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— The Report is a professional and in-depth study on the current state of the Rail Wheel market. The report provides a basic overview of the Rail Wheel industry including definitions, classifications, applications and industry chain structure. This report also states import/export consumption, supply and demand figures, cost, price, revenue and gross margins, and the global market size (volume and value), and the sales segment market is also discussed by product type, applications and region. Key companies profiled in this report are NSSMC, Interpipe, Evraz Ntmk, Lucchini Rs, Rail Wheel Factory, Bonatrans, Ministry Of Steel, Amsted Rail, Semco, Arrium, Kolowag, Mwl Brasil Rodas & Eixos Ltda, Masteel, Taiyuan Heavy Industry, Xinyang Tonghe Wheels, Zhibo Lucchini Railway Equipment, Jinxi Axlee and more and more in terms of basic information, product categories, Sales (Volume), Revenue (Million USD), Price (USD/Unit) and Gross Margin (%) (2012-2017). Global Rail Wheel Market Report covers Rolled Rail Wheel, Forged Rail Wheel and Other and others as product types whereas applications covered in this report are High-speed Trains, Railroad Passenger Cars, Railroad Freight Cars and Other. 1 Rail Wheel Market Overview 2 Global Rail Wheel Competitions by Players 3 Global Rail Wheel Competitions by Types 4 Global Rail Wheel Competitions by Application 5 Global Rail Wheel Production Market Analysis by Region 6 Global Rail Wheel Sales Market Analysis by Region 7 Imports and Exports Market Analysis 8 Global Rail Wheel Players Profiles and Sales Data 9 Rail Wheel Manufacturing Cost Analysis 10 Industrial Chain and Downstream Buyers 11 Marketing Channels Analysis 12 Global Rail Wheel Market Forecast (2017-2022) 13 Research Findings and Conclusion Inquire for more details / sample / discount at: https://www.themarketreports.com/report/ask-your-query/478657 For more information, please visit https://www.themarketreports.com/report/2017-global-rail-wheel-industry-research-report

Sun J.-C.,Taiyuan Heavy Industry Co.
Zhuzao/Foundry | Year: 2017

The size and shape of track were optimized to adapt to changing of driving wheel and track frame in the heavy excavator. The structure characteristics of the track were discussed. The casting process was designed, optimized and determined by the solidification numerical simulation with analysis software. The structure and the casting process of track were verified by small batch production test. The results show that the shrinkage defects were effectively eliminated by using big riser and chill; the size, shape and surface quality of the track casting is conformed to the requirements of the drawings and specifications. The product assembly meets the requirements of design and operation. © 2017, Chinese Mechanical Engineering Society. All right reserved.

Zhang C.,Education Institute of Taiyuan University | Zhang G.,Taiyuan Heavy Industry Co.
International Journal of Advancements in Computing Technology | Year: 2012

With the rapid growth of documents of the World Wide Web (WWW), how to effectively manage a huge amount of web pages has become the focus of contemporary research. Web page classification is one of the most effective methods for web mining. Many existing pure-text classification methods are simply applied to web page classification tasks. However, web page classification is much more difficult than pure text classification due to much contextual and structural information, e.g., the URL, the title, the anchor text, etc., embedded in Web pages. These heterogeneous data sources play different roles in the process of web page classification. In order to solve this problem, a novel web page classification method based on kernel combination is presented. Our aim is to propose an approach capable to automatically design a composite kernel which combined each single kernel of these heterogeneous data sources and to optimize its parameters by Quadratic Programming (QP). Experimental results on WebKB data set show that the proposed method can achieve much more superior performance than traditional methods based on each single data source and simple combination of them.

Wang Y.,Taiyuan University of Technology | Quan L.,Taiyuan University of Technology | Li A.,Taiyuan Heavy Industry Co. | Lu X.,Taiyuan Heavy Industry Co.
Jixie Gongcheng Xuebao/Journal of Mechanical Engineering | Year: 2013

During the course of designing the hydraulic control system of the boom, which is the largest domestic quality 270 t large hydraulic excavators, multi-pump(four pumps) for oil and incorporation outside the valve are adopted to meet speed requirements while the boom is uplifting. While the boom is declining, the weight of mechanical components and large inertia of declining lead to great pressure shocks at the last stage of declining, low declining speed and low efficiency. In order to solve the problem, flow regeneration circuit is adopted to realize energy recycle, reduce the pressure shock and make the speed faster through the use of regeneration valve and so improve the efficiency. The experimental research of the excavator indicates that the designed hydraulic control system with maximum test load 25 t can fully meet pressure and speed the boom needed at its normal work. The boom can be fully declined in place after flow regeneration circuit is adopted with the declining time shortened from 37 s to 18 s, speed clearly accelerated, pressure more stable, and no apparent hydraulic shock. At the same time the system energy consumption is reduced without hydraulic pump for oil supply. Through the test, the correctness of the hydraulic control system of the excavator gets verified. And importantly data and experience have been accumulated for the future design and manufacture of larger hydraulic excavators. © 2013 Journal of Mechanical Engineering.

Wang L.,Taiyuan Heavy Industry Co. | Wang L.,Yanshan University | Gao D.,Yanshan University | Zhang Y.,Taiyuan Heavy Industry Co.
Chinese Journal of Mechanical Engineering (English Edition) | Year: 2012

Oil flow through pipe bends is found in many engineering applications. However, up to now, the studies of oil flow field in the pipe bend appear to be relatively sparse, although the oil flow field and the associated losses of pipe bend are very important in practice. In this paper, the relationships between the turbulent flow of hydraulic oil in a bend and the Reynolds number Re and the curvature ratio δ are studied by using computational fluid dynamics (CFD). A particular emphasis is put on hydraulic oil, which differs from air or water, flowing through 90° circular-sectional bend, with the purpose of determining the turbulent flow characteristics as well as losses. Three turbulence models, namely, RNG k-ε model, realizable k-ε model, and Reynolds stress model (RSM), are used respectively. The simulation results in the form of contour and vector plots for all the three turbulence models for pipe bends having curvature ratio of δ=0.5, and the detailed pressure fields and total pressure losses for different Re and δ for RSM are presented. The RSM can predict the stronger secondary flow in the bend better than other models. As Re increases, the pressure gradient changes rapidly, and the pressure magnitude increases at inner and outer wall of the bend. When δ decreases, two transition points or transition zones of pressure gradient arise at inner wall, meanwhile, the transition point moves towards the inlet at outer wall of the bend. Owing to secondary flow, the total pressure loss factor k increases as the bend tightens, on the contrary, as Re increases, factor k decreases due to higher velocity heads, and the rapid change of pressure gradient on the surface of the bend leads to increasing of friction and separation effects, and magnified swirl intensity of secondary flow. A new mathematical model is proposed for predicting pressure loss in terms of Re and δ in order to provide support to the one-dimensional simulation software. The proposed research provides reference for the analysis of oil flow with higher Re in the large bends. © Chinese Mechanical Engineering Society and Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg 2012.

Zhang X.M.,Northeastern University China | Xiu S.C.,Northeastern University China | Liu L.J.,Taiyuan Heavy Industry Co. | Shi X.L.,Northeastern University China
Materials Science Forum | Year: 2016

Surface integrity of workpiece, especially residual stress, has the significant effects on the precision, the reliability and the fatigue life of the mechanical products. Since the most of final surface integrity of workpiece depends on the grinding process in engineering, this paper analyzed the ground surface residual stress through simulation and experiment. Based on the finite element model, the coupling of thermal-mechanical field of plane grinding was simulated. The effects of grinding parameters on residual stress were studied compared to the experiment results. In addition, some measures for reducing the residual tensile stress of workpiece surface in the grinding process were put forwarded. © 2016 Trans Tech Publications, Switzerland.

Li A.,Taiyuan Heavy Industry CO
Applied Mechanics and Materials | Year: 2012

Solid-web double-beam component is widely used in the dipper handle of excavator, whose mechanical behaviour belongs to compression-bending member and mainly satisfies the strength requirement. In this paper, it starts from the design principles of steel structure and elastic theory, determines the dimension of the main cross-section and the reverse tube under guidance of optimization, and provides initial data for the detailed design. The method has common direct sense. © (2012) Trans Tech Publications, Switzerland.

Gui H.-L.,Taiyuan University of Science and Technology | Li Q.,Taiyuan Heavy Industry Co. | Huang Q.-X.,Taiyuan University of Science and Technology | Shen G.-X.,Yanshan University
Journal of Marine Science and Technology (Taiwan) | Year: 2013

This paper introduces a variable elements length theory to solve the change of contact area in contact problems. It avoids recalculating the whole coefficient matrix. In this theory, element length is changed instead of element number in contact boundary problem. This measure keeps the contact area unchanged and saves computing time. The iterative process is discussed and the error estimate is given. Fast multipole boundary element method (FM-BEM) is improved by the variable elements length theory. The improved FM-BEM is used to solve the contact problems of cubes and strip cold rolling process. The results of improved FM-BEM are compared with the results of traditional FM-BEM and experimental data. Numerical examples clearly demonstrate that the calculation time and accuracy are improved by the improved FM-BEM. This method is suitable for solving contact problems and precision engineering problems.

Wang L.-W.,Taiyuan Heavy Industry Co.
Kongzhi Lilun Yu Yingyong/Control Theory and Applications | Year: 2013

The exact simulation model of the body and the main control system of a large fast forging hydraulic press is built by using the ITI-SimulationX software. The integrated simulation of the three-dimensional body and the onedimensional system is performed. The results show that fast forging hydraulic press can attain the forging precision of ±1 mm and the maximum forging frequency of 85 strokes/min during hot forging. For a large fast forging hydraulic press, which has wide process range and complicated operating conditions, we design the Takagi-Sugeno fuzzy controller which includes the forging stroke, forging penetration, maximum working pressure, working hydraulic cylinder number and the number of main pumps as input variables, and the open-close curve of the high-frequency-response proportional valve as output variable. Fuzzy reasoning rules are deduced from simulation results of the main control system by using MATLAB/ Simulink software. The intelligent control for the main control system is realized by using the co-simulation interface modules of ITI-SimulationX and MATLAB/Simulink, providing high forging precision and fast response speed under different technological parameters and accommodating to various process requirements for large fast forging hydraulic press.

Zhang X.M.,Northeastern University China | Liu L.J.,Taiyuan Heavy Industry Co. | Xiu S.C.,Northeastern University China
Advanced Materials Research | Year: 2014

The surface residual stress and integrity of workpiece have significant effects on the precision, the reliability and the fatigue life of the mechanical products. Since the most final surface integrity of workpiece depends on the grinding process mainly in engineering, this paper analyzed the surface residual stress of ground surface through the simulation works. Based on the finite element model and the thermal-mechanical coupling field of the surface grinding for 45 steel was simulated and analyzed. The distribution of the residual stress and the effects of grinding parameters on residual stress were discussed. In addition, the measures for improving the residual stress in ground surface were put forward. © (2014) Trans Tech Publications, Switzerland.

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