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Stationery | Date: 2015-05-15

A ring mechanism has pivoting hinge plates supported by a housing so pivoting of the hinge plates can open and close rings for holding the loose-leaf pages. The mechanism has an actuator including a lower arm for moving the hinge plates to open the rings and an upper arm for moving the hinge plates to close the rings. The upper arm has a hook thereon. An intermediate connector comprises a cross bar captured by the hook on the actuator. The intermediate connector connects a travel bar to the actuator so movement of the actuator to pivot the hinge plates causes longitudinal movement of the travel bar in the housing. A locking element is moveable with the travel bar between a locking position and non-locking position.

A ring binder has an elongate body and rings. Each ring includes ring members moveable between open and closed positions. The body and rings are made of one or more moldable polymeric materials. The binder suitably includes a retaining system operable to hold the ring members in the closed position. The retaining system has interlocking formations adjacent ends of the ring members that are moveable between a retaining position in which the retaining system holds the first and second ring members in the closed position and a non-retaining position. The ring members and body can suitably be formed together as one piece from a moldable polymeric material.

Stationery | Date: 2015-11-05

A ring mechanism has a housing and rings for holding loose-leaf pages. Pivoting hinge plates are supported in the housing. Each ring includes a pair of ring members, at least one of which is mounted on a hinge plate and movable to open and close the rings. A travel bar carries a plurality of locking elements or wedges. The travel bar is secured to the housing in a manner that limits vertical movement of the travel bar while allowing the travel bar to translate between a locked position in which opening of the rings is blocked and an open position in which the rings are open. The travel bar is biased to remain in the locked position when it is in the locked position. The travel bar is free of forces tending to move the travel bar to the locked position when the travel bar is in the open position.

Stationery | Date: 2014-07-20

This invention relates to a body lifting device for use in combination with a bed. Conducting tubes are disposed at a side of the bed and near a patients shoulder, hip, and knees, and is supported by the bed. Lifting rods are disposed each into one of the conducting tubes. The upper ends of the lifting rods are fixed to a lifting handle of a lifting mechanism. During use, the lifting mechanism or a fabric is placed under the patient; a driving mechanism pushes up the lifting rods to lift the patient. Thus, its convenient for a nurse to replace bedding and take a bath for the patient. Also, its beneficial for keeping air flowing through under the patient and avoiding bedsores. The body lifting device in combination with a bed solves a series of problems in elderly and patient care, makes elderly and patient care easier, and provides overall care for the patient.

Stationery | Date: 2015-05-06

A ring mechanism has an elongate housing and rings for holding loose-leaf pages. Each ring has ring members mounted on pivoting hinge plates for movement between open and closed positions. An actuator has opening and closing arms extending from an actuator body for opening and closing the rings. The mechanism has a travel bar moveable between a locked position in which a locking element blocks pivoting movement of the hinge plates and an unlocked position. The actuator has a flexible arm positioned to push the travel bar toward the locked position when the actuator closes the rings. At least a portion of the flexible arm is adapted to deform during closing in a manner that includes rotation in a first direction relative to the body of the actuator. Movement of the actuator to close the rings includes rotation of the actuator in the first direction relative to the housing.

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