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Tehran, Iran

Tarbiat Modares University is an exclusively graduate university with its main campus in Tehran, Iran. It was founded in 1982 and is consistently ranked among top universities in Iran. Tarbiat Modares University is the only exclusively graduate university in Iran and was founded to train university professors. Admission to the university is through national level university exams and in most programs is limited to top performers. Wikipedia.

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Research Institute of Petroleum Industry RIPI and Tarbiat Modares University | Date: 2014-09-18

The present invention is related to the synthesis of a nano-hybrid catalyst made of carbon nanotubes and metal ferrite materials for the removal of NO_(x )compounds, which are emitted from stationary sources, through an ammonia selective catalytic reduction process. Weight ratios of carbon nanotube (x) to metal ferrite (y) is preferably about (x/y) 0.1 to 10. The present invention is also directed to the synthesis of a nano-hybrid catalyst to improve the efficiency of the conventional NO_(x )reduction process at lower reaction temperatures. By use of the preferred nano-hybrid catalyst, it is possible to locate a selective catalytic reduction (SCR) unit capable of operating at lower temperatures, e.g., below 260 C., and from about 50 C. to about 250 C., after the desulfurizer and the particle removal equipment. With the exhaust gas cleaner, the lifetime of the catalyst can be increased. This nano-hybrid catalyst provides higher NO_(x )removal efficiencies at low temperatures, typically from about 50 C. to about 250 C.

Husseinzadeh Kashan A.,Tarbiat Modares University
Applied Soft Computing Journal | Year: 2014

League Championship Algorithm (LCA) is a recently proposed stochastic population based algorithm for continuous global optimization which tries to mimic a championship environment wherein artificial teams play in an artificial league for several weeks (iterations). Given the league schedule in each week, a number of individuals as sport teams play in pairs and their game outcome is determined in terms of win or loss (or tie), given the playing strength (fitness value) along with the intended team formation/arrangement (solution) developed by each team. Modeling an artificial match analysis, each team devises the required changes in its formation (generation of a new solution) for the next week contest and the championship goes on for a number of seasons (stopping condition). An add-on module based on modeling the end season transfer of players is also developed to possibly speed up the global convergence of the algorithm. Extensive analysis to verify the rationale of the algorithm and suitability of the updating equations together with investigating the effect of different settings for the control parameters are carried out empirically on a large number of benchmark functions. Results indicate that LCA exhibits promising performance suggesting that its further developments and practical applications would be worth investigating in the future studies. © 2013 Elsevier B.V.

In this paper free vibration behavior of functionally graded carbon nanotube-reinforced composite (FG-CNTRC) cylindrical panel embedded in piezoelectric layers with simply supported boundary conditions is investigated by using three-dimensional theory of elasticity. By using Fourier series expansion along the longitudinal and latitudinal directions and state space technique across the thickness direction, state space differential equations are solved analytically. The traction-free surface conditions then give rise to the characteristic equation for natural frequencies. Accuracy and convergence of the present approach are validated by comparing the numerical results with those found in literature. In addition, the effects of volume fraction of CNT, four cases of FG-CNTRC, piezoelectric layer thickness, mid radius to thickness ration and modes number on the vibration behavior of the hybrid cylindrical panel are also examined.© 2013 Elsevier Masson SAS. All rights reserved.

Ghobadian B.,Tarbiat Modares University
Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews | Year: 2012

Iran's diversity of terrain and climate enables cultivation of a variety of energy crops suitable for liquid biofuels production. In Iran, the easily and readily available biofuel feedstock today for production of bioethanol is molasses from sugar cane and sugar beet. There is also about 17.86 million tons of crops waste from which nearly 5 billion liters of bioethanol could be produced annually. This amount of bioethanol is sufficient to carry out E10 for spark ignition engine vehicles in Iran by 2026. There is also enormous potential for cultivation of energy plants such as cellulosic materials and algae. Iran has 7%of its area covered with forest products which are suitable sources for liquid biofuels such bioethanol and biodiesel. Iran also has a long tradition of fishing in Caspian Sea and Persian Gulf with about 3200 km coastline and on inland rivers. The produced fish oil and other plant oils such as palm tree, jatropha, castor plant and algae are suitable biodiesel feedstock. Out of 1.5 million tons of edible cooking oil consumed in Iran annually, about 20% of it can be considered as waste, which is suitable biodiesel feedstock.This quantity along with the other possible potential feedstock are favorable sources to carry out B10 step by step until 2026. © 2012 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.

Masoomi M.Y.,Tarbiat Modares University | Morsali A.,Tarbiat Modares University
Coordination Chemistry Reviews | Year: 2012

In this review we present methods for preparation of nano inorganic materials in which metal-organic coordination polymers are used as precursors. Here we summarize the effects of various factors such as structure, temperature, morphology and size of precursor on the morphology and size of the nano-materials produced. A review of the literature concludes that coordination polymers are suitable precursors for production of nanoscale materials with optimized morphologies and properties. © 2012 Elsevier B.V.

Sadeqzadeh E.,Tarbiat Modares University
Journal of controlled release : official journal of the Controlled Release Society | Year: 2011

We provide evidence for combining a single domain antibody (nanobody)-based targeting approach with transcriptional targeting as a safe way to deliver lethal transgenes to MUC1 over-expressing cancer cells. From a nanobody immune library, we have isolated an anti-DF3/Mucin1 (MUC1) nanobody with high specificity for the MUC1 antigen, which is an aberrantly glycosylated glycoprotein over-expressed in tumours of epithelial origin. The anti-MUC1 nanobody was covalently linked to the distal end of poly(ethylene glycol)(3500) (PEG(3500)) in PEG(3500)-25kDa polyethylenimine (PEI) conjugates and the resultant macromolecular entity successfully condensed plasmids coding a transcriptionally targeted truncated-Bid (tBid) killer gene under the control of the cancer-specific MUC1 promoter. The engineered polyplexes exhibited favourable physicochemical characteristics for transfection and dramatically elevated the level of Bid/tBid expression in both MUC1 over-expressing caspase 3-deficient (MCF7 cells) and caspase 3-positive (T47D and SKBR3) tumour cell lines and, concomitantly, induced considerable cell death. Neither transgene expression nor cell death occurred when the MUC1 promoter was replaced with the CNS-specific synapsin I promoter. Since PEGylated PEI was only responsible for DNA compaction and played no significant role in direct transfection and cell killing, our attempts overcome previously reported PEI-mediated apoptotic and necrotic cell death, which is advantageous for future in vivo transcriptional targeting as this will minimize (or eliminate) non-targeted cell damage. Copyright © 2011 Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved.

Kazemi Najafi S.,Tarbiat Modares University
Waste Management | Year: 2013

The use of recycled and waste thermoplastics has been recently considered for producing wood plastic composites (WPCs). They have great potential for WPCs manufacturing according to results of some limited researches. This paper presents a detailed review about some essential properties of waste and recycled plastics, important for WPCs production, and of research published on the effect of recycled plastics on the physical and mechanical properties of WPCs. © 2013 Elsevier Ltd.

Based on three-dimensional theory of elasticity, bending behavior of functionally graded carbon nanotube reinforced composite (FG-CNTRC) plate embedded in thin piezoelectric layers subjected to mechanical uniform load with simply supported boundary conditions is investigated. By using Fourier series expansion along the longitudinal and latitudinal directions and state space technique across the thickness direction closed form solution is derived. Accuracy and convergence of the presents approach, is validated by comparing the numerical results with the published numerical results in the literature. In addition, the effects of volume fraction of CNT, two case of FG-CNTRC, piezoelectric layer thickness, length to thickness ration and modes number on the static behavior of the hybrid plate are also examined. © 2012 Elsevier Ltd.

Hosseinkhani S.,Tarbiat Modares University
Cellular and Molecular Life Sciences | Year: 2011

Firefly luciferase-catalyzed reaction proceeds via the initial formation of an enzyme-bound luciferyl adenylate intermediate. The chemical origin of the color modulation in firefly bioluminescence has not been understood until recently. The presence of the same luciferin molecule, in combination with various mutated forms of luciferase, can emit light at slightly different wavelengths, ranging from red to yellow to green. A historical perspective of development in understanding of color emission mechanism is presented. To explain the variation in the color of the bioluminescence, different factors have been discussed and five hypotheses proposed for firefly bioluminescence color. On the basis of recent results, light-color modulation mechanism of firefly luciferase propose that the light emitter is the excited singlet state of OL- [1(OL-)], and light emission from 1(OL-) is modulated by the polarity of the active-site environment at the phenol/phenolate terminal of the benzothiazole fragment in oxyluciferin. © 2010 Springer Basel AG.

Tarbiat Modares University | Date: 2014-09-23

Nanoencapsulation of hydrophobic compounds using native casein micelles by means of PH changes and ultrasonication.

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