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Santa Barbara, CA, United States

Superconductor Technologies Inc. | Date: 2011-08-26

A device for fabricating thin films on a substrate includes a vacuum chamber, a rotatable platen configured to hold one or more substrates within the vacuum chamber, and a housing disposed within the vacuum chamber. The housing contains a heating element and is configured to enclose an upper surface of the platen and a lower portion configured to partially enclose an underside surface of the platen which forms a reaction zone. A heated evaporation cell is operatively coupled to the lower portion of the housing and configured to deliver a pressurized metallic reactant to the reaction zone. The device includes a deposition zone disposed in the vacuum chamber and isolated from the reaction zone and is configured to deposit a deposition species to the exposed underside of the substrates when the substrates are not contained in the reaction zone.

Superconductor Technologies Inc. | Date: 2014-04-17

The films of this invention are high temperature superconducting (HTS) thin films specifically optimized for microwave and RF applications. In particular, this invention focuses on compositions with a significant deviation from the 1:2:3 stoichiometry in order to create the films optimized for microwave/RF applications. The RF/microwave HTS applications require the HTS thin films to have superior microwave properties, specifically low surface resistance, R

Superconductor Technologies Inc. | Date: 2015-11-06

A reactor apparatus includes a first chamber coupled to a first source of vacuum, a monitor chamber isolated from the first chamber and coupled to a second source of vacuum, and at least one removable deposition monitor disposed in the monitor chamber.

Superconductor Technologies Inc. | Date: 2011-10-26

A tunable RF filter comprises a signal transmission path having an input and output, a plurality of resonant elements disposed along the signal transmission path between the input and output, and a set of non-resonant elements coupling the resonant elements together to form a stop band having a plurality of transmission zeroes corresponding to respective frequencies of the resonant elements, and at least one sub-band between the transmission zeroes. The set of non-resonant elements comprises a first plurality of non-resonant elements respectively coupled in parallel with the resonant elements, and a second plurality of non-resonant elements respectively coupled in series with the resonant elements. The first plurality of non-resonant elements comprises at least one variable non-resonant element for selectively introducing at least one reflection zero within the stop band to create a pass band in one of the one sub-band(s) without varying any of the second plurality of non-resonant elements.

A coated conductor comprises a substrate supporting a ReBCO superconductor adapted to carry current in a superconducting state. The superconductor is characterized in having peaks in critical current (J

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