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Taipei, Taiwan

The Taiwan Power Company is a state-owned electric power utility providing electric power to Taiwan and off-shore islands of Republic of China. Wikipedia.

Disclosed is an inspecting equipment for inspecting a light emission characteristic of a display screen includes: a carrying device provided for carrying the display screen, a cover device and a data analyzing device. The cover device has a detecting surface provided with a plurality of luminance detectors, and covers an emitting surface of the display screen to form a darkroom between the cover device and the detecting surface. A plurality of corresponding luminance information is generated by the luminance detectors provided for detecting a plurality of measuring zones of the emitting surface. The data analyzing device receives the luminance information and analyzes the light emission characteristic of the display screen according to the luminance information. And, it is thus able to rapidly inspect the light emission characteristic of the display screen during manufacture process, and is easy to be applied to a present producing line.

Taiwan Power and and Technology Inc. | Date: 2013-06-10

A power device suited for being assembled in a chassis and connected with a plug is provided. The power device includes a housing, and a receptacle, a spring clamp, a position limiting element disposed on the housing. The plug is removably connected to the receptacle. The spring clamp has a moving end. The position limiting element is located between the spring clamp and the receptacle. The position limiting element and the moving end of the spring clamp are linked together to move between a first position and a second position relative to the housing. When the plug connects to the receptacle, the position limiting element is interfered with the plug and the spring clamp simultaneously so that the spring clamp is constrained at the first position.

Taiwan Power | Date: 2012-08-09

A power supply module adapted to supply power to a peripheral device includes a power supply and an output-structure detachably assembled to the power supply and electrically connected between the power supply and the peripheral device. The height of the output-structure relatively to the bottom portion of the power supply is adjustable and the power supply, output-structure and the peripheral device together form a concave combination-structure. As a result, by using a separated output-structure in the invention, the power supply is able to maneuverably adjust the interconnection position of the peripheral device and the power supply through the second circuit board. Meanwhile, the power supply has a larger usable space therein.

The invention provides a method for inspecting defect point in adhesive layer of fibre cloth. The method includes following steps: spreading a fibre cloth; inspecting, by using two ultrasonic detectors, an upper surface and a lower surface of the fibre cloth simultaneously to sense a defect point in an adhesive layer of the fibre cloth; and analyzing an inspecting information sensed by the two ultrasonic detectors to obtain the situation of the defect point of the fibre cloth.

A parallel power supply includes a built-in test switch and a control and determination unit. The built-in test switch is arranged to generate a first detection signal. The control and determination unit is coupled to the built-in test switch. When receiving the first detection signal, the control and determination unit is operative for enabling a detection mechanism according to the first detection signal in order to detect an operation of the parallel power supply, and accordingly generating a detection result. A power detection method for a parallel power supply includes: disposing a built-in test switch inside the parallel power supply; and when receiving a first detection signal generated from the built-in test switch, enabling a detection mechanism according to the first detection signal in order to detect an operation of the parallel power supply, and accordingly generating a detection result.

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