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Los Gatos, CA, United States

Suvolta Inc. | Date: 2014-05-09

An analog transistor useful for low noise applications or for electrical circuits benefiting from tight control of threshold voltages and electrical characteristics is described. The analog transistor includes a substantially undoped channel positioned under a gate dielectric between a source and a drain with the undoped channel not being subjected to contaminating threshold voltage implants or halo implants. The channel is supported on a screen layer doped to have an average dopant density at least five times as great as the average dopant density of the substantially undoped channel which, in turn, is supported by a doped well having an average dopant density at least twice the average dopant density of the substantially undoped

Suvolta Inc. | Date: 2014-11-06

A transistor and method of fabrication thereof includes a screening layer formed at least in part in the semiconductor substrate beneath a channel layer and a gate stack, the gate stack including spacer structures on either side of the gate stack. The transistor includes a shallow lightly doped drain region in the channel layer and a deeply lightly doped drain region at the depth relative to the bottom of the screening layer for reducing junction leakage current. A compensation layer may also be included to prevent loss of back gate control.

A dynamic random access memory (DRAM) can include at least one DRAM cell array, comprising a plurality of DRAM cells, each including a storage capacitor and access transistor; a body bias control circuit configured to generate body bias voltage from a bias supply voltage, the body bias voltage being different from power supply voltages of the DRAM; and peripheral circuits formed in the same substrate as the at least one DRAM array, the peripheral circuits comprising deeply depleted channel (DDC) transistors having bodies coupled to receive the body bias voltage, each DDC transistor having a screening region of a first conductivity type formed below a substantially undoped channel region.

Suvolta Inc. | Date: 2014-02-24

An advanced transistor with punch through suppression includes a gate with length Lg, a well doped to have a first concentration of a dopant, and a screening region positioned under the gate and having a second concentration of dopant. The second concentration of dopant may be greater than 510

Circuits are disclosed that may include a plurality of transistors having controllable current paths coupled between at least a first and second node, the transistors configured to generate an analog electrical output signal in response to an analog input value; wherein at least one of the transistors has a deeply depleted channel formed below its gate that includes a substantially undoped channel region formed over a relatively highly doped screen layer formed over a doped body region.

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