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Toronto, Canada

Sunnybrook Research Institute is the research component of Sunnybrook Health science Centre in Toronto, Ontario. It is one of the largest research centres in Canada, second only to the University Health Network within the Toronto Academic Health science Centre Network. SRI is fully affiliated with the University of Toronto.Conducting over $100 million in research every year, SRI is home to a number of breakthroughs that have transformed health care. The research institute supports the activities of over 200 scientists and clinician-scientists, over 200 research associates, engineers, physicists and technicians and over 300 students and trainees that works in 250,000 square feet of state-of-the-art research space in northeastern Toronto. They work to prevent disease and develop treatments that enhance and extend life. These aims derive from SRI’s core vision: to achieve discovery and its translation into clinic to set best practices. Wikipedia.

High-dose glucocorticoids (GCs) can be a useful treatment for aggressive forms of chronic lymphocytic leukemia (CLL). However, their mechanism of action is not well understood, and resistance to GCs is inevitable. In a minimal, serum-free culture system, the synthetic GC dexamethasone (DEX) was found to decrease the metabolic activity of CLL cells, indicated by down-regulation of pyruvate kinase M2 (PKM2) expression and activity, decreased levels of pyruvate and its metabolites, and loss of mitochondrial membrane potential. This metabolic restriction was associated with decreased size and death of some of the tumor cells in the population. Concomitant plasma membrane damage increased killing of CLL cells by DEX. However, the nuclear receptor peroxisome proliferator activated receptor α (PPARα), which regulates fatty acid oxidation, was also increased by DEX, and adipocyte-derived lipids, lipoproteins, and propionic acid protected CLL cells from DEX. PPARα and fatty acid oxidation enzyme inhibitors increased DEX-mediated killing of CLL cells in vitro and clearance of CLL xenografts in vivo. These findings suggest that GCs prevent tumor cells from generating the energy needed to repair membrane damage, fatty acid oxidation is a mechanism of resistance to GC-mediated cytotoxicity, and PPARα inhibition is a strategy to improve the therapeutic efficacy of GCs. Source

Colibri Inc. and Sunnybrook Research Institute | Date: 2014-03-14

Systems and methods are provided for localizing and visualizing devices with the use of an intracorporeal ultrasound imaging probe during a medical procedure. A primary intracorporeal ultrasound imaging probe is employed to image a three-dimensional region via scanning, and to locate a secondary intracorporeal device having one or more ultrasonic beacon transducers. When an A-scan vector associated with the primary intracorporeal ultrasound imaging device is directed towards one or more of the ultrasound beacon transducers of the secondary intracorporeal device, a communication signal is transmitted from the secondary intracorporeal device to a control and processing system associated with the primary intracorporeal ultrasound imaging device, either through acoustic transmission or non-acoustic transmission. Example embodiments are provided in which acoustic communication may be employed within the imaging band, or in a separate communication band distinct from the communication band. Various example dual-band, single-stack ultrasound imaging transducer embodiments are disclosed.

Sunnybrook Research Institute | Date: 2014-03-14

A system and method for measuring volumetric breast density using a low dose of radiation are provided. This low-dose image can be added to a standard mammographic screening protocol with less than a two percent increase in radiation dose imparted to the subject. This low-dose image can also be used as a single standalone test to determine breast density for younger women for the purposes of risk determination or screening regimen planning The breast density measurement is more accurate than measurements that can be obtained with existing systems and methods by making use of a compression assembly that maintains a parallel alignment between the compression paddle and breast support table. Additionally, the compression assembly maintains a uniform known thickness of the compressed breast. The system and method have the added benefit that they can be readily implemented on a conventional digital x-ray unit with low cost.

Colibri Inc. and Sunnybrook Research Institute | Date: 2014-03-17

The present disclosure provides methods to process and/or display data collected using 3D imaging probes. The methods include: a) methods for mapping a single 2D frame onto a 3D representation of a volume; b) methods for dynamically updating portions of a 3D representation of a volume with a high temporal resolution, while leaving the remainder of the volume for contextual reference; c) methods for registering volumetric datasets acquired with high temporal resolution with volumetric datasets acquired with relatively low temporal resolution in order to estimate relative displacement between the datasets; and d) methods for identifying structures within a volume and applying visual cues to the structures in subsequent volumes containing the structures.

Sunnybrook Research Institute | Date: 2014-02-07

Embodiments of the present disclosure provide devices, methods, and systems that support electrical connection, signal delivery, and/or communication between internal and external portions of a Faraday cage. In some embodiments, devices and methods are provided for transmitting electrical signals through a waveguide port of a Faraday cage. In some embodiments, aspects of the present disclosure are employed to adapt a magnetic resonance imaging system for communications between a scanner room and a control room.

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