Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences

Uppsala, Sweden

The Swedish University of Agricultural science is a university in Sweden. Although its head office is located in Ultuna, Uppsala, the university has several campuses in different parts of Sweden, the other main facilities being Alnarp in Lomma Municipality, Skara, and Umeå. Unlike other state owned universities in Sweden, it is funded through the budget for the Ministry for Rural Affairs.The university has four faculties: Faculty of Landscape Planning, Horticulture and Agricultural science, Faculty of Natural Resources and Agriculture science, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine and Animal Science and Faculty of Forest science. SLU had in 2012 3080 full-time staff, 3935 full-time students, 714 research students and 241 professors.In the 2007 Academic Ranking of World Universities, SLU was ranked in 5-9 place in Sweden, 81-123 in Europe and 203-304 in the world. Wikipedia.

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Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences | Date: 2017-05-31

The invention relates to a light- weight filling body for concrete slabs and blocks, formed by a single body or by two sub-bodies (2) which are preferably identical, or which can be joined together to define, once assembled, a single hollow filling body (1) having a spheroid shape, in general a substantially cylindrical lateral peripheral portion, and a substantially horizontal central upper portion, having a positioning element (5, 6) formed in the substantially horizontal upper portion, and a set of ribs (3) for supporting the metal reinforcement of the block, said ribs being raised above the surface of the filling body (1). According to one embodiment, the positioning body (5) is formed by a peripheral crown of a continuous height, according to another embodiment, same is formed by a set of portions or wedge-like pieces (8) having a circular sector shape, and according to another embodiment, same is formed by a set of raised portions (33) of the support ribs (3) on the end thereof closest to the centre of said body.

Processing system for standardization and abstraction of registers measured by measuring devices (1), which comprise processing means of measured registers (5) received for generating processed registers (5a) storable in a storage database (6) of processed registers, characteristics schemes (7a) of separate models of measuring device (1), which comprise at least one module (9) and at least one submodule (10) assigned to the said module (9) on the basis of its functioning mode (17a), each module (9) being allotted to at least one memory position of a measuring device model (1), associated with a single measuring point and assigned to at least one category map (8a) in which a submodule (10) is related to a category variable, with assignment tables (16) of category variables, mapping means (11) with assignment means (12) and transformation means (13) provided for transforming values of each measured register (1 a) into values of processed registers (5a), expressed in the pre-established equivalent unit of measurement assigned to the corresponding submodule (10). The assignment means (12) are designed for assigning to each measured register (1a) read in the memory position (18a) corresponding to a submodule (10), the category variable with which the submodule is related in the assignment table (16).

Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences | Date: 2017-03-22

The invention relates to a method and a device for cutting off electric current. The device comprises at least one fixed contact and at least one moving contact that can move between a closed position and an open position, and at least one permanent magnet mounted together with the moving contact, such that the permanent magnet and the moving contact are able to move at the same time. The magnetic field of the magnet interferes with the area where the arc occurs and moves with the moving contact along its path, so with a small number of magnets, arc quenching capacity increases. The method of the invention comprises moving a permanent magnet through the area where an electrical arc occurs between a moving contact and a fixed contact, such that the generated magnetic field runs through at least part of the area where the arc occurs.

Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences | Date: 2017-03-29

Device for capturing optical information configured for being installed in a recess (2) of an exterior surface (10) of a vehicle, comprising at least an imaging means (1) configured for obtaining optical information of the surroundings of the vehicle. The imaging means (1) are movable between an operating position and a non-operating position, wherein in the non-operating position the imaging means (1) is able to be located in the recess (2) of the vehicle. It also comprises a protective cover (3) configured for being able to cover the opening of the recess (2) when the imaging means (1) is in an operating position outside the recess (2).

Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences | Date: 2017-03-15

A MIMO antenna system (1) for a vehicle comprising first and second monopole antennas (10, 20), which comprises first, second and third conductors (11, 12, 13; 21, 22, 23). First and second conductors are electrically connected in parallel, and the third conductor is coupled to the first and second conductors. The first conductor has a height (H1) and thickness (t1) such that the H1/t1 ratio is within 5 to 45 to provide a resonant frequency at a first LTE frequency band. The second conductor has a height of 30% - 60% H1 to provide a resonant frequency at a second LTE frequency band. The third conductor provides resonant frequencies at third and fourth LTE frequency bands, and having an electrical length (L3) such that the coupling level of the third conductor with respect to first and second conductors in the third and fourth LTE frequency bands is greater than 10dB.

Mask for digital printing and operation, and printing and operation methods using the mask. Mask (M) digital printing and operation, consisting in a porous structural support mesh (1), a cover layer (2), a masking material (3) placed in between the structural (1) and the cover (2) layers, where the masking material (3) can be relatively positioned between the meshes (1, 2) thus constituting a reconfigurable mask for printing. The invention also refers to methods using the mask: attraction / repulsion method, pseudo-screen-printing, pseudo-flexo/gravure.

Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences | Date: 2017-02-08

An improved fodder-dispensing device, formed by a powered carriage (1) comprising, on the rear part in the direction of travel of the carriage, an unwinding zone (2) having a first clearing surface (2.1) and, on the front part, a deposit zone (3) having a second inclined deposit surface (3.1), comprising at least one tilting platform (11, 12) disposed at a height above the first clearing surface (2.1) or above the second inclined deposit surface (3.1), said height being greater than the diameter of the bales (4) disposed on said surfaces, respectively, and wherein said at least one tilting platform (11, 12) has a first end (11.1, 12.1) for unloading the bales and a second, opposite end (11.2, 12.2) for retaining the bales, as well as securing means and tilting means of said at least one tilting platform (11, 12).

Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences | Date: 2017-01-25

A method of activating a service, comprising : transmitting a pre-activation request, including a user identity and a service identity, from a user device; receiving a pre-activation response at the user device; verifying the service identity, the user identity and the pre-activation response at the point-of-sale; and transmitting an activation request, based on a successful verification, from the point- of-sale.

Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences and Fibercom S.L. | Date: 2017-06-14

A system and method of optical spectrum analysis that circumvents the trade-off between resolution and sensitivity by combining two spectral measurements: a first spectrum (102) from first spectral measurement means (240), having high resolution and low sensitivity; and a second spectrum (103) from second spectral measurement means (220), having lower resolution but higher resolution. The input of the of the first spectral measurement means (240) is amplified by an optical amplifier (230), being the effects induced by said amplifier (230) on the first spectrum (102) corrected at processing means (270) by comparison with the second spectrum (103).

Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences | Date: 2017-05-10

The present invention relates to a device and method for the drying of products, which can also be used for the activation of resins covering said products, comprising a modular system having a scalable cross-section, formed by one or more non-metal filament infrared lamps with carbon fibre which are encapsulated in a single or twin quartz tube, the upper part of the tube being coated with a gold reflector and cooled with air, maximising the use of convective and fast-response radiant energy. The warm air generated can be recirculated by a first fan and propelled for use, said warm air being applied against the product by diffusers, such that the vapours extracted are incinerated by an incineration device before being released to the outside.

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