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Petrova L.I.,Taifun Scientific Industrial Association
Russian Meteorology and Hydrology | Year: 2010

Estimates of the maximum potential intensity (MPI) of tropical cyclones (TC) using different model on the base of in situ measurements are analyzed. Estimates published by other researchers and the ones obtained by the author are used. The inadequacy of model estimates of MPI and the real intensity of TC is registered in a number of cases, that is, first of all, related to the neglect of a number of peculiarities of TC structure and their environment in models, which are available nowadays. © 2010 Allerton Press, Inc.

Maps of monthly temperature means of the South China Sea at 0- and 50-m depths were constructed using the WOD98 oceanological database. Analysis of the maps confirmed the climatological character of coastal upwelling operating at the coast of Southern Vietnam in June-August. The upwelling area is a natural protection of Southern Vietnam against tropical cyclones. The oceanological databases should be used after their check for stations with erroneous coordinates. © 2010 Allerton Press, Inc.

Smirnov V.V.,Taifun Scientific Industrial Association
Russian Meteorology and Hydrology | Year: 2011

The characteristics are studied of warm cloud mediums (size spectra, concentration, etc.) formed in the cloud chamber of the volume of 3200 m3 at adiabatic expansion of the humid air and at the variations of condensation nuclei concentration within the limits of 50-500 times from the initial one. To remove the nuclei, the volume electrostatic technique was used not requiring the ventilators. By means of the decrease in the cloud condensation nuclei concentration to the order of 100 cm-3 and less, it was succeeded for the first time to prevent the formation of clouds and fogs at adiabatic cooling of the humid air with equivalent speed of less than Uz = 28 cm/s. At Uz = 28-35 cm/s and nuclei concentration of 50-200 cm-3, it becomes possible to simulate the fine-droplet hazes and fogs with monomodal spectra at average droplet diameter of 4-6 μm. At small and moderate rate Uz = 11-100 cm/s and active nuclei concentration of 300-700 cm-3, one can simulate the convective clouds with wide polymodal spectra. The potential of modern models of cloud spectra formation and the prospects of application of the technique of ion-stimulated variations of condensation nuclei concentration are discussed. © 2011 Allerton Press, Inc.

Katkova M.N.,Taifun Scientific Industrial Association
Russian Meteorology and Hydrology | Year: 2011

Chemical weapon dumped after World War II in the Baltic Sea continues to be of a great concern of the public and population of the countries adjoining the area of dumping. One of such areas is part of the water area in the vicinity of the island of Bornholm. In 2007-2008, within the frameworks of the EU MERCW project "Modelling the Environmental Risks Related to Sea-Dumped Chemical Weapons" the area was researched during the expedition and potential effect of the dumped chemical weapon on the Baltic Sea ecosystem was studied. The major objective of this paper is to assess the risk for the population from consuming the fish caught in the area of chemical weapon dumping near Bornholm. The risk assessment for the population consuming the fish contaminated by arsenic compounds was conducted. It is demonstrated that the level of the risk for the human population taking in arsenic is of such a value that (in accordance with the carcinogen risk classification) the decision-makers are recommended to take measures for its reducing. © 2011 Allerton Press, Inc.

Vakulovskii S.M.,Taifun Scientific Industrial Association
Russian Meteorology and Hydrology | Year: 2014

Considered are the examples of the use of airborne gamma-ray spectrometry for studying the radioactive contamination of big territories and for other purposes. © 2014, Allerton Press, Inc.

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