleotide sequences and isolated KRP polypeptide sequences and methods of their use.

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