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Kou Y.,North University of China | Chai X.,Taiyuan Power Supply Company | Yu R.,North University of China | Liu Y.,North University of China | Wang Z.,North University of China
Ceramics International | Year: 2017

In this work, we prepared lead-free 0.5Ba(Zr0.2Ti0.8)O3−0.5(Ba0.7Ca0.3)TiO3 nanorods (BCTZ NRs) by using electrospinning method. XRD, FESEM and Raman were used to characterize BCTZ NRs. XRD pattern showed BCTZ NRs to have tetragonal phase structure. BCTZ NRs were used to fabricate a bio-compatible piezoelectric nanogenerator (pNG). In order to enhance the output property of pNG, dielectrophoresis was employed to align the BCTZ NRs in the PDMS matrix. By tapping the pNG, the open-circuit voltage (Voc) and short-circuit current (Isc) of ~0.8 V and ~7 nA were obtained, respectively. Furthermore, the pNG can be used as a water-drops counter. The good electric output performance of BCTZ made it suitable for some control systems of electronic devices. © 2017

Xie J.H.,Shanxi Power Supply Company | Wang J.P.,Taiyuan Power Supply Company | Guan M.X.S.,Shanxi Power Supply Company | Shao Y.,China Electric Power Research Institute
Applied Mechanics and Materials | Year: 2013

The thesis states the building lighting regulated system composition, basic functions ands work processes. Based on the compensation principle, making use of transformer controlled voltage source and the controlled current source model, the thesis analyzes the principle of the system voltage. According to the illumination and life span character of the lighting lamps and lanterns in different voltage, the thesis gets the optimal power supply of building lighting system electric lamps and lanterns. Finally, the building indoor lighting using optimal power supply voltage lighting and energy saving rate of building exterior wall using time-varying stabilized voltage control scheme are analyzed and calculated. © (2013) Trans Tech Publications, Switzerland.

Liang J.,Taiyuan Power Supply Company | Jiao G.,Taiyuan Power Supply Company | Shen W.,Taiyuan Power Supply Company | Wu Y.,Taiyuan Power Supply Company
Micro and Nano Letters | Year: 2012

This Letter presents a facile solvothermal-assisted carbon spheres template method to fabricate hollow Ni0.5Zn0.5Fe2O 4 microspheres. The key strategy of the hollow structure is absorbing sol at the inside surface layer of pores in carbon templates driven by vigorous internal thermal motion of molecules. The formation mechanism of hollow structure can be attributed to Ostwald ripening. The thermogravimetric analysis results reveal that the presented method provides the possibilities to prepare hollow inorganic microspheres with a high productivity. A series of hollow structural inorganic materials can be prepared through the presented approach, and new opportunities will be opened up to control the structures, morphologies and particle sizes of nanomaterials, as well as their properties. © 2012 The Institution of Engineering and Technology.

Zhao T.,Taiyuan University of Technology | Wang A.,Taiyuan University of Technology | Wang Y.,Taiyuan University of Technology | Zhang M.,Taiyuan University of Technology | And 3 more authors.
Optics Express | Year: 2013

We propose and experimentally demonstrate a method for fault location in optical communication network. This method utilizes the traffic signal transmitted across the network as probe signal, and then locates the fault by correlation technique. Compared with conventional techniques, our method has a simple structure and low operation expenditure, because no additional device is used, such as light source, modulator and signal generator. The correlation detection in this method overcomes the tradeoff between spatial resolution and measurement range in pulse ranging technique. Moreover, signal extraction process can improve the location result considerably. Experimental results show that we achieve a spatial resolution of 8 cm and detection range of over 23 km with ?8-dBm mean launched power in optical network based on synchronous digital hierarchy protocols. ©2013 Optical Society of America.

Du X.,Taiyuan University of Technology | Hu D.,Taiyuan University of Technology | Shang H.,Taiyuan Power Supply Corporation
2011 2nd International Conference on Artificial Intelligence, Management Science and Electronic Commerce, AIMSEC 2011 - Proceedings | Year: 2011

Synthesizing automatic control system of high voltage substation is a principal constituent of the distribution automation in power system now. The paper discussed soft & hardware structure graphs of some main module (correspondence module, Data acquisition module, Supervisory control & measure module, Correspondence management module). Based on this, the paper introduced the main structure of automatic control system of synthesizing transformer substation, and gave the total structural diagram of high voltage substation system detailed. At last, the paper told us the benefit, which the synthesizing automatic control system of high voltage substation can bring. © 2011 IEEE.

Pan C.,North China Electrical Power University | Pan C.,Northeast Dianli University | Wang Z.,North China Electrical Power University | Wang Z.,Northeast Dianli University | And 6 more authors.
Diangong Jishu Xuebao/Transactions of China Electrotechnical Society | Year: 2013

The DC-biased problem of single-phase transformer is solved based on the transient field-circuit coupled model. Different patterns of DC injection, as DC current flowing through the primary winding or the secondary winding, are considered and compared. Result shows that the AC currents of the two injecting ways are nearly the same. On this basis, DC bias in no-load or load running is simulated by computing the excitations and dynamic parameters. The impacts of DC current on AC magnetic field and equivalent circuit parameters are analyzed. The exciting current is distorted wave, and its peak value and harmonic components increase when DC current grows. The dynamic inductance is asymmetric, which depends on the saturation. Consequently, the coupling parameters of different running modes have the similar varying regularity. In load operation, the dynamic leakage inductance perform as distorted waveforms under DC biasing, and leakage flux from the primary winding increases. As DC current exceeds certain value, the peak value of exciting current is approximately linear with DC current. Tests are carried out to prove the transient field-circuit method, which will be a new way for practical DC-biased transformers.

Wang Y.,North China Electrical Power University | Ai X.,North China Electrical Power University | Tan Z.,North China Electrical Power University | Yan L.,North China Electrical Power University | Liu S.,Taiyuan Power Supply Company
IEEE Transactions on Smart Grid | Year: 2016

This paper examines operation models of multiple virtual power plants (multiVPPs), aiming at unified management of the multiVPP through VPP central controller, which reveals the controllability of the VPP as source and load in general. Two operation models will be introduced in this paper: 1) VPP dispatch model; and 2) the game theoretic model for multiVPP dispatch. In the VPP dispatch model, considering interactive coordination between VPP and energy consumers, a demand response model based on time-of-use pricing mechanism and interruptible loads is employed. And then the optimal results of VPP dispatch model are applied in the game theoretic model for multiVPP dispatch. During the process of market competition, the bidding strategy of each VPP is determined by its affordable power output and fuel cost. To solve the inherent variability and unpredictability of the renewable generation sources, the multitime scale rolling scheduling strategy is adopted. Finally, taking the multiVPP, which consists of various distributed generations and battery storage devices, as an example, variables including transferred load, compensation capacity, optimal bidding strategy, and profits for each VPP are obtained. From the analysis of the results, the method serves as a foundation for dispatch of multiVPP. © 2015 IEEE.

Zhao H.,HIGH-TECH | Yu H.,Taiyuan Power Supply Company | Gong J.,Taiyuan Power Supply Company | Ma X.,Shanxi Electrical Power Company | And 4 more authors.
China International Conference on Electricity Distribution, CICED | Year: 2012

With the Development about Electric Cable under 35kV be installed in electric distribution network, more and more cable damage, that make interrupted was raised. Focuses on the typical failures, The article described from the cable terminal head design, construction, acceptance, operation and other aspects, and propose appropriate preventive measures. © 2012 IEEE.

Wang Y.,North China Electrical Power University | Ai X.,North China Electrical Power University | Yan L.,North China Electrical Power University | Gao Z.,North China Electrical Power University | And 3 more authors.
IEEE Transportation Electrification Conference and Expo, ITEC Asia-Pacific 2014 - Conference Proceedings | Year: 2014

With a large number of EV (Electric Vehicle) accessing to distribution network, this paper put to use game theory to balance grid company's gains and the consumers' costs. Reasonable subsidy and discharging price are the fundamental driving force for consumers to participate in V2G (Vehicle-to-grid). Based on different strategic decisions of grid company and consumers, the paper analyzes the their profits and the losses explains the relasionship between dischanging price and the numbers of EV paticipating to V2G. This research provides a reference for companies to formulate the subsidy and the discharging price. © 2014 IEEE.

Jia J.,Wuhan University | Jia J.,Taiyuan Power Supply Company | Gong Q.,Wuhan University | Li X.,Wuhan University | And 2 more authors.
Dianli Xitong Zidonghua/Automation of Electric Power Systems | Year: 2013

When a transient single-phase fault occurs on shunt reactor compensated transmission lines, there exist components of power frequency and low frequency during voltage recovery stages. This forms the pat frequency phenomenon. Currently, the adaptive reclose criterions based on this have poor performance against disturbances, and cannot be used to identify circuit arc extinguishing time. A new signal processing method-the atomic sparse decomposition method is used to analyze nonlinear fault signals as well as to extract the low frequency components of recovery voltage when the transient single-phase fault occurs. The fault properties can also be identified. Atomic sparse decomposition is more accurate in determining the circuit arc extinguishing time because of its powerful time domain and frequency domain analysis capabilities. The algorithm also has coincidence time setting capability which provides the basis for circuit breaker overlap time setting. The simulation results show that the method proposed can effectively improve the adaptive reclose performance. ©2013 State Grid Electric Power Research Institute Press.

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