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Stellenbosch, South Africa

Stellenbosch University is a leading public research university situated in the town of Stellenbosch, South Africa. Other nearby universities are the University of Cape Town and University of the Western Cape.Stellenbosch University designed and manufactured Africa's first microsatellite, SUNSAT, launched in 1999.Stellenbosch University was the first African university to sign the Berlin Declaration on Open Access to Knowledge in the science and Humanities.The students of Stellenbosch University are nicknamed Maties. Some claim the term arises from their maroon rugby colours: a tamatie is the Afrikaans translation for tomato. It is more likely to come from the Afrikaans colloquialism maat originally used diminutively by the students of the University of Cape Town's precursor, the South African College. Wikipedia.

Pauw A.,Stellenbosch University
Trends in Ecology and Evolution | Year: 2013

The question of why there are so many plant species needs two kinds of answer: an explanation for the origin of plant species, and an explanation for how they can coexist. Pollinators are often implicated in the origin of plant species because adaptation to different modes of pollination can drive divergence in floral traits and bring about reproductive isolation. However, very few studies have attempted to answer the next question: 'Can plant species that differ only in their mode of pollination coexist?' Fragmentary evidence supports the idea that intraspecific competition for pollination resources can limit population growth rate, thus allowing the coexistence of species that use different pollinators, or the same pollinators at different times. © 2012 Elsevier Ltd. Source

Stellenbosch University | Date: 2014-06-11

A method and apparatus provided for the production of fine fibres by electrospinning fibres by applying an electrical field between a primary electrode and a counter electrode (

Stellenbosch University | Date: 2014-04-02

A central solar receiver (

Stellenbosch University | Date: 2015-11-04

A method and a detection device for detecting endocrine disrupting compounds are provided. The detection device includes a support structure and ligand binding domains (LBD) of at least one sex hormone receptor, immobilised on the support structure. The detection device further includes a linker molecule between the support structure and the ligand binding domains, for immobilising the LBDs on the support structure.

Stellenbosch University | Date: 2015-07-13

An air temperature regulating assembly is provided having a packed rock bed through which air may flow between outer and inner spaces by way of interstices between rock units in order to transfer heat to or from the rock bed, in use. Dampers control the flow of air between the outer space, the inner space, an enclosed air space the temperature of which is to be regulated by raising or lowering it and the surrounding atmosphere. A fan moves air within the assembly. The rock bed is in the form of a pile of rocks having an upper surface that is inclined and directed in the general direction of the sun to directly absorb solar energy. The outer space is defined between the upper inclined surface of the rock bed and a transparent cover spaced upwardly from the surface of the rock bed.

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