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Komaki, Japan

Sumitomo Riko Company Ltd | Date: 2015-12-16

A soundproof cover for a fuel pipe includes a cover body and a clip. The cover body covers a fuel pipe. The clip is coupled to the cover body and configured to hold the fuel pipe. The clip includes a clamp portion and a grip portion. The clamp portion is disposed inside the cover body and configured to hold the fuel pipe. The grip portion is coupled to the clamp portion and exposed to an outside of the cover body.

A conductive material includes metal nanowires and an extensible copolymer having an NCO structure and combined with the metal nanowires. The conductive material has excellent elongation properties and has an electrical resistance that is unlikely to increase even when the conductive material is extended. A method for producing a conductive material includes: a copolymer production step of polymerizing a plurality of monomers including a growth direction control monomer that has an NCO structure and controls a growth direction of metal nanowires to produce an extensible copolymer; a reaction step of reacting a metal compound in a solvent containing the copolymer to grow metal nanowires in a longitudinal direction; and an extraction step of extracting a product from the solution after the reaction.

SUMITOMO RIKO COMPANY Ltd | Date: 2015-03-31

A flexible transducer includes: a dielectric layer including a semiconductor-containing layer that contains an elastomer and at least one of an inorganic semiconductor and an organic semiconductor; and a pair of electrodes disposed with the dielectric layer interposed therebetween, and containing a binder and a conductive material. The semiconductor-containing layer has a large dielectric constant and has high insulation properties. According to the flexible transducer, a large voltage can be applied between the electrodes, and a high output can be obtained.

SUMITOMO RIKO COMPANY Ltd | Date: 2015-10-16

A vibration damping device including: a first mounting member including a fitting tube part opening to a side for fitting and mounting of an inner bracket; a second mounting member; a main rubber elastic body elastically connecting the first and second mounting members; and a stopper rubber provided on a portion of a circumference of the fitting tube part while projecting to the side from an opening end surface of the fitting tube part, the stopper rubber being configured to overlap the inner bracket. The stopper rubber is configured to be elastically deformed by fitting and mounting of the inner bracket into the fitting tube part so as to abut and overlap the inner bracket in a state urged by an elasticity of the stopper rubber itself.

SUMITOMO RIKO COMPANY Ltd | Date: 2015-12-02

A vehicular dust cover assembly including: an upper support; a bound stopper and a dust cover assembled to the upper support; and an engaging step provided on an outer circumferential surface of the bound stopper. A top end part of the dust cover is externally fit to a top end part of the bound stopper. The upper support includes an outer metal fitting having a fitting recess within which the top end part of the bound stopper is fit and assembled. An engaging projection is provided projecting on an inner surface of the fitting recess to be engaged with the engaging step with the dust cover interposed therebetween. The bound stopper includes an axial pushing operation surface exposed facing axially downward which is provided at a lower side than the engaging step and at a position inside the fitting recess.

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