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Stevenson, MD, United States

Stevenson University is a private, independent, coeducational, liberal arts college and university that is located in the Greenspring Valley area of Baltimore County, Maryland, United States. The University has two campuses, one in Stevenson and one in Owings Mills, with approximately 4,400 undergraduate and graduate students. Formerly known as Villa Julie College, the name was changed to Stevenson University in 2008. Wikipedia.

Berlin I.,French Institute of Health and Medical Research | Singleton E.G.,Stevenson University | Heishman S.J.,U.S. National Institute on Drug Abuse
Nicotine and Tobacco Research | Year: 2010

Introduction: The French version of the Tobacco Craving Questionnaire (FTCQ) is a valid and reliable 47-item self-report instrument that assesses tobacco craving in four factors: emotionality, expectancy, compulsivity, and purposefulness. For use in research and clinical settings, we constructed a 12-item version of the FTCQ (FTCQ-12). Method: The FTCQ-12 was administered to treatment-seeking French smokers (n = 310) enrolled in the Adjustment of DOses of NIcotine in Smoking Cessation (ADONIS) trial. We conducted confirmatory factor analysis (CFA) and examined congruence in factor loadings between the FTCQ and FTCQ-12 to determine the validity and reliability of the FTCQ-12. Measures of tobacco craving, withdrawal, smoking patterns, and smoking history were included to explore the concurrent validity of the FTCQ-12. We used craving scores to distinguish participants who were highly dependent on nicotine from those less dependent on nicotine. Results: CFA indicated excellent fit for a four-factor model, with congruence coefficients indicating moderate similarity in factor patterns and loadings between the FTCQ and FTCQ-12. Individual factors of the FTCQ-12 correlated positively with smoking history and withdrawal variables. Participants who were highly dependent on nicotine were nearly six times more likely to score >5 on the General Craving Score (maximum: 7) than those less dependent on nicotine. Discussion: Findings suggest that the FTCQ-12 measures the same four factors as the FTCQ and TCQ, and these four constructs have unique properties. The FTCQ-12 yields valid and reliable indices of tobacco craving and has potential clinical utility for rapid assessment of tobacco craving in smokers seeking treatment.

Methven S.,University of Bristol | MacGregor M.S.,Stevenson University
Annals of Clinical Biochemistry | Year: 2013

Proteinuria is the cardinal sign of renal disease, therefore accurate identification of clinically significant proteinuria is essential to the diagnosis and management of kidney disease. Spot samples are now widely used, namely protein: creatinine ratio (uPCR) and albumin: creatinine ratio (uACR). In this article we review the evidence comparing uPCR and uACR including clinical, laboratory and financial arguments. uPCR has a superior performance to uACR to predict 24-hour total proteinuria, the measurement on which the evidence for interventions in chronic kidney disease is based. Furthermore a retrospective study comparing uPCR and uACR as predictors of renal outcome found comparable performance to predict all-cause mortality, commencement of renal replacement therapy and doubling of serum creatinine. Only uPCR takes account of non-albumin proteinuria which has been shown to have prognostic significance. uACR was been thought to be superior at low levels (where there is less 'noise' from physiological urinary proteins), but uPCR has recently been shown to perform well at levels equivalent to <0.5 g/day (and even within the reference range) as a predictor of outcomes. uACR is measured using an immunoassay thatmay be technically superior, but is not without shortcomings (such as antigen excess) and is 2-10 times more expensive than uPCR. The theories explaining the superiority of albumin are appealing. However, the available comparative data do not seem to support the theory. We cannot explain the disparity, but in science, if the data do not fit the existing theory, then maybe it's time for a new theory. © The Author(s) 2013.

Newton E.K.,Stevenson University | Goodman M.,Eckerd College | Thompson R.A.,University of California at Davis
Infancy | Year: 2014

This study investigated the influence of emotion on toddlers' prosocial behavior in instrumental helping tasks with an unfamiliar adult. The goals were to examine whether early prosocial behavior was affected by (1) the adult's expressions of sadness (in contrast to a neutral expression) as a cue of need and (2) toddlers' emotion understanding. Thirty-five 18- to 20-month-olds participated in eight trials in which an experimenter either indicated need for assistance (experimental condition) or did not (control). In addition, the experimenter expressed either sadness or neutral affect in each trial. Toddlers' emotion understanding was assessed using maternal reports of children's emotion words. The experimenter's emotional expression alone was not associated with prosocial behavior, but toddlers helped more in experimental than control conditions. However, toddlers with larger emotion word vocabularies were marginally more prosocial when the experimenter expressed sadness, and girls provided more assistance than boys in experimental conditions. These findings highlight the complex influences of emotion on early prosocial motivation. © International Society on Infant Studies (ISIS).

Burgess R.C.,U.S. National Cancer Institute | Burgess R.C.,Stevenson University | Misteli T.,U.S. National Cancer Institute
Cell | Year: 2015

It is commonly assumed that there is a single canonical DNA damage response (DDR) that protects cells from various types of double-strand breaks and that its activation occurs via recognition of DNA ends by the DDR machinery. Recent work suggests that both assumptions may be oversimplifications. Here, we discuss several variations of the DDR in which the pathway is activated by diverse cellular events and/or generates distinct signaling outcomes. The existence of multiple non-canonical DDRs provides insights into how DNA damage is sensed and suggests a highly modular organization of the DDR. © 2015 Elsevier Inc.

Stevenson R.D.M.,Stevenson University
Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine | Year: 2016

OBJECTIVE:: The aim of this study was to develop a systematic task analysis process for determination of minimum acceptable job performance in arduous safety-related occupations. METHODS:: A task analysis using modifications on established methods was completed in UK firefighters. Subject-matter experts (all male) identified critical, physically arduous tasks generic to all UK firefighters and developed individual, role-specific task simulations. Video footage and blinded voting were used to determine minimum acceptable task performance. RESULTS:: Eight tasks were identified in combination with role-specific variations, task simulations suitable for use in a physical demands analysis, and corresponding minimum acceptable performance. CONCLUSIONS:: The bespoke steps highlighted here allow structured identification of task-specific minimum performance standards and simulations from which physical employment standards could be based. However, including a more divergent expert panel with respect to age, sex, and race would strengthen the applicability of this framework in future practice. Copyright © 2016 by the American College of Occupational and Environmental Medicine

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