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Kovalenko I.M.,Sumy National Agrarian University
Bulgarian Journal of Agricultural Science | Year: 2017

The article focuses on the study of associativity and conjugation of 20 plant species of live ground cover of broadleaved forests in the North-East of Ukraine. Two groups such as cenosis forming species and species-intruders were determined based on the research findings. The first group (cenosis forming species) includes species with high occurrence and abundance. They are characterized by mutual positive associativity that reveals a significant trend towards common growth. The second group consists of species with negative associativity both among themselves and the species of the first group. © 2017, National Centre for Agrarian Sciences. All rights reserved.

Surai P.F.,Feed Food Ltd. | Surai P.F.,Scottish Agricultural College | Surai P.F.,Sumy National Agrarian University
World's Poultry Science Journal | Year: 2012

Among more than 750 known carotenoids, canthaxanthin (CX) has a special place as a carotenoid with proven antioxidant and other biologically-relevant functions. A great body of evidence indicates that CX possesses high antioxidant activity that was shown in various in vitro model systems as well as in animal experiments in vivo. Antioxidant defences of chicken eggs are based mainly on vitamin E and carotenoids and their concentrations in the egg yolk is dependent on their dietary provision. ηX is well absorbed from the feed and effectively transferred to the egg yolk and further to the developing embryo. Increased CX concentration in embryonic tissues is associated with increased resistance to oxidative stress. Since oxidative stress is an important element of increased embryonic mortality during the last week of incubation it is highly likely that dietary CX could support chicken viability after hatch. In well designed experiments, it was proven that CX dietary supplementation of the breeder's diet significantly increased anti-oxidative status in the egg yolk and newly hatched chicks and as a result hatching rate of chicken eggs was significantly increased. Taken together, the aforementioned results clearly indicate that CX provides a great deal of benefits for chicken eggs, embryos and chickens during early postnatal development. © 2012 World's Poultry Science Association.

Surai P.F.,Feed Food Ltd | Surai P.F.,Scottish Agricultural College | Surai P.F.,Sumy National Agrarian University
World's Poultry Science Journal | Year: 2012

Among more than 750 known carotenoids, canthaxanthin (CX) has a special place as a carotenoid with proven antioxidant and other biologically-relevant functions. A substantial body of evidence indicates that CX possesses high antioxidant activity which has been shown in various in vitro model systems as well as in animal experiments in vivo. It seems likely that the highest protective effects of CX are seen under various stress conditions. This compound may be considered as an important element of the integrated antioxidant system of various tissues in the body, including chicken embryo development. A possibility of the recycling of vitamin E by carotenoids, including CX, is of interest for further investigation. Taken together, the data analysed in the paper clearly indicated that CX could provide benefits for animals, including in eggs and embryos as well as for chickens during early postnatal development. In particular, CX is well absorbed from the diet and effectively transferred to the egg yolk and developing embryo. It possesses high antioxidant activity and participates in building an effective antioxidant system of the body. Copyright © 2012 World's Poultry Science Association.

Surai P.F.,Feed Food Ltd | Surai P.F.,Scottish Agricultural College | Surai P.F.,Sumy National Agrarian University
Journal of Animal Physiology and Animal Nutrition | Year: 2014

Animal feed provides a range of antioxidants that help the body building an integrated antioxidant system responsible for a prevention of damaging effects of free radicals and products of their metabolism. Vitamin E is considered to be the main chain-breaking antioxidant located in the membranes and effectively protecting them against lipid peroxidation. Recently, various polyphenol compounds, especially flavonoids, have received substantial attention because of their antioxidant activities in various in vitro systems. However, it was shown that flavonoid compounds are poorly absorbed in the gut and their concentrations in target tissues are too low to perform an effective antioxidant defences. The aim of the present paper is to review existing evidence about possible roles of various plant extracts provided with the diet in animal/poultry nutrition with a specific emphasis to their antioxidant activities. © 2013 Blackwell Verlag GmbH.

Surai P.F.,Feed Food. Ltd. | Surai P.F.,Szent Istvan University | Surai P.F.,Trakia University | Surai P.F.,Sumy National Agrarian University | And 2 more authors.
Animal Feed Science and Technology | Year: 2014

Selenium (Se) is shown to be an essential element for poultry nutrition and a great deal of information has been accumulated for the last 20 years indicating that dietary form of Se is a major determinant of its efficiency. Generally speaking, there are two major Se sources for poultry, namely inorganic selenium (mainly selenite or selenate) and organic selenium in the form of selenomethionine (SeMet; mainly as Se-Yeast or SeMet preparations). In this review two main areas are considered in relation to the Se nutrition of breeders. Firstly, it is Se important roles in the maintenance of semen quality and optimal Se status of poultry males and Se is considered to be an important factor in ensuring the fertility of breeding stock. Secondly, Se status of the eggs from breeding birds is of great importance for the maintenance of the antioxidant system of the developing embryo. It is generally accepted that the hatching process is an oxidative stress and improvement in antioxidant defences of the embryo can increase hatchability. It is quite clear that the roles of Se in poultry nutrition and reproduction need new consideration in light of our recent knowledge on the molecular mechanisms of Se action at the cellular and sub-cellular levels. In particular, the discovery and characterisation of a range of new selenoproteins and a better understanding of the relationships between different antioxidants, as important parts of integrated antioxidant system with possibilities for antioxidant recycling in vivo, have yielded new insights in this area. In particular, it should be mentioned that increased levels of Se supplementation are not always beneficial, since selenoprotein synthesis is under the gene control and it reflects the need in these active molecules to deal with various stresses. However, to give a body a chance to affectively respond to environmental challenges by modulating selenoprotein synthesis there should be enough Se reserves available and this an ability of building Se reserves in the body is considered to be the main point in advantages of organic selenium in poultry and farm animal nutrition. A comprehensive analysis of the effects of various forms of dietary Se on its egg concentration, its transfer to the embryonic tissues and physiological consequences of the improved Se status of the progeny chicks are considered. © 2014 Elsevier B.V.

Kuzema O.S.,Sumy National Agrarian University | Kuzema P.O.,Chuiko Institute of Surface Chemistry of NAS of Ukraine
Journal of Nano- and Electronic Physics | Year: 2013

It has been considered the ion-optical properties and characteristics of ion microprobe analyzer in which the primary ion beam mass separation is realized by the magnetic prism, and the beam spherical capacitor is used in the secondary ion analyzing system as energy analyzer which form parallel ion beam at the mass analyzer inlet. It has allowed to improve the instrument parameters and to scale down its overall dimension. © 2013.

Beresnev V.M.,Ukrainian Academy of Sciences | Sobol' O.V.,University of Kharkiv | Pogrebnjak A.D.,Sumy Institute For Surface Modification | Turbin P.V.,Sumy National Agrarian University | Litovchenko S.V.,University of Kharkiv
Technical Physics | Year: 2010

The results of studying the effect of high-tempera ture annealing in vacuum and in air on the phase composition, structure, and stressed state of ion-plasma condensates in the Zr-Ti-Si-N system are reported. In going from air annealing to vacuum annealing, the amount of active oxygen atoms decreases and the phase composition of the condensate remains stable to 1000°C or higher. A change in the crystal phase composition shows up, for the first place, in the crystallization of silicon nitride with the intense formation of hexagonal β-Si3N4 crystallites and also in the feeble formation of ZrO2 dioxide. The latter process does not lead to the decomposition of the (Zr, Ti)N solid solution: it merely increases the partial concentration of the titanium component. © 2010 Pleiades Publishing, Ltd.

Antoszewski B.,Kielce University of Technology | Tarelnik V.,Sumy National Agrarian University
Applied Mechanics and Materials | Year: 2014

Surface texturing is more and more frequently used in modern machines to attain such aims as lubrication enhancement, heat flow intensification and micro-flow stimulation. The development of technologies using concentrated energy flux, e.g. laser technology, has contributed to it. Pumps contain a lot of elements where textured surfaces can be used. The article concentrates on the selection of operating parameters of a picoseconds laser used to produce texturing in elements made of steel, bronze and silicon carbide. © 2014 Trans Tech Publications, Switzerland.

Zlobin Yu.A.,Sumy National Agrarian University
Zhurnal Obshchei Biologii | Year: 2011

The system of concepts used when estimating the rarity of plants is analyzed and the basic categories of rarity are defined, namely: true, diffuse, peripheral and temporal. The insufficiency of scientific information on ecological and coenotic relationships of rare plants is demonstrated and the necessity of a complex assessment of population system of a rare plant species is substantiated. The importance and limitations of the information on rare plants contained in the Red Books and the Red Lists for phytosozological practice is discussed.

Lozynska I.,Sumy National Agrarian University
Economic Annals-XXI | Year: 2014

Purpose. Ukraine has a large number of legal acts regulating production of meat and dairy products, provision and management of investment, labour, material and technical resources, innovations, land. However, this number of constituent and regulatory documentation does not help, but creates additional difficulties in economic activity. The main key to revival of the meat industry and the dairy cattle producers, as well as efficiency of agricultural enterprises improvement is creation of regulatory framework through the clever combination of market self-regulation and government support. Discussion. In today's realities, market cannot ensure food security, parity prices of industrial and agricultural products, export promotion, ecologization of production, preservation and improvement of breeding potential, development of the rural areas. Hence, the mechanism of state support for the compensation of market inability is a common phenomenon around the world. Results. Equally important for Ukraine are the problems of economic and legal mechanism and the corresponding financial basis for the implementation of certain provisions of legal acts, as well as inconsistency of many legal acts of agricultural legislation with the norms and standards of the European Union and the World Trade Organization. The quality of legislation is one of the most important factors of national security, protection of the national interests of Ukraine, the rights and interests of legal subjects. Current regulations provide satisfactory conditions for the investment climate improving. Experts note that most of the investors' risk are associated with unpredictable changes in legislation, and about 50% of the risk are caused by the state policy imperfection in the field of agriculture and cattle breeding, if the actions are inadequate in conditions of the market and do not allow agricultural producers to predict the future conduct of its own economic activity, and investors - to be sure about return on investment. Conclusion. To bring the legal framework of Ukraine's agriculture on a new, global level and make it more effective, we must use a global law-making experience. In addition, approval of the Agrarian Code of Ukraine will help to avoid many problems, for example, by improving the mechanism of calculation and payment of subsidies to the producers of milk and meat cattle. Today, in dairy cattle industry 3 state programs are being implemented, and in the area of beef cattle - a national project «Renewed cattle», the implementation of which will make it possible to stabilize and build up cattle herds, to raise the level of consumption of animal products per person, increase volume of production, and improve the financial and economic situation of farmers.

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