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Chan H.,tap tap tap
Bioresource Technology | Year: 2010

Most restaurant operators in Hong Kong run their business in commercial buildings. Many of them fail to meet oil and grease (O & G) limits. The O & G and Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD) content of the effluents can be reduced to meet government prescribed standards using a combination of compressed air and chemical treatment in existing two-chamber grease traps. A mean level of 41 mg/L and a mean removal of 92.7% of O & G can be achieved for a typical fast food restaurant. COD reduction can further be improved by dissolved air flotation enhanced with chemicals. Sludge generated from flotation treatment of the wastewaters can be recycled as a fertilizer to give a mean total nitrogen content of 13,217 mg/kg and a mean total phosphorus level of 1133 mg/kg. Moreover, it can also be utilized as a biofuel to give a mean calorific value of 6690 Cal/g which is equivalent to that of coal. © 2010 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.

Chan H.,tap tap tap
Separation and Purification Technology | Year: 2011

The treatment of petroleum hydrocarbons from contaminated water by bioremediation via a food chain of microbes is an achievable process. The conversion of fuel oils to biomass derived from microbes has demonstrated that it is an environmentally friendly procedure with no secondary pollution generated. Black petroleum oils with a mean TPH (total petroleum hydrocarbons) concentration of 15,900 mg/L were transformed into a light orange solution with a mean TPH level of 10 mg/L after a bioremediation process of 64 days. A bacterial Bacillus species was identified as the primary degrader for dominating biodegradation of the contaminated materials. Its abundance in turn supported the increase in biomass of a bacterivore nematode. The nematode was introduced successfully from the aeration tank of a sewage treatment plant (STP) to the petroleum contaminated cultures giving its maximum number of 72 individuals/mL. A reduction in the content of TPH was inversely proportional to an increase in bacterial population as well as an abundance of nematode. The cooperation of the microbes promotes the biodegradation rate of the petroleum hydrocarbons. © 2011 Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved.

tap tap tap | Date: 2015-04-08

Sway bars are described that include at least an inner sway bar, a first outer sway bar, and a second outer sway bar. The sway bar includes a first coupling portion and a second coupling portion that can engage and disengage under control from a remote location. The sway bar includes a larger diameter, outer sway bar assembly that can be disengaged and a smaller diameter inner sway bar. The sway bar can include a housing to retain fluid.

tap tap tap | Date: 2015-07-22

A cooler having a fountain type dispenser that includes a cooler body, a cooler lid and a liquid pump mechanism that is designed to dispense liquid from the cavity of the cooler body. The cooler lid includes at least one pump opening through a body of the cooler lid, the liquid pump mechanism includes a top portion and a bottom portion, an electric pump and a power supply designed to power said electric pump. The electric pump is designed to draw liquid into the bottom portion and to the top portion when the electric pump is activated.

tap tap tap | Date: 2015-02-17

The invention relates to a system and method for applying one or more visual effects such as three-dimensional effects and holographic effects to one or more two-dimensional images that represent all or a portion of a virtual slot machine that is depicted in a virtual slot machine game rendered by a computing device. The computing device may determine the visual effects to be applied based on sensor information that indicates an orientation of the computing device. The visual effects may simulate various real-world visual changes (e.g., shadow changes, reflection changes, etc.) that occur as the users point of view changes, thereby providing a more realistic user experience in relation to the virtual slot machine game.

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