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Sumitomo Electric Industries | Date: 2015-03-04

A silicon carbide semiconductor device includes a silicon carbide layer, a body region, a source region, a gate insulating film, a gate electrode, a source electrode, a first impurity region, and a second impurity region. The second impurity region is disposed within the silicon carbide layer so as to connect the body region and the first impurity region to each other, and has a second conductivity type. An impurity concentration in the second impurity region is equal to or higher than an impurity concentration in the silicon carbide layer and equal to or lower than a lower limit of an impurity concentration in the body region.

An object of the present invention is to provide a multilayered heat-recoverable article in which an adhesive layer easily flows during heat shrinkage to ensure adhesiveness with an adherend and does not flow out from a base material layer after heat shrinkage, and a wire splice and a wire harness that include a tube formed by thermally shrinking such a multilayered heat-recoverable article. The multilayered heat-recoverable article (

Sumitomo Electric Industries | Date: 2015-08-11

A process for producing an optical fiber including a glass fiber, a primary resin coating layer which covers the periphery of the glass fiber, and a secondary resin coating layer which covers the periphery of the primary resin coating layer, wherein the primary resin coating layer is formed by curing a curable resin composition which includes one or more oligomers, one or more monomers, and a reaction initiator, the curable resin composition containing a one-end-capped oligomer in an amount of 30% by mass or larger based on all the oligomers. The optical fiber produced by this production process does not deteriorate in low-temperature transmission loss, because the primary resin coating layer is inhibited from generating voids even when having a low Youngs modulus.

An intelligent cable is disclosed. The cable provides a connector and a metal core. The connector is pluggably coupled with an external apparatus and enclosing a circuit unit electrically connected to an external apparatus. The metal core is electrically connected to the circuit unit in the connector. The circuit unit includes a transmitter and a receiver. The transmitter receives input signals from the external apparatus and outputs a transmitted signal to the metal core. The receiver receives the transmitted signal from the metal core and provides output signals to the external apparatus. A feature of the cable is that the transmitter modulates the input signals and the receiver de-modulates the transmitted signal both by the PAM configuration.

Sumitomo Electric Industries | Date: 2015-09-28

An optical signal processor including: optical fibers arranged in a first direction, each optical fiber having a side surface; a flexible holding member covering the side surfaces of the optical fibers; a first optical connector having a first end face and a second end face; a second optical connector having a third end face and a forth end face; a supporting block disposed under the first optical connector; and an optical integrated circuit including optical couplers facing the third end face of the second optical connector and optical waveguides, the optical couplers being optically coupled to the optical fibers. The optical fibers extends from the second end face in a second direction. The optical fibers extend from the forth end face in a third direction that intersects with the second direction. The flexible holding member has a bending portion located between the first optical connector and the second optical connector.

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