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Nishi-Tokyo-shi, Japan

Sumitomo Metal Mining Co. | Date: 2014-09-29

The present invention provides an ore supply apparatus and an ore supply method which are capable of securing a stable ore-supply amount. The ore supply apparatus

Disclosed herein is a high-temperature lead-free AuSnAg-based solder alloy that is excellent in sealability, joint reliability, and wet-spreadability, that can be kept at a high quality level for a long period of time, and that is provided at a relatively low cost. The lead-free AuSnAg-based solder alloy contains 27.5 mass % or more but less than 33.0 mass % of Sn, 8.0 mass % or more but 14.5 mass % or less of Ag, and a balance being Au except for elements inevitably contained therein during production. When having a plate- or sheet-like shape, the AuSnAg-based solder alloy has a surface whose L*, a*, and b* in an L*a*b* color system in accordance with JIS Z8781-4 are 41.1 or more but 57.1 or less, 1.48 or more but 0.52 or less, and 4.8 or more but 9.2 or less, respectively. When having a ball-like shape, the AuSnAg-based solder alloy has a surface whose L*, a*, and b* are 63.9 or more but 75.9 or less, 0.05 or more but 0.65 or less, and 1.3 or more but 11.3 or less, respectively.

Kyushu University and Sumitomo Metal Mining Co. | Date: 2014-04-08

The present invention extracts precious metals from an acidic solution containing precious metals in an early and highly efficient manner. Provided is an extraction agent for precious metals that is represented by the general formula below. In the formula, R1 and R2 each represent the same alkyl group or different alkyl groups, R3 represents a hydrogen atom or an alkyl group, and R4 represents a hydrogen atom or a discretionary group that is not an amino group and that bonds to carbon as an amino acid. By subjecting an acidic solution containing precious metals to solvent extraction using the extraction agent for precious metals, a plurality of precious metals can be recovered all at once from a solution containing a large amount of various impurities.

Sumitomo Metal Mining Co. | Date: 2014-04-25

The present invention effectively recover high-grade scandium from nickel oxide ores. The present invention includes a leaching step (S

Provided is a method for manufacturing the positive electrode active material for nonaqueous electrolyte secondary batteries, the method comprising: a first step, wherein an alkaline solution with a tungsten compound dissolved therein is added to and mixed with a lithium metal composite oxide powder represented by a general formula LizNi1xyCoxMyO2 (wherein, 0.10x0.35, 0y0.35, 0.97Z1.20, and M is at least one element selected from Mn, V, Mg, Mo, Nb, Ti, and Al), including primary particles and secondary particles composed of aggregation of the primary particles, and thereby W is dispersed on a surface of the primary particles; and a second step, wherein, by heat treating the mixture of the alkaline solution with the tungsten compound dissolved therein and the lithium metal composite oxide powder, fine particles containing W and Li are formed on a surface of the primary particles.

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