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Gresham R.M.,STLEs
Tribology and Lubrication Technology | Year: 2010

A discussion covers technical and medical issues that must be resolved before the wind energy movement reaches its full potential; upgrading of the electricity distribution grid system; growth of wind power capacity; complaints about wind farms; the Wind Turbine Syndrome; and possible delays in realizing wind-generated electricity goals by 2030. Source

Gresham R.M.,STLEs
Tribology and Lubrication Technology | Year: 2013

The tribology community will play a huge role in developing sustainable energy sources. When one looks beyond the US, the global community has all the same problems but perhaps in different proportions. The US has its problems marshaling efforts in the governmental and commercial communities to solve these problems in a timely, cost-effective manner. Likewise, the global community also faces these same kinds of challenges. There is no place to hide. Clearly, oil, gas and coal will continue as the US major sources of energy for many years to come, along with the infrastructure for their distribution. Thus, it makes sense to extract, process and utilize these as efficiently and cost effectively as one can. It equally makes sense that as one extracts, process and utilize these substances, one does so in a manner that minimizes all forms of pollution and waste which are actually forms of inefficiency. Thus, one maximizes their levels of sustainability. Source

Gresham R.M.,STLEs
Tribology and Lubrication Technology | Year: 2014

Reynolds was a British scientist and engineer who primarily studied fluid dynamics. In 1902, later in his career, he developed a theory of everything which he published in a book titled The Submechanics of the Universe. In any event, in terms of fluid dynamics, Reynolds developed equations that showed the relationship between inertia and viscosity. One of the things that Reynolds learned is that for a given fluid system, when the Reynolds number is large, it can mean that the fluid must be moving rapidly and turbulence can occur. One immediately thinks of whirlpools, cyclones and tomados. This Reynolds number indicates the ratio, or relative importance, of the flow's inertial forces to its viscous ones. Tribologists perform similar kinds of calculations to characterize the flow of oil in bearings, hydraulic systems and related kinds of systems. Source

Gresham R.M.,STLEs
Tribology and Lubrication Technology | Year: 2011

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