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Bianhe, China

Background: To explore the value of minimally invasive surgery for the removal of calculus and preservation of the gallbladder with the combination of a hard gallbladder endoscope and a soft choledochoscope. Patients and Methods: A retrospective analysis was conducted of the clinical data of 42 patients with cholecystolithiasis who underwent minimally invasive surgery for the removal of calculus and preservation of the gallbladder from April 2009 to April 2011. Results: None of the 42 cases had bile flowing from the gallbladder neck tube to the gallbladder lumen after removal of stones in the gallbladder lumen by the hard gallbladder endoscope; all the 42 cases had residual stones in the gallbladder tube when probed by the soft choledochoscope. The numbers of stones range from one to three, while the diameters of the stones range from 0.5 cm to 1.0 cm. In 8 cases, there was one calculus embedded. In 39 cases, the calculi were taken out through the soft choledochoscope, and the gallbladders were preserved successfully; yet the other 3 cases failed to receive surgery to preserve the gallbladder because of calculi embedded in the gallbladder tube, which were finally treated by laparoscopic cholecystectomy. Conclusions: A hard gallbladder endoscope combined with a soft choledochoscope for removing calculi and preserving the gallbladder in laparoscopic microscopic trauma surgery can effectively find residual stones in the gallbladder tube and help to increase the rate of complete removal of calculi and preserving the gallbladder. © Mary Ann Liebert, Inc. Source

Qin W.-X.,Suzhou University
Nonlinearity | Year: 2010

In this paper we focus on the dynamics of the overdamped limit case of the Frenkel-Kontorova (F-K) model with irrational mean spacing. We extend the results of Baesens and MacKay on rational mean spacing case to irrational case: there exists a depinning force F d ≥ 0 such that the F-K model possesses an equilibrium with a given mean spacing if the constant driving force F ε [0, F d] or it admits a uniform sliding solution provided F > Fd . Moreover, the average velocity of the particles exists and is unique, and it is non-decreasing and continuous with respect to F ε [0, +∞). In particular, we prove that the average velocity depends continuously upon the mean spacing. © 2010 IOP Publishing Ltd & London Mathematical Society. Source

Qin Y.,Suzhou University
Advances in Information Sciences and Service Sciences | Year: 2012

The purpose of this study is to seek an evaluation method that can reduce influence of subjective factors on results of piano teaching. In previous studies, people discover that proper evaluation on piano in colleges would help to improve teaching levels of teachers and leaning efficiency of students. However, methods adopted in the previous evaluation process on piano teaching in colleges would be greatly affected by subjective factors. This article gets research data through sample survey that is to carry out comprehensive analysis on piano teaching in colleges by use of fuzzy comprehensive evaluation methods. In the end, reasonable evaluation result based on the mentality of fuzzy mathematics is got that objectively shows the status quo of piano education in colleges for the present and puts forward several precious and proper advice on piano education in colleges. It not only helps promote the theoretical progress of evaluation on piano teaching in colleges but also promote progress of piano teaching in colleges. Source

Zhang L.,Suzhou University
Applied Surface Science | Year: 2013

A self-assembled protocol is introduced to provide effective platforms for the fabrication of ordered Ag nanosized monolayer film. The assembled Ag nanosized monolayer film was characterized using scanning electronic microscopy and surface-enhanced Raman scattering (SERS). The results show that the assembled SERS substrate own excellent Raman enhancement and reproducibility. The synthesized SERS-active substrate was further used to detect methyl-parathion, and the limitation of detection can reach 10-7 M. © 2013 Elsevier B.V. Source

The platelet protein disulfide isomerase called ERp57 mediates platelet aggregation, but its role in thrombus formation is unknown. To determine the specific role of platelet-derived ERp57 in hemostasis and thrombosis, we generated a megakaryocyte/platelet-specific knockout. Despite normal platelet counts and platelet glycoprotein expression, mice with ERp57-deficient platelets had prolonged tail-bleeding times and thrombus occlusion times with FeCl3-induced carotid artery injury. Using a mesenteric artery thrombosis model, we found decreased incorporation of ERp57-deficient platelets into a growing thrombus. Platelets lacking ERp57 have defective activation of the αIIbβ3 integrin and platelet aggregation. The defect in aggregation was corrected by the addition of exogenous ERp57, implicating surface ERp57 in platelet aggregation. Using mutants of ERp57, we demonstrate the second active site targets a platelet surface substrate to potentiate platelet aggregation. Binding of Alexa 488-labeled ERp57 to thrombin-activated and Mn(2+)-treated platelets lacking β3 was decreased substantially, suggesting a direct interaction of ERp57 with αIIbβ3. Surface expression of ERp57 protein and activity in human platelets increased with platelet activation, with protein expression occurring in a physiologically relevant time frame. In conclusion, platelet-derived ERp57 directly interacts with αIIbβ3 during activation of this receptor and is required for incorporation of platelets into a growing thrombus. Source

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