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Boulder, CO, United States

Sunrise Medical | Date: 2012-06-12

Wheelchair seat back mounting hardware permits the seat back to be mounted on various wheelchairs. The mounting hardware may be in the form of two-point mounting hardware that connects the seat back to the wheelchair and permits the seat back height to be adjusted independently of the mounting hardware location on the wheelchair.

A wheelchair includes a frame, and a front pivot arm pivotally mounted to the frame at a front pivot point, the front pivot arm having a caster for supporting the frame. A rear pivot arm is pivotally mounted to the frame at a rear pivot point, the rear pivot arm having a caster for supporting the frame. A ground engaging mid-wheel drive wheel is connected to the frame. A linkage connects the front and rear pivot arms to each other in a manner such that an upward or downward rotation of one of the pivot arms about its pivot point causes rotation of the other pivot arm about its pivot point in an opposite rotational direction.

Sunrise Medical | Date: 2015-03-02

An adjustable backrest support provides a seat back angle adjustment that eases the task of adjusting the position of a wheelchair backrest while keeping the user seated in their wheelchair. In one embodiment, the adjustable backrest support includes a strut, an adjuster ring, an adjusting barrel nut, an angle adjuster, and a clamping system including a clamp. The clamp may include clamping screws that permit adjustment of the seat back reclining angle the angle or the seat back lateral position when loosened.

Sunrise Medical | Date: 2015-09-28

An electric circuit is provided with a single jack for connection to either a first remote powered device via a first plug or a second remote unpowered device via a second plug. A power requirement detection circuit is provided for generating a control signal representing whether the connected plug is the first plug or the second plug. A normally deactivated switch is connected between the power source and the jack and is operable to supply power to the jack when activated. A switch activation circuit is responsive to the control signal for actuating the switch when the first plug is connected.

Sunrise Medical | Date: 2010-07-19

A modular rear suspension system resiliently supports a wheelchair. The system includes a suspension mount having an upper shackle and a link arm mount. The link arm mount of the suspension mount has an upper pivot and a lower pivot. An axle tube is configured to rotatably support a pair of rear wheels, and an axle tube clamp engages an end of the axle tube. The axle tube clamp has a pivot and a lower shackle. The axle tube includes a link arm tube mount having a pivot. An upper link arm is supported for pivoting movement between the link arm mount upper pivot and the link arm tube mount pivot. A lower link arm is supported for pivoting movement between the link arm mount lower pivot and the axle tube clamp pivot. A resilient member is pivotally connected between the upper and lower shackles.

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