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Sybase is an enterprise software and services company offering software to manage, analyze, and mobilize information, using relational databases, analytics and data warehousing solutions and mobile-application development platforms. Sybase is a standalone subsidiary of SAP. Wikipedia.

Sybase | Date: 2014-09-19

A clustered server system and a method for maintaining a server cluster involve a plurality of servers that collectively form a server cluster. A master database stores configuration information concerning the server cluster. Each server stores a local copy of the configuration information in a file system. The servers automatically update their respective file system using a database copy of the configuration information if the configuration information changes in the database.

Sybase | Date: 2013-07-17

Disclosed herein are system, method, and computer program product embodiments for implementing a bitmap for a column store database. An embodiment operates by creating, by at least one processor, a bitmap identifying rows in a column store database. The bitmap may include a list of bit chunks, a bit chunk including an offset being a natural number indicating a chunk size, and a bit specification including one of an ordered row id list, a contiguous row id sequence, and a bit vector. In addition, the embodiment includes performing database operations using the bitmap.

Sybase | Date: 2014-05-05

Systems and methods for assigning short codes to provide uniformity among wireless carriers. In the systems and methods, a Universal Short Code (USC) Administrator maintains a list of short codes and their lease status so that SMS messages sent to a particular short code may be routed to the proper holder of the short code. A network facilitator is in communication with both the USC Administrator and at least one wireless carrier to route the SMS message to the proper holder of the short code. The short code may be leased for a specified period of time so that the short code can be reassigned after expiration of the lease.

A method for exchanging data concerning an electronic transaction between two entities, includes: a step which consists in determining and booking an origin address (TPOA) in conformity with a bidirectional mobile telephony (GSM) digital messaging service protocol (SMS); a step which consists in sending in accordance with the protocol (SMS), an offer message (OFFRE_SMS) of the transaction (TR), the offer message (OFFRE_SMS) being sent from the first entity (MW) and addressed to the second entity (CL); and a step which consists in sending, from the second entity (CL) and addressed to the first entity (MW), a reply message comprising an information (REP) representing acceptance or rejection of the transaction.

Sybase | Date: 2014-01-31

An operator tree is formed for a data processing plan, the operator tree containing a plurality of interconnected nodes and including a grouping of two or more duplicative portions, each of the two or more duplicative portions having identical nodes and structure such that when the operator tree is executed, operators executed in a first duplicative portion using a first thread perform same functions use different data than operators in a second duplicative portion using a second thread. One or more operators in the first portion and one or more operators in the second portion to be synchronized with each other are identified. A synchronization point is created for the identified operators in the first thread and one or more subsequent threads, wherein the synchronization point receives information from each of the identified operators to build an artifact to deliver to one or more operators that depend on the artifact.

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