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Uozu, Japan

SUGINO MACHINE Ltd | Date: 2015-09-02

An ultra-high pressure generator includes: an intensifier that discharges pressurized fluid and has a double-acting drive cylinder formed to have a first chamber and a second chamber which are delimited by a piston driven by a working medium, high pressure cylinders which discharge the pressurized fluid, and plungers which reciprocate with the piston in the high pressure cylinders; a closed-circuit working medium pump having a first and second ports as suction/discharge ports for the working medium; a drive source that drives the closed-circuit working medium pump; a first working medium channel that communicates the first chamber with the first port; and a second working medium channel that communicates the second chamber with the second port, wherein the closed-circuit working medium pump sucks/discharges the working medium from/to the first and second chambers respectively via the first and second ports to drive the intensifier.

Sugino Machine Ltd | Date: 2015-02-20

To control cutting process with cutting quality to obtain product without any uncut portion on a corner portion, and to respond to a change in cutting speed. Water jet cutting performed by: inputting a cutting program, set cutting speed, cutting parameters; calculating cutting speed matching the cutting quality; calculating cutting shape from the cutting program and dividing the cutting shape into a linear portion and a corner portion; calculating a corner cutting speed for the corner portion on the basis of a shape of the corner portion within range from the calculation cutting speed to the set cutting speed, set cutting speed equal to or higher than the calculation cutting speed; set cutting speed and the corner cutting speed to the linear portion and the corner portion, respectively, in the cutting program; moving the nozzle relative to the workpiece on the basis of the cutting program assigned with cutting speeds.

SUGINO MACHINE Ltd | Date: 2014-07-18

Setting position, direction and magnitude of compressive force applied to a crossing part. A joint with: crossing part in which first and second channels bored in casings cross on an XY plane; and pressure device holds casings from both sides with crossing part between the direction of the Z-axis perpendicular to the XY plane by a pressure member and applies compressive force to the crossing part, the pressure device with: a bored part h is formed in the casings, into which the pressure device is fitted and supports pressure; adjusting the compressive force, the pressure member is in position including an intersection of a peripheral wall of the first and second channels in the z-axis direction, an abutting part of the pressure member and bottom of the bored part presses intersection of peripheral walls; a noncontact part provided to the center preventing the center of the crossing part from pressing.

SUGINO MACHINE Ltd | Date: 2014-09-04

To provide a cleaning apparatus which is flexibly adaptable to a wide variety of workpieces so as to improve productivity while being suitably adaptable to high-pressure cleaning so as to improve cleaning work efficiency. The cleaning apparatus for cleaning a workpiece by jetting cleaning liquid from nozzles disposed in a cleaning region includes: a feeding device that is disposed facing the cleaning region to hold and move the workpiece; a holding device that is disposed on the feeding device to hold the workpiece; a moving device that movably supports the feeding device; and a cover device that shields the moving device from the cleaning region E and allows the feeding device to pass therethrough. The feeding device moves the workpiece W to the cleaning region E for cleaning.

Sugino Machine Ltd | Date: 2015-01-22

A fluid nozzle includes a nozzle chip that includes a through hole having an inlet port from which a fluid supplied to the fluid nozzle is introduced and an outlet port from which the introduced fluid is ejected; and a base metal member that supports the nozzle chip embedded in a rear portion of the base metal member. The fluid nozzle receives the fluid supplied to the rear portion from the inlet port and ejects the fluid from the outlet port. An exposed portion of the base metal member is covered with a ceramic coating so that the base metal member does not touch the fluid.

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