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Indore, India

Srinivasa Rao R.,SVEC | Subbaiah P.V.,ASIST
Journal of Computational Electronics | Year: 2012

Here we consider two popular techniques useful for time domain signature analysis of direct scattering problem i.e., given the incident waveform and the target geometry, find the scattered field. We present in this paper a comparison of two popular time domain numerical techniques, viz., the transmission line matrix (TLM) method and the finite-difference time-domain (FDTD) method for electromagnetic scattering problems. Even though there are many similarities between the two methods, the modeling philosophy is different. Whereas in FDTD Maxwell's equations are solved using a differencing scheme, in TLM a scattering approach akin to Huygens principle is implemented by replacing the space domain with a system of interconnected transmission-lines. The comparison is made via standard canonical shapes, a dielectric cube, and a dielectric sphere, to address the factors affecting accuracy, efficiency, and the required computer resources. © Springer Science+Business Media LLC 2012. Source

Babu A.R.,National Institute of Technology Warangal | Amba Prasad Rao G.,National Institute of Technology Warangal | Hari Prasad T.,SVEC
International Journal of Automotive and Mechanical Engineering | Year: 2015

The purpose of this study is to investigate the effects of water mist (WM) injected directly into an intake manifold spark ignition (SI) engine. WM flows through a nozzle at the throttle body of the four-cylinder four-stroke multi-point injection engine for testing the performance of exhaust emission system. The water is pumped in mist form into the intake manifold with an air-fuel mixture through the nozzle, which is located on the throttle body. Experimental work and simulation methods are combined by the presence and absence of WM addition, and the performance as well as emission produced by the engine is analyzed. The Gamma Technologies (GT) methods are used to simulate the model with and without WM addition. The experimental results indicate that the standard engine performance can be used to validate the simulation model. The engine measures include various parameters such as brake power, torque, volumetric efficiency, spark advance timing, and the concentration of CO and NOx with water and without water addition to the SI engine (i.e., the power, torque, volumetric efficiency of the engine is increased up to 10%). The emission of NOx is found to be significantly reduced and that of CO does not change. © Universiti Malaysia Pahang. Source

Rupesh B.,SVEC | Sunil Kumar M.,SVEC
International Journal of Applied Engineering Research | Year: 2015

Keyword queries based on database gives an solution to data. Even though it suffers due to low ranking quality. So, a database provides best alternatives to such type of hard queries. The characteristics of hard keyword queries over Relational Databases are analyzed for the novel composition to evaluate the amount of problems, and content of the Relational Databases is proposed and then hard keyword query prediction is evaluated against INEX and SemSearch benchmarks. In this work the hard keyword queries over Relational Databases is predicted by using Structured Robustness algorithm with Skyline Sweeping Algorithm and Joined Tuple Tree Technique. © Research India Publications Source

Deepika S.,SVEC | Ganesh D.,SVEC
International Journal of Applied Engineering Research | Year: 2015

Geo-social applications are most commonly used in which different communities integrate together with their surrounding environment through their friends and their recommendations. Such systems can be misused easily through various attacks. Hence providing privacy to the geo-social applications became main issue. The existed system, LocX, that provides significant improving location privacy by not adding uncertainty into the query results or rely on strong assumptions about security of the server. Here user send message to other user is of bigger size, so that the expense of the server database increases on existing system. Therefore compression algorithm is proposed to compress the message by that the message retrieval time reduces than the existed system. This method provides privacy and improves the performance of geo-social applications. © Research India Publications. Source

Vijayarekha K.,SVEC | Madhusudana Rao C.,SVEC
International Journal of Applied Engineering Research | Year: 2015

In IEEE 802.11n an aggregate medium access control (MAC) service data unit (A_MSDU) contains multiple sub frames with a single sequence number. It has a major drawback in environment with high error rate because if any sub frames are corrupted then the entire A_MSDU will be lost, which results decrease in throughput. In AFR (aggregation frame retransmission) scheme retransmission is done only for packets which are erroneous but retransmission delay is not measured.In this paper retransmission delay is minimized which in turn reduces the end-end delay. A performance evaluation is made by calculating the retransmission delay which improves performance of IEEE 802.11. © Research India Publications. Source

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