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Taipei, Taiwan

"TKU" redirects here. For the New Zealand football club, see Three Kings United, for an international airport in Finland, see Turku Airport, or for a Japanese television station in Kumamoto, see TV Kumamoto.Tamkang University is a private university, located in Tamsui District, New Taipei City, Taiwan. The school, founded in 1950 as a junior college of English literature, is today a comprehensive university comprising eleven colleges that serves nearly 30,000 students via four campus sites .Tamkang University enjoys widespread recognition as Taiwan's oldest private institution of higher learning and one of its most distinguished. The school ranks 9th on comprehensive measures by Taiwan's Ministry of Education and in the top 50 universities in Asia. Over 28,000 students of fifty nationalities form the diverse student body of the school. The school has partnerships with over a hundred sister universities in 28 countries. The university's main campus in historic Tamsui is noted for its scenery. Casually, members of the university community call themselves 'Tamkangians.' Wikipedia.

A long-lasting water-repellency textile application that uses a polydimethylsiloxane (PDMS)-containing polyurethane (PU) involves a manufacturing process of NCO-terminated PU prepolymer of PDMS diols and polyisocyanate with a catalyst for forming a moisture-curable PDMS-containing PU oligomer, or becoming an UV-curable PDMS-containing PU oligomer after a chemical reaction takes place. The PU oligomer owns PDMS moiety with water-repellent properties. The moisture- or UV-curable PU with NCO and acrylate end-groups can create cross-linked polymeric networks between fibers of textiles by exposing to the air or UV-radiation. The final cross-linked PDMS-containing PU treated textile demonstrates long-lasting water-repellent properties with an excellent soft hand feel and a breathable feature. Furthermore, the textile water-repellent treatment is cost-effective, and most importantly these two different curing processes could be carried out at ambient temperature without requiring any waste water discharge. Therefore, these textile water repellent treatments are considered as environmental friendly green processes.

Tamkang University | Date: 2011-06-30

A cleaner structure includes a main body, a forced element and an elastic element. The main body includes a first casing, a floating element, a second casing, first perforations and second perforations. The floating element is disposed within the first casing. The second casing is connected with the first casing for storing a cleaning agent. The elastic element is connected with the first casing and the forced element. During the water level of the liquid inside the toilet tank is changed from a low level to a high level, the second casing is at least partially immersed in the liquid, so that the cleaning agent is released to the liquid.

Tamkang University | Date: 2013-12-06

A plasma-generating device includes an anode plate and a cathode plate spaced apart from the anode plate. The cathode plate includes a substrate and a hybrid diamond layer formed on the substrate. The hybrid diamond layer includes ultra-nanocrystalline diamond grains, an amorphous carbon disposed among and bonded to the ultra-nanocrystalline diamond grains, micro-crystalline diamond grains disposed among the ultra-nanocrystalline diamond grains, and a graphite phase disposed among the ultra-nanocrystalline diamond grains. Each of the micro-crystalline diamond grains is surrounded by the graphite phase.

A method of preparing polyurethane prepolymer does not require using a toxic isocyanate monomer (manufactured by harmful phosgene) as a raw material. Epoxy resin and carbon dioxide are used as major raw materials to form cyclic carbonates to be reacted with a functional group oligomer, and then amino groups in a hydrophilic (ether group) or hydrophobic (siloxane group) diamine polymer are used for performing a ring-opening polymerization, and the microwave irradiation is used in the ring-opening polymerization to efficiently synthesize the amino-terminated PU prepolymer, and then an acrylic group at an end is added to manufacture an UV cross-linking PU (UV-PU) oligomer which can be coated onto a fabric surface, and the fabric is dried by UV radiation for a surface treatment to form a washing-resisted long lasting hydrophilic or hydrophobic PU fabric.

Tamkang University | Date: 2012-01-24

A method for fabricating a carbon-based composite material includes: (a) forming over a substrate a seeding layer that includes amorphous carbon matrix, and a plurality of ultra-nanocrystalline diamond grains; and (b) growing crystal grains over the seeding layer under a hybrid plasma to obtain the carbon-based composite material. The hybrid plasma is produced by ionization of a gas mixture. The gas mixture includes a hydrocarbon gas, H

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