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Schenectady, NY, United States

SuperPower Inc. and University of Houston | Date: 2013-06-12

A method and composition for doped HTS tapes having directional flux pinning and critical current.

Superpower Inc. and University of Houston | Date: 2011-06-22

A high temperature superconductor structure including: a substrate on which at least one buffer layer is deposited, a superconductor layer on the buffer layer, the superconducting layer composed of superconductor material that forms at least two substantially parallel superconductor filaments that continuously extend along the length of the substrate wherein at least two superconductor filaments are separated from each other by at least one insulating strip wherein the insulating strip continuously extends along the length of the substrate and is composed of insulating material with a resistivity greater than about 1 mcm. Also disclosed are methods of producing high temperature superconductors.

A superconducting fault current-limiter is provided, including a superconducting element configured to resistively or inductively limit a fault current, and one or more variable-impedance shunts electrically coupled in parallel with the superconducting element. The variable-impedance shunt(s) is configured to present a first impedance during a superconducting state of the superconducting element and a second impedance during a normal resistive state of the superconducting element. The superconducting element transitions from the superconducting state to the normal resistive state responsive to the fault current, and responsive thereto, the variable-impedance shunt(s) transitions from the first to the second impedance. The second impedance of the variable-impedance shunt(s) is a lower impedance than the first impedance, which facilitates current flow through the variable-impedance shunt(s) during a recovery transition of the superconducting element from the normal resistive state to the superconducting state, and thus, facilitates recovery of the superconducting element under load.

A method for forming a superconductive article is disclosed. According to one method, a substrate is provided, the substrate having an aspect ratio of not less than about 110

An MOCVD apparatus and process for producing multi-layer HTS-coated tapes with increased current capacity which includes multiple liquid precursor sources, each having an associated pump and vaporizer, the outlets of which feed a multiple compartment showerhead apparatus within an MOCVD reactor. The multiple compartment showerhead apparatus is located in close proximity to an associated substrate heater which together define multiple deposition sectors in a deposition zone.

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