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Hwaseong, South Korea

Sung An Machinery Co. | Date: 2013-02-28

Disclosed is a roll-to-roll printing apparatus, which includes n support rollers arranged in an n-gonal shape (where n is an integer equal to or greater than 3), a looped pattern mask having a plurality of pattern sections passing through inner and outer surfaces thereof and disposed so as to interconnect the support rollers, a driver that rotates the pattern mask, a transfer unit having an unwinder and a rewinder of a printing target and a backup roller that is disposed between two of the support rollers adjacent to each other and outside the pattern mask and that supports the printing target transferred from the unwinder to the rewinder, a printing unit disposed inside the pattern mask and discharging ink toward the printing target supported on the backup roller, and a tension adjusting unit adjusting tension of the pattern mask.

Sung An Machinery Co. | Date: 2012-05-31

Provided is a slot die for improving coating uniformity including a main body, a cavity formed in the main body, an introduction part formed at an upper portion of the main body to supply a coating solution into the cavity, an injection unit configured to provide an external ejection path for the coating solution with respect to a portion of or the entire cavity, and a guide member arranged in the cavity to help diffusion of the coating solution to the injection unit. Accordingly, the guide member arranged in the cavity can induce diffusion of the ejected coating solution so that the coating solution can be more uniformly applied.

Lee Y.M.,Kyung Hee University | Lee Y.M.,Sung An Machinery Co. | Lee J.W.,Kyung Hee University | Lee J.W.,Sung An Machinery Co. | And 2 more authors.
Solar Energy Materials and Solar Cells | Year: 2015

Abstract To enhance OPV performance, a novel module-fabrication process was developed. Chlorobenzene and acetone were employed to wash away unnecessary residual high-resistance materials after full modules were fabricated. Monolithic interconnecting electrode lines between the anode and the cathode were formed using a dispenser after wash process. The wash process allowed for minimization of interconnection resistance and enhancement of power conversion efficiency. Module efficiency changes were also studied by varying the coating conditions of PEIE. The power conversion efficiency increased as a result of the wash-off process compared with modules fabricated via conventional processes. The power conversion efficiency enhancement was attributed to increases in open circuit voltage and fill factor. Applying this wash-off process to larger-area OPV modules is expected to be effective for further enhancing power conversion efficiency. © 2015 Elsevier B.V. Source

Lee J.H.,Kyung Hee University | Lee J.H.,Sung An Machinery Co. | Lee Y.M.,Kyung Hee University | Lee Y.M.,Sung An Machinery Co. | And 3 more authors.
Solar Energy Materials and Solar Cells | Year: 2015

The effect of intense pulsed light (IPL) annealing on the fabrication of OPV buffer layers was investigated. In order to avoid causing damage with the high intensity light, an inverted OPV structure was used. Sol-gel type ZnO was annealed by IPL and used as an electron extraction layer. The effects of controlling a variety of parameters, including the voltage, pulse duration, and distance between the substrate and the light source, on the device fabrication process were studied. In order to obtain better energy level matching between the work function of the cathode and the LUMO of the semiconducting acceptor, polyethylenimine ethoxylated was used. The most homogenous ZnO nanoparticle layer was obtained with 30 IPL pulse treatments, resulting in an optimum electron extraction layer. IPL annealed ZnO devices showed enhanced performance compared to thermally annealed ZnO devices. OPV devices with IPL-treated ZnO coated with PEIE showed a ∼10% enhancement in the conversion efficiency compared to devices with thermally annealed ZnO coated with PEIE. © 2015 Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved. Source

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