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Sun T.X.,Sun Innovations Inc.
Digest of Technical Papers - SID International Symposium | Year: 2015

Sun Innovations developed a full-windshield head-up display (FW-HUD). This new display is based on emissive projection display (EPD) technology, to form photo- quality images on fully transparent RGB emissive screen, after selective excitation of the screen by images in multiple UV-Vis. wavebands from projector. With the FW-HUD, information can be graphically displayed anywhere on the windshield without limitation on viewing angles. As a new tool for human-machine interface in future vehicles, FW-HUD will enable advanced augmented reality solutions over entire windshield after integration with various sensors. © 2015 SID.

Sun Innovations Inc. | Date: 2008-11-12

Printing inks, coatings, pigments and dispersions for use on cartons and packaging.

Sun T.,Sun Innovations Inc. | Pettitt G.,Texas Instruments | Ho N.T.,Texas Instruments | Eckles K.,Texas Instruments | And 2 more authors.
Proceedings of SPIE - The International Society for Optical Engineering | Year: 2012

Front digital projection (FDP) displays have the features of being portable, economical and scalable for large size displays. Unfortunately, existing FDP technologies suffer with poor image contrast in well-lighted environments, due to the "black-level" issues of the conventional white diffusive screens. More powerful projectors can be applied to enhance contrasts by increasing the brightness, at the expenses of significantly increased cost, weight, power consumption, and viewer eye fatigue due to the bright projection. In this joint paper, we demonstrate an innovative full color, high contrast front projective display system on a black emissive screen (BES). It comprises of a novel transparent fluorescent screen on pitch-black substrate, and a digital image projector with optic output that excite the fluorescent screen. The fluorescent layered screen is comprised of at least 3 layers of RGB emissive materials, which are made in fully transparent form. The "excitation" projector is based on DLP® projector platform, where a UHP lamp is filtered by a color filter wheel which sequentially excites the RGB emissive layers resulting in RGB emissions from the screen. This display combines the best of both worlds of front projection and emissive display technologies. Like projection displays, it is scalable and economic at large displays, the screen has no pixel structure and can be manufactured using a roll to roll method. Like emissive displays (e.g. plasma or field emission displays with phosphor screen), the quality of the emissive images on black back-plate is superior, with large viewing angles and superior contrasts in any environments. The new projection display can favorably compete with existing flat panel displays and other projection displays. © 2012 SPIE.

Nemeth B.,National Renewable Energy Laboratory | Xu Y.,National Renewable Energy Laboratory | Wang H.,Sun Innovations Inc. | Sun T.,Sun Innovations Inc. | And 3 more authors.
Materials Research Society Symposium Proceedings | Year: 2012

We apply a thin luminescent downshifting (LDS) coating to a hydrogenated amorphous Si (a-Si:H) solar cell and study the mechanism of possible current enhancement. The conversion material used in this study converts wavelengths below 400 nm to a narrow line around 615 nm. This material is coated on the front of the glass of the a-Si:H solar cell with a glass/TCO/p/i/n/Ag superstrate configuration. The initial efficiency of the solar cell without the LDS coating is above 9.0% with open circuit voltage of 0.84 V. Typically, the spectral response below 400 nm of an a-Si:H solar cell is weaker than that at 615 nm. By converting ultraviolet (UV) light to red light, the solar cell will receive more red photons; therefore, solar cell performance is expected to improve. We observe evidence of downshifting in reflectance spectra. The cell J sc decreases by 0.13 mA/cm 2, and loss mechanisms are identified. © 2011 Materials Research Society.

Sun T.,Sun Innovations Inc. | Pettitt G.,Texas Instruments | Ho N.T.,Texas Instruments | Eckles K.,Texas Instruments | And 2 more authors.
Digest of Technical Papers - SID International Symposium | Year: 2013

We demonstrate full color, high contrast front projective display on true black emissive screen. It comprises of a novel black fluorescent screen, and digital projector with optic output that excite the screen. The image contrast from the emissive screen is superior to conventional projection screen in ambient light, with large viewing angles. © 2013 Society for Information Display.

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