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Type: Journal Article | Journal: Sultan Qaboos University medical journal | Year: 2016

This study aimed to test a hypothetical model to predict nursing students perceptions of the usefulness of pre-service Integrated Management of Childhood Illness (IMCI) training and their intention to apply this training in clinical practice.This study was carried out at the Sur Nursing Institute, Sur, Oman, in May 2015. Using six predefined constructs, a hypothetical structural model was created. The constructs were used as latent variables to highlight their probable impact on intention to apply IMCI-related knowledge and skills in practice. A structured validated questionnaire was subsequently developed to assess the perceptions of nursing students. Factor loadings and calculated variances were examined to ensure convergent validity. Cronbachs alpha was used to calculate internal consistency reliability.Factor loadings for each item in the model were above 0.70. All of the constructs had Cronbachs alpha values over 0.700, except for enhanced assessment skills (Cronbachs alpha: 0.694). The variance extracted value was 0.815 for perceived usefulness, 0.800 for enhanced assessment skills, 0.687 for enhanced knowledge, attitudes and skills, 0.697 for enhanced confidence, 0.674 for enhanced counselling skills and 0.805 for future intention to use IMCI in a clinical setting.Overall, the results support the hypothetical model and indicate that nursing students perceive IMCI training to be beneficial and intend to apply IMCI-related knowledge and skills in clinical practice.

Ali G.,Sur University College | Kim K.H.,Gyeongsang National University | Kim K.-I.,Gyeongsang National University
Computer Science and Information Systems | Year: 2016

To prevent scalability problem caused by increasing traffic of real-time applications, cluster architecture with Time Division Multiple Access (TDMA) scheduling scheme is mostly deployed in wireless sensor networks. However, even though it have proven good scalability and suitability for real-time communications, but static scheduling lacks of adaptability in several situations by not admitting some real-time flows where slots remain available. To solve mentioned problem, in this paper, we propose an adaptive cluster-based scheduling scheme for real-time flows by utilizing the time slots for flows according to type of flows such as inside or outside cluster. So, the proposed scheme can achieve better utilization of channel by minimizing the number of unused channels for real-time flows than static scheme through new adaptive TDMA scheduling scheme. Simulation results show that more flows are admitted and delivered within the deadline in the proposed scheme by utilizing unused time slots accordingly. © 2016, ComSIS Consortium. All rights reserved.

Sakkthivel A.M.,Sur University College
Journal of Internet Banking and Commerce | Year: 2013

The paper aims to design constructs such as internal and external variables and test the impact of the same on online buying behaviour. The constructs focus on the controlling aspect of a company on online consumer purchase. The data were collected from 168 online users and results were tested through simple and multiple linear regression model. The results revealed that both the constructs are consistent and have an impact over online buying behavior. However, the external variables found to have more impact over online purchase that that of the internal variables. © Annamalai Manickam Sakkthivel, 2013.

Sarrayrih M.A.,Sur University College | Sriram B.,Sur University College
Journal of King Saud University - Computer and Information Sciences | Year: 2015

The technological development has turned the government policies and strategies toward e-government. The e-government is considered the primary tool to facilitate the access of the citizens to various services. Thus, the government plans and subsidies shall reach the public through e-government portals. Some of the developed countries had sufficiently integrated the e-government technology whereas others are still under development. In this respect, we have reviewed and studied the major challenges faced by the Sultanate of Oman in the process of developing and implementing the e-government. We have also analyzed secondary data to identify the level of e-government acceptance in the Sultanate of Oman. We have suggested a model, which the government may apply in order to develop and implement its own successful e-government. © 2015 The Authors.

Yashodha G.,Sri Ramakrishna Engineering College | Bremananlh R.,Sur University College
2012 International Conference on Machine Vision and Image Processing, MVIP 2012 | Year: 2012

Palmprint is one of the relatively new physiological biometrics due to its stable and unique characteristics. Palmprint based biometric approaches possess several advantages over others. Palmprint images can be acquired with low resolution cameras and scanners and still have enough information to achieve good recognition rates. Palm print verification System has been utilized for a long time and it was found that many research activities were carried out. This paper presents a description of state of techniques of palmprint recognition system along with a new method has been proposed for preprocessing combined with OTSU in order to improve the identification. The results obtained in this approach has further enhanced for rotation invariant palmprint recognition. © 2012 IEEE.

Amir B.,Sur University College | Ralph P.,Lancaster University
36th International Conference on Software Engineering, ICSE Companion 2014 - Proceedings | Year: 2014

Gamification informally refers to making a system more gamelike. More specifically, gamification denotes applying game mechanics to a non-game system. We theorize that gamification success depends on the game mechanics employed and their effects on user motivation and immersion. The proposed theory may be tested using an experiment or questionnaire study. Copyright © 2014 ACM.

Sakkthivel A.M.,Sur University College | Balasubramaniyan S.,Sur University College
Journal of Internet Banking and Commerce | Year: 2015

The paper intends to design and test the influence of pertinent variables i.e. internal (marketing mix) information variables, and external information variables obtained through social network websites over women consumers buying behaviour from Islamic religion in Middle Eastern countries. The constructs focus on testing the impact on the aforesaid aspects. The paper uses structural equation modelling to find the influence and the results revealed that (i) external information variables found to have more influence than that of internal information variables (ii) It is found society, brand reputation and reference groups exert more influence over women consumer buying behaviour through social media websites. © 2015 Sakkthivel AM, et al.

Hidalgo H.A.,Sur University College
International Journal on Advanced Science, Engineering and Information Technology | Year: 2015

The growth of tourism in the Philippines can be largely attributed to nature-based destinations but communities in these areas largely depend on farming and fishing to sustain their day-to-day needs. The need to capacitate the community's social and human capital in addressing climate change impacts to their livelihood, properties and natural environment is deemed necessary to lessen their vulnerability issues in the management of agriecotourism destinations. The study aimed to 1.) characterize and rank hazards that are likely to affect the nature-based tourism communities, 2.) describe the nature-based tourism communities' current sensitivity and exposure to climate stresses; and 3.) estimate future vulnerability and risks of nature-based tourism communities. Three agri-ecotourism communities were selected using five criteria such as attraction uniqueness, hazard type, risk level, tourism dependency and market potential. The areas were subjected to tourism vulnerability case assessment focusing on services and energy; human health; food, security, water and agriculture; business and continuity; and biodiversity and culture. Calaguas Island's top hazards are typhoon, drought and strong wind. Pecuaria Farm's main hazards are drought, rat infestation and grass fire while Bulusan Lake's major hazards are heavy rains and ash falls brought by volcanic eruption. Generally, vulnerability is high in the human health, services and energy sectors of tourism. The vulnerability of the three agri-ecotourism sites was intensified by factors that merely characterize the kind of community they have: a) high marketing dependency, b) poor political will, c) low level of awareness and preparedness, d) poor farming practices and e) lack of tourism-related livelihood options. Destinations with functioning agricultural areas are the most affected sites due to an estimated increase in the temperature and increase in rainfall precipitations. Poverty remains to be the major factor why vulnerability is high.

Surendran R.,Sur University College
Contemporary Engineering Sciences | Year: 2015

File storage load can be balanced in the storage nodes avail in the cloud system by using totally distributed load rebalancing algorithm. Large level distributed systems such as cloud applications come with rising challenges on how to transfer and where to store compute data. Cloud computing is a distributed computing over a network. Node concurrently serves as a computing and storage task. In cloud computing environment, files can also be dynamically created, deleted and append. The file chunks are not distributed as equally among the nodes. Lead to load inequity in a distributed file system. The existing distributed file system depends on single node to manage almost all operations such as chunk reallocation of every data block in the file system. As a result it can be bottleneck resource and a single point of failure. A new technique Random Linear Network Coding (RLNC) is employed in the proposed system. RLNC is performed at the opening when the file is stored in the cloud. Using this strategy, a file will be split into different parts and send distinct parts to each chunk server. RSA algorithm applied to calculate the response time file size and deadlock detection. RSA algorithm used to detect the anomalies of the system. Dynamic scheduling algorithm present in the proposed system to overcome to load inequity problem. This algorithm is compared against a centralized approach in a production system. The results indicate that our proposal is considerably outperforms the prior distributed in terms of load inequity factor, movement cost, and algorithmic overhead. © 2015 R. Surendran.

Thiagarajan B.,Bharathiar University | Bremananth R.,Sur University College
International Review on Computers and Software | Year: 2013

In medical field, image processing plays a vital role in research and diagnosing disease. Segmentation of images is widely used for medical purpose such as pre-surgery and postsurgery decisions, which is required for planning treatment. The abnormal growth of tissues can be detected using computer aided detection and it is used for achieving maximum classification accuracy. Magnetic resonance imaging is widely used in computer aided design for the detection of abnormalities. Even though MRI is an efficient method, it is time consuming and needs reasonable amount of human resources. Many studies are going on in the medical field using Markov random fields in segmentation. In this paper, the MRI images are used as a dataset to the proposed algorithm, MRF-artificial bee colony optimization algorithm, with fuzzy possibility cmeans is used to obtain the optimal solution. The main aim of the proposed algorithm is to reduce the computational complexity and achieving the higher accuracy. The performance of the proposed algorithm is calculated using region non uniformity, correlation and computation time. The experimental results were compared with the existing approaches such as simulated annealing and MRF with improved genetic algorithm (GA). © 2013 Praise Worthy Prize S.r.l. - All rights reserved.

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