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Seoul, South Korea

Sungkonghoe University is a prestigious Anglican institution of higher education in South Korea. Sungkonghoe University's Motto is "Open, Serving, and Sharing" in the evangelical Christian tradition. The basic curriculum aims to form an independent and open intellect among ecumenical Christians. It promotes volunteerism and communities that encourage sharing. Wikipedia.

Choi J.,Sungkonghoe University | Chung W.,University of Suwon
Communication and Medicine | Year: 2014

Using online survey data obtained from a total of 174 international students from outside Asia currentlyattending six universities in South Korea, this study tested hypotheses regarding the relationship between acculturative stress and depression, and theroles of social resources (e.g. social supports from the host country) and psychological resources (e.g. selfesteem and locus of control) in moderating the nature of the stress-depression relation. It was found that international students who reported that they had experienced acculturative stress, mainly due to language barriers and the perception of academic dissimilarities, had higher depression levels than those who reported fewer or no such experiences. This study also revealed a three-way interaction of all variables on depression, indicating that both social and psychological resources played moderating roles in diminishing the strength of the relationship between acculturative stress and depression. Based on those findings, it is argued that more proactive, culturally sensitive communication intervention efforts at South Korean colleges are needed to help the growing numbers of international students cope with acculturative stress and mental illness, which they often encounter in a new culture and education. © Copyright Equinox Publishing Ltd Sheffield. Source

Lee J.S.,Hanyang University | Kim E.Y.,Hanyang University | Choi Y.,Hanyang University | Koo J.H.,Sungkonghoe University
Death Studies | Year: 2014

Children's reasoning about the afterlife emerges naturally as a developmental regularity. Although a biological understanding of death increases in accordance with cognitive development, biological and supernatural explanations of death may coexist in a complementary manner, being deeply imbedded in cultural contexts. This study conducted a content analysis of 40 children's death-themed picture books in Western Europe and East Asia. It can be inferred that causality and nonfunctionality are highly integrated with the naturalistic and supernatural understanding of death in Western Europe, whereas the literature in East Asia seems to rely on naturalistic aspects of death and focuses on causal explanations. © 2014 Taylor & Francis Group, LLC. Source

Jeong Y.,Sungkonghoe University | Kim J.,LIG Nex1 | Han S.-J.,Yonsei University
Wireless Networks | Year: 2011

Scalability is one of the most important features that future wireless sensor networks (WSNs) should provide, and clustering is widely considered as a viable approach for high scalability. In the cluster-based architecture, the cluster heads play a key role in relaying messages between the sensor nodes and the sink. While the cluster heads are involved in both intra-cluster and inter-cluster communication, the latter typically requires transmission over much longer distance than the former. In this paper, we consider a scenario in which each cluster head is equipped with dual radios: IEEE 802.15.4 and IEEE 802.11 for intra-cluster and inter-cluster communication, respectively. IEEE 802.11 links between the cluster heads and the sink provide a high capacity backbone for large-scale WSNs. IEEE 802.15.4 and IEEE 802.11 share a lot of similarities including CSMA/CA MAC. Their operating spectrum also overlaps at the 2.4 GHz ISM band, and this may cause interference. We first experimentally measure how severe the interference can be, when two radios are concurrently used in a WSN. We, then, propose an interference mitigation solution which relies on adaptive aggregation of packets and adaptive transmission scheduling. Through prototyping and experimental evaluation, we show that the proposed scheme significantly reduces the interferences between the two types of radios. © 2011 Springer Science+Business Media, LLC. Source

Hong K.W.,Broadcasting and Telecommunications Media Research Laboratory | Ryu W.,Broadcasting and Telecommunications Media Research Laboratory | Choi J.K.,KAIST | Lim C.-G.,Sungkonghoe University
ETRI Journal | Year: 2015

Cloud gaming services are heavily dependent on the efficiency of real-Time video streaming technology owing to the limited bandwidths of wire or wireless networks through which consecutive frame images are delivered to gamers. Video compression algorithms typically take advantage of similarities among video frame images or in a single video frame image. This paper presents a method for computing and extracting both graphics information and an object's boundary from consecutive frame images of a game application. The method will allow video compression algorithms to determine the positions and sizes of similar image blocks, which in turn, will help achieve better video compression ratios. The proposed method can be easily implemented using function call interception, a programmable graphics pipeline, and offscreen rendering. It is implemented using the most widely used Direct3D API and applied to a well-known sample application to verify its feasibility and analyze its performance. The proposed method computes various kinds of graphics information with minimal overhead. © 2015 ETRI. Source

Yi S.,Seoul National University of Science and Technology | Rhi J.,Sungkonghoe University | Kim S.,Seoul National University of Science and Technology | Lee J.,Research Division
Journal of Institute of Control, Robotics and Systems | Year: 2013

In this paper, a 3D coordinates acquisition method for a mechanical assembly is developed by using multiview X-ray images. The multi-view X-ray images of an object are obtained by a rotary table. From the rotation transformation, it is possible to obtain the 3D coordinates of corresponding edge points on multi-view X-ray images by triangulation. The edge detection algorithm in this paper is based on the attenuation characteristic of the X-ray. The 3D coordinates of the object points are represented on a graphic display, which is used for the inspection of a mechanical assembly. © ICROS 2013. Source

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