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Swagelok is a privately held international company, focusing on the manufacture and sale of gas and fluid systems components, such as tube fittings, valves, tubing, and gauges. It was founded in 1947 by Fred A. Lennon in Cleveland, Ohio and in 1965, it moved to Solon, Ohio, where its headquarters remain. They are best known for creating the Swagelok compression tube fitting U.S. Patent 3,075,793 in 1959, a commonly used family of connectors for high and low pressure stainless steel tubing. Wikipedia.

Swagelok Company | Date: 2015-05-07

A valve and tool assembly includes a valve seat, a valve seat recess, a seat carrier and a valve seat displacement tool. A valve seat installation tool is also described, as well as a valve seat replacement kit and a method for replacing a valve seat. The valve may be a diaphragm valve, for example.

Swagelok Company | Date: 2015-05-08

A fitting includes first and second threaded fitting components, a conduit gripping device, and a stroke resisting member having a first axial length, the stroke resisting member being disposed between a threaded portion of the first fitting component and a radially extending portion of the second fitting component. The stroke resisting member is axially engaged by the radially extending portion of the second fitting component when the first and second fitting components are joined together to a first relative axial position, such that a tightening torque beyond the first relative axial position is increased by the axial engagement. The stroke resisting member is plastically compressed to a second axial length smaller than the first axial length when the first and second fitting components are joined together to a second relative axial position advanced beyond the first relative axial position.

Swagelok Company | Date: 2015-03-19

A ferrule type, flareless fitting is provided that may optionally be pulled-up to its assembled condition by torque rather than by turns. In one embodiment, at least one fitting component includes a structure that facilitates pull-up by torque and allows the fitting to be remade. The structure may take a wide variety of different forms. Examples of fitting component structures that facilitate pull-up by torque and allow the fitting to be remade include, but are not limited to, deformable or compressible devices or structures that are configured to increase the torque required to further tighten the fitting components when the fitting is properly pulled up, resiliently deformable structures that bias a tube gripping device into engagement with a conduit when the fitting is remade to an initial pull-up position, and plastically deformable retaining structures that maintain a tube gripping device in sealing engagement with a conduit when a fitting is disassembled.

Swagelok Company | Date: 2015-04-30

A fluid sample system includes a control system that operates in the hazardous area and controls one or more valves and optionally receives outputs from one or more transducers and optionally one or more sensors. The fluid sample system includes components that operate in a hazardous area and includes a control system that operates in the hazardous area and that controls one or more electrical devices. The control system communicates across a barrier with a system on a safe side of the barrier with as few as two intrinsically safe couplings including a single pneumatic coupling and a communication link coupling. The control system includes an intrinsically safe voltage boost circuit.

Swagelok Company | Date: 2015-03-16

Apparatus and method for mechanically attached connections of conduits may include a conduit gripping member, a drive member, and a seal member, the drive member causing axial movement of the conduit gripping member to indent into an outer surface of the conduit when the assembly is pulled-up, the drive member causing the seal member to form a zero clearance seal at a location that is axially spaced from the conduit gripping member. The zero clearance seal may comprise a face seal arrangement including a gasket, and the conduit gripping member may be a ferrule, ring or other device that can grip and optionally seal against the conduit outer surface. The assembly may include a sensing function for detecting or sensing a characteristic or condition of an assembly component or the fluid or both. In one embodiment, a body coupling member has a two piece construction of a main body and a conduit socket insert. A flared fitting embodiment is also provided. Sensing functions are also incorporated into fittings other than just zero clearance fittings.

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