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One of the most important operations for the production of a lot of meat products is the necessary size reduction, especially in meat mincers. Mincing machines work at first by the principle of rotating shear process. The meat is sheared between the edge of the knife and the holes of the plate. Additionally a cutting process can be observed. caused by the edges of the holes in the plate. That additional cut makes the input and throughput of meat pieces through the drill holes possible. The aim of this work is to show the process of putting meat cones in drill holes during the mincing processes. Therewith the influence of pressure, temperature, preliminary shredding and diameter of drill holes on the length of meat cones will be shown for different types of tissue. The aim is to draw some conclusions for practical construction of mincing systems and for the working conditions of mincers in meat industry. The results of a system working without knives, only with perforated plates, shows significant differences in the length of meat cones in dependence of the tissue type and the temperature. The length of meat cones is decreasing with decreasing temperature. The length of meat cones and practically the capacity of the mincer are increasing with increasing pressure and a higher grade of preliminary shredding of meat. It should be noted, that with increasing pressure, the number of knifes in a cutting mechanism should be higher. Additionally it should be noted that the increase of pressure is limited. The length of meat cones is increasing with increasing diameter of the drill holes in the plate by a logarithmic function. The level of that logarithmic function is influenced by pressure and preliminary shredding of meat pieces. From the results it can be concluded that optimal shearing in a mincer is possible only on base of detailed processing parameters. Knives and plates should be adapted to the processing parameters and technological properties of the tissue.

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