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The Stoneridge Group is a political campaign marketing firm based in Alpharetta, Georgia, with offices in Louisville, Kentucky. The Stoneridge Group provides the following services to pro-life, Republican campaigns, associations, and non-profits: voter contact mail, website design and complete online campaigns, print and collateral items, and strategic consulting. The Stoneridge Group has been honored with over a dozen Pollie Awards for excellence in design and innovation. The Stoneridge Group has served the campaigns of Rand Paul and Marco Rubio for U.S. Senate and Nathan Deal for Governor of Georgia. Wikipedia.

Smith Jr. R.E.,Stoneridge
The American journal of managed care | Year: 2010

Anemia is a prevalent condition that goes underrecognized and undertreated, yet still carries substantial costs for payers and is a burden on the health and quality of life of those diagnosed. Clinicians should recognize anemia of chronic diseases, such as cancer, chronic kidney disease, and human immunodeficiency virus infection, as a surrogate for more severe illness. Because of its prevalence and the health consequences associated with anemia, better detection and response is needed in vulnerable patient populations. Clinicians need to be more cognizant of the symptoms of anemia and more vigilant in its treatment to ensure better outcomes both clinically and financially.

Stoneridge | Date: 2013-01-09

A solenoid valve includes a housing defining an interior cavity and at least a first and second port coupled to the housing and having associated passages configured to be in fluid communication with the interior cavity. The solenoid valve further includes a valve seat disposed about an opening between the first and second ports and interior cavity. The valve seat is integrally formed with the housing, such that the housing and valve seat are a single unitary structure. The solenoid valve further includes a bobbin supporting a coil and an armature and seal movably disposed within the bobbin and relative to the coil. The armature and seal are moveable between an open position and a closed position relative to the valve seat, wherein, in the closed position, the seal sealingly engages with the valve seat.

Stoneridge | Date: 2015-06-18

Cable-tie guides are disclosed. In some embodiments the cable-tie guides include a head guiding member and a tape guiding member. The head guiding member may include a head opening that is configured to permit passage of a tape section of a cable-tie and to prevent passage of a head section of the cable-tie. The tape guiding member may include first and second tape openings and a recessed region there between. The recessed region may be defined by at least one sidewall, which may provide a tapered transition between the second and first tape openings.

A temperature sensor system includes a temperature sensor, a cable having an end coupled to the temperature sensor, and a stop flange coupled to the cable. The temperature sensor system further includes a vibration reducing and/or modifying sleeve positioned against the stop flange. The sleeve includes a body portion defining a through passage configured to receive and retain at least a portion of the cable. The sleeve is configured to provide stability and reduce vibrational stress to the temperature sensor system. The sleeve is configured to be added to the temperature sensor system during assembly of the system and/or to be added after the temperature sensor system is fully assembled.

Stoneridge | Date: 2014-08-20

A thermocouple including first and second thermoelements arranged to define a hot junction and a cold junction. A thermometer is coupled to at least one of the first and second thermoelements to measure the temperature of said cold junction independent of electronics used for conditioning a signal of said thermocouple. The thermoelements may be thick film elements coupled to a substrate. The thermometer may also be coupled to the substrate.

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