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Swiss German University is a government and privately sponsored university for the ASEAN region. SGU is located on BSD City, Java, Indonesia.The Foundation , which was established in the year 2000, is a joint effort between Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Indonesia. Wikipedia.

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Yunita,Swiss German University | Galinium M.,Swiss German University | Lukas,Atma Jaya Catholic University of Indonesia
IOP Conference Series: Materials Science and Engineering | Year: 2017

New product development in real estate industry is a challenging process since it is related to long term concept and high cost. A newly proposed product development should meet customer need and their preferences which appropriate with customer buying power and company value. This research use data mining for profiling customer transaction and Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP) method for product selection in new product development. This research utilizes Weka as data mining open source software to profiling data customers. The analysis correlated product preferences and profiling demography such as city, age, gender and occupation. Demography profiles gives description buying power and product preferences. The products proposed are based on customer profiles and rank of the product by AHP method. The product with the highest score will be proposed as new product development. Case studies of this research are real estate projects in Serang, Makassar, and Balikpapan. Makassar and Balikpapan are the project that already gained success and Serang is new project which new products development will be proposed to launch. Based on profiling and product preference of customer in Balikpapan, Makassar, and prospectus of Serang markets, new products development that will be proposed are house type of 120/200 m2 with price around Rp1.300.000.000 and house type of 71/120 m2 with price around Rp800.000.000. The markets of Serang and Balikpapan have similarities in profiles as urban city so the new products development will adopt the succeed story of Balikpapan project. © Published under licence by IOP Publishing Ltd.

Widagdo G.B.,Swiss German University | Lim C.,Swiss German University
Advanced Science Letters | Year: 2017

As the number of compromised computers connected to the Internet and the speed of the Internet connection continue to increase, the Distributed of Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks to the popular web sites also shows a significant increase in terms of traffic volume. These compromised computers often controlled by botnets that attack a targeted online business computing resources, bringing financial impact to these businesses. A Hybrid DDoS defense, a combination of intermediate network defense (distributed) and victim network defense (centralized) is proposed in this paper. The proposed mitigation has been shown to reduce the DDoS impact up to 90% of the total traffic, covering both bandwidth and resource depletion attacks. © 2017 American Scientific Publishers All rights reserved.

Tjandra V.,Swiss German University | Sinaga E.F.,Swiss German University
Proceedings of the 2016 International Conference on Instrumentation, Control, and Automation, ICA 2016 | Year: 2016

Controlling and simulating the behaviour of a fast pace mobile robot are some of the important parts in developing a transformer robot. In this paper, the behaviour of a transformer robot was simulated to find the optimum control parameters. The term transformer robot was introduced by project 'T-bot' made by the Florida Institute for Human and Machine Cognition. The T-bot robot is able to balance on two wheels using the principle of self-balancing inverted pendulum, and can transform to four-wheeled mode like an ordinary car. This paper is aimed at simulating and analyzing the behavior of a PID controlled small scale version of such robots. © 2016 IEEE.

Silaen K.E.,Swiss German University | Lim C.,Swiss German University
Proceedings of 2016 International Conference on Data and Software Engineering, ICoDSE 2016 | Year: 2017

WordPress (WP) is one of the most popular PHP-based content management system (CMS) used for creating websites. WP became popular due to its many dynamic content management features including Pingback through XMLRPC, which sends a notification when other websites link to any one of the WP contents. However, WP XMLRPC Pingback does not have a mechanism to limit and validate whether any Pingback request actually originated from a linked post. Our experiment demonstrated that an attack with as few as 5 online WP websites is sufficient to take down a victim's WP-based website. The proposed countermeasure for this type of attack has then been shown to successfully prevent HTTP-GET attacks at the source. © 2016 IEEE.

Dahbul R.N.,Swiss German University | Lim C.,Swiss German University | Purnama J.,Swiss German University
Journal of Physics: Conference Series | Year: 2017

Honeypot is designed to lure attackers away from the computer resources the attackers are trying to compromise. In addition, honeypot also tracks attacker's activities and helps researchers learn about their attack patterns. However, honeypot can also be identified by attackers using various fingerprinting methods. In this research, we use threat modeling to identify potential threats that reveal its existence which made honeypot ineffective. Various countermeasures are discussed and the proposed countermeasures have proved effective to enhance the deception capability of the honeypots we tested. © Published under licence by IOP Publishing Ltd.

Sofianti T.D.,Swiss German University
Lecture Notes in Engineering and Computer Science | Year: 2014

Knowledge is asset to enhance the company's competitiveness. By managing knowledge, companies can improve performance in developing products and services to their customers. Many papers discuss the benefits, the process, and the success factors of knowledge management. However, discussion on its performance in B2B environment as a unitary system is still limited. Industrial distributors have customers at B2B level. It supports machines and equipments produced by manufactured by services. Industrial distributors sell the machines together with services to enhance value obtained by the customers from the machines. Services are provided starts from bidding process, ordering the machines from the manufacturer, delivery, installation, until the after sale stage such as maintenance. This paper promotes framework to measure knowledge management performance of industrial distributor in developing its service for the customers. The contribution of this paper is measurement framework of knowledge management in service development.

Suryajaya B.,Swiss German University
Advanced Science Letters | Year: 2014

SKK Migas implemented SOT (Sistem Operasi Terpadu) to allow SKK Migas system to retrieve specific information from PSC Contractor data source within integrated online system. It is expected that at the completion of SOT program, there will be huge transactional data that will be exchanged on daily basis, and without Data Mining, it will be extremely difficult to perform analysis. Meanwhile, this research will focus on poor data quality that may be resulted from poor data acquisition process, and how to improve SOT Data quality utilizing CRISP-DM methodology. This research found that the data contain some quality issues including missing values, negative values, useless attributes, and outliers that may affect analysis result and conclusion. At the end, this research proves that Data Quality Mining processes and algorithms can improve data quality, which expected to contribute to SKK Migas data analysis improvement. © 2014 American Scientific Publishers. All rights reserved.

Umniyati Y.,Swiss German University
Journal of Physics: Conference Series | Year: 2014

The 8-spinor realization of the chiral Skyrme-Faddeev model to describe leptons is proposed. The lepton charge being identified with the Hopf index. Energy in the model is proved to be estimated from below by the Hopf index to the power of 3/4. © Published under licence by IOP Publishing Ltd.

Djajadi A.,Swiss German University | Gunarman G.G.,Swiss German University
Communications in Computer and Information Science | Year: 2011

This paper is concerned with design of a hybrid billboard with scrolling printed images and remotely updatable light emitting diodes matrix display for advertisement purposes. The images showing the advertisements are printed on a backlit sheet that is rolled on both left and right ends of the sheet. Thus, rolling a sheet on one direction allows translational moves of the image that is being shown to the viewer. The system is combined with the LED matrix display that shows the message of the products that is currently being displayed in the rotating image part. This message could be modified wirelessly anytime in a very short time by using a user interface program that is operated from distance in the office of the advertisement company. © 2011 Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg.

Sohail A.,University of Queensland | Turner M.S.,University of Queensland | Prabawati E.K.,Swiss German University | Coombes A.G.A.,University of Queensland | Bhandari B.,University of Queensland
International Journal of Food Microbiology | Year: 2012

This study investigated the effect of microencapsulation on the survival of Lactobacillus rhamnosus GG and Lactobacillus acidophilus NCFM and their acidification in orange juice at 25°C for nine days and at 4°C over thirty five days of storage. Alginate micro beads (10-40μm) containing the probiotics were produced by a novel dual aerosol method of alginate and CaCl 2 cross linking solution. Unencapsulated L. rhamnosus GG was found to have excellent survivability in orange juice at both temperatures. However unencapsulated L. acidophilus NCFM showed significant reduction in viability. Encapsulation of these two bacteria did not significantly enhance survivability but did reduce acidification at 25°C and 4°C. In agreement with this, encapsulation of L. rhamnosus GG also reduced acidification in pear and peach fruit-based foods at 25°C, however at 4°C difference in pH was insignificant between free and encapsulated cells. In conclusion, L. rhamnosus GG showed excellent survival in orange juice and microencapsulation has potential in reducing acidification and possible negative sensory effects of probiotics in orange juice and other fruit-based products. © 2012 Elsevier B.V.

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