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Chesham, United Kingdom

Agency: Cordis | Branch: FP7 | Program: CP | Phase: ICT-2011.3.4 | Award Amount: 5.34M | Year: 2011

A major challenge in computing is to leverage multi-core technologies to enable the development of energy-efficient high performance systems. This is especially critical for embedded systems which have very limited energy budget as well as for supercomputers in respect to sustainability. But, efficient programming of multi-core architectures, moving towards manycores with more than a thousand cores predicted by 2020, remains an unresolved issue. The FlexTiles project will define and develop an energy-efficient and programmable heterogeneous manycore platform (THALES, CSEM, CEA) with self-adaptive capabilities, based on the following innovations:\n\tEnergy-efficiency, performance and flexibility provided by a reconfigurable layer linked to the manycore and enabling the dynamic instantiation of dedicated accelerators (UR1).\n\tPower consumption, load balancing, dynamic mapping and resilience to faulty modules managed through self-adaptation features (KIT).\n\tVirtualised executable codes enabling dynamic relocation of configuration (TUE) and bitstreams respectively on standard processor and network on chip and on reconfigurable layer (UR1).\n\tA virtualisation layer monitoring the system and optimising the application mapping for load balancing, power consumption and faults tolerance (KIT, TUE).\n\tParallelisation and compilation tools improvement to take into account the mixture of static and dynamic behaviours (ACE, THALES).\nFlexTiles proposed final platform will be validated on two main applications (smart camera, cognitive radio) of the targeted embedded technology market (THALES, SUNDANCE). FlexTiles achieved new type of manycore will also benefit from other markets and applications domains opportunities (e.g. automotive, autonomous systems, medical imaging systems, supercomputers), where there is a combined need for energy-efficiency, performance and interactivity, while guaranteeing short time to market.

Sundance | Date: 2011-10-19

An apparatus is provided for securing a panel to a substrate. The apparatus includes a base member, and an attachment member for securing the base member to the substrate. The apparatus further includes a clip member including a U-shaped member and an angle-sided member. The U-shaped member includes a central portion and first and second walls defining a generally U-shaped access region for accepting the angle-sided member. At least one of the first and second walls includes a longitudinal flange extending laterally outwardly from an upper end thereof. Each of the U-shaped member and the angle-sided member includes a corresponding hole for accepting the attachment member therethrough. The apparatus further includes a securing member for pressing the longitudinal flange against at top edge portion of the panel.

Sundance | Date: 2014-12-23

An integrated spa cover lifter system for a spa having a foldable cover includes a mounting bracket secured directly to the spa frame and a pivot bar having a first end pivotally coupled to the mounting bracket and a second end coupled to the spa cover such that the spa cover may be lifted from a closed position to an open position using the integrated spa cover lifter system. A portion of the mounting bracket may be recessed within a spa frame. A pneumatic or hydraulic piston is coupled to the mounting bracket and the pivot bar between the first end and the second end to provide assistance in raising the cover from a closed position and/or lowering the cover from an open position.

Sundance | Date: 2013-03-18

A vessel for containing liquid includes a floor perimetrically surrounded by a plurality of upwardly projecting walls; at least one exit port incorporated into at least one of the walls proximate to an upper edge of the at least one wall; and a liquid circulation pump apparatus. The liquid circulation pump apparatus includes a first conduit in fluid communication with the vessel; a circulation pump positioned downstream from and in fluid communication with the first conduit; a supply conduit positioned downstream from and in fluid communication with the circulation pump; and a diverter valve positioned downstream of the circulation pump and upstream of the supply conduit. The circulation pump is adapted to pump liquid from the vessel through the first conduit and deliver liquid through the supply conduit to the exit port. The diverter valve is adapted to change a rate of flow of liquid supplied to the exit port.

Sundance | Date: 2013-01-24

A vertical filter assembly includes a top filter assembly, the top filter assembly including a primary filter; a canister in fluid communication with the top filter assembly, the canister including a canister body having a sidewall and a bottom wall that define a hollow interior of the canister; and a secondary filter positioned within the hollow interior of the canister and supported above the bottom wall of the canister.

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