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The ultrasound imaging system comprises an ultrasound probe (

Super Sonic Imagine | Date: 2014-01-28

The invention concerns an electronic display system, intended to be coupled with ultrasound imaging equipment capable of capturing an image of a medium, said system comprising a first monitor to display an ultrasound image such as captured by the ultrasound imaging equipment and image processing means. According to the invention, the system further comprises a second touch-screen monitor, means to duplicate the ultrasound image, means to send this duplicate to the second monitor on which at least part therefore is displayed, means to display at least one graphical element which, by means of the tactility of the screen, is used to perform at least one processing operation on the ultrasound image, means for instant application of all processing operations performed using the second monitor to the duplicate ultrasound image displayed on the second monitor, and means for instant or deferred application to the ultrasound image displayed on the first monitor of all or part of the processing operations performed on the duplicate ultrasound image by means of the second monitor.

A connection system for connecting a probe to an electronic device, comprising a first element (

The invention relates to a method for measuring a mean visco-elasticity value for a soft material. Said method using a single probe carrying at least one transducer comprises the steps of: a) inducing, in a constraint zone, at least one burst of mechanical vibrations in order to generate internal shear waves in the tissue propagating from said constraint zone into the tissue, b1) measuring, with said transducer, the transient tissue displacements in at least one first measurement zone in the tissue, said first measurement zone being located away from said constraint zone, c) estimating a mean visco-elasticity of the region of the tissue situated between the constraint zone and the first measurement zone from said measured transient tissue displacements of the tissue in the first measurement zone.

Super Sonic Imagine | Date: 2008-04-22

Surgical, medical, dental and veterinary apparatus and instruments, namely, ultrasonic devices for medical imaging, diagnosis and treatment. Educational services, namely, training, classes and workshops in the use of ultrasound devices for medical imaging, diagnosis and treatment. Scientfic research for medical purposes.

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