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Rakshit R.,Synthetic and Art Silk Mills Research Association
Man-Made Textiles in India | Year: 2011

Skin care textiles are novel concept of releasing cosmetic active substances to human skin. This paper discusses the importance of skin care textile with help of microencapsulation and grafting of cyclodextrins using aloe vera as one of the main ingredient, which directly offers similar function as the cosmetic cream or lotion used in our daily life. It is an alternate use of cosmetics suitable for modern day busy life.

Surwase P.R.,Synthetic and Art Silk Mills Research Association
Man-Made Textiles in India | Year: 2011

The effect of growth of electronic industry and its widespread use of electronic equipment in communications, computations, automations, biomedical, space and other purposes has led to many Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) problems. It is likely to become more severe in future, unless designers follow EMI control methodology/ techniques to meet the requirements during the design stage itself. The elimination or suppression of EMI should be a prime objective. In this paper an attempt has been made to present a review of various EMI suppression materials and standards.

Saini S.,Synthetic and Art Silk Mills Research Association
Man-Made Textiles in India | Year: 2011

During weaving of fabrics, depending upon the fabric quality different types of accessories is used on a weaving machine. Over a period oftime the excessive deposition of size and lint reduce their efficiency anddegradation of fabric quality as a whole. The traditional methods usedfor cleaning are labour intensive, time consuming, inefficient and oflow quality, and add to the cost of production. The spares are expensiveand have to be replaced, if not properly maintained.Amongst all the new technologies being developed globally, theultrasound technology is the most proven and versatile technology. Inengineering industry this technology is also often employed forcleaning of jewellery, lenses and other optical parts, office equipmentlike printers, type writer parts etc., watches, dental and surgicalinstruments, industrial parts and electronic equipment where it couldbe used for cleaning an electronic device that has been exposed toparticles which hinder its operation). After conclusive studies, ultrasoniccleaning system proves to be more effective compared to othercleaning systems presently used.Therefore, in this article the basic principles involved in ultrasoniccleaning and possibilities of using this technology for maintenance ofweaving machine accessories has been discussed. The system can beused to clean/wash majority of loom parts, however it will be moreuseful for cleaning loom parts that require regular cleaning.

Singh R.P.,Synthetic and Art Silk Mills Research Association
Man-Made Textiles in India | Year: 2012

Polyhedral Oligomeric Silsesquioxane (POSS) has attracted considerable interest in materials science due to its well-defined nano-scale organic-inorganic hybrid structure. The uniqueness about this nanomaterial is that it has two unique features together in one molecule. First high strength attributed to the presence of inorganic cage part of the structure made-up of Si (silicon) and O (Oxygen) atom and second organic system compatibility due to presence of functional R group. The cage (inorganic part) can be covalently bonded to the various organic functional groups depending on the desired applications. The incorporation of POSS into polymeric materials provides dramatic improvements in polymer properties that include increase in thermal stability, oxidation resistance, surface hardening, improved mechanical and optical properties as well as reductions in flammability. Herein different variety and major applications of POSS have been reviewed.

Basu B.,Synthetic and Art Silk Mills Research Association
Man-Made Textiles in India | Year: 2012

Composite Textile is gradually capturing market globally for its own advantage and in the areas of development. Side by side, emphases are to be rendered for environment friendship, specifications and physical properties. The areas are being very much specific oriented the customers are too choosy in accepting a product. Hence at every stage proper production planning is required. For the growing demand although within a limited spare, the marketing and its conception is becoming more sophisticated and competitive. There are technical bottle necks to cope up with highly competitive market otherwise the producers will face tremendous challenge. The products are in varieties to satisfy the need of the sophisticated and high profile customers. Every product is having special criteria, application, structural feature which are to understand item wise and accordingly marketing planning are to be organized. The paper describes various marketing aspects and difficulties with range of products and their required specifications.

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