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Novi Pazar, Serbia

The State University of Novi Pazar is a public university in Novi Pazar, Serbia. It was founded in 2006 and is composed of twenty faculties. Wikipedia.

Maneski L.Z.,State University of Novi Pazar
Muscle & nerve | Year: 2013

One important reason why functional electrical stimulation (FES) has not gained widespread clinical use is the limitation imposed by rapid muscle fatigue due to non-physiological activation of the stimulated muscles. We aimed to show that asynchronous low-pulse-rate (LPR) electrical stimulation applied by multipad surface electrodes greatly postpones the occurrence of muscle fatigue compared with conventional stimulation (high pulse rate, HPR). We compared the produced force vs. time of the forearm muscles responsible for finger flexion in 2 stimulation protocols, LPR (fL = 10 Hz) and HPR (fH = 40 Hz). Results: Surface-distributed low-frequency asynchronous stimulation (sDLFAS) doubles the time interval before the onset of fatigue (104 ± 80%) compared with conventional synchronous stimulation. Combining the performance of multipad electrodes (increased selectivity and facilitated positioning) with sDLFAS (decreased fatigue) can improve many FES applications in both the lower and upper extremities. Copyright © 2013 Wiley Periodicals, Inc.

Dejanovic A.,State University of Novi Pazar
Annals of human biology | Year: 2014

The aim of this study was to establish normative values for torso muscle endurance in adolescents aged 15-18 years. It was hypothesized that torso endurance profiles of adolescents differs between males and females and between adolescents and adults. Decreased torso muscle endurance has been identified as a potential personal risk factor for low back pain development in both adolescents and later years together with being detrimental for athletic performance. Measurement of torso muscle endurance, established through four tests performed in random order in a healthy adolescent population. High school in Novi Sad, Province of Vojvodina, Republic of Serbia. Two hundred and ninety-four adolescents from one high school (178 males and 116 females) were grouped into four age strata. Selected isometric torso muscle endurance tests were: Biering-Sørensen test for extensor endurance; Flexor endurance test; right and left Side Bridge tests. The mean, ratio, standard deviation and 25th, 50th and 75th percentile scores were determined for each gender/age strata. Males had higher lateral torso endurance than females. Adolescents in general demonstrate their peak lifetime endurance as they appear more endurable than children and comparable adult groups. These data of endurance times, their ratios and percentiles in healthy normal subjects form a database bridging existing data for children and adults that may be useful for guiding training and rehabilitation.

Hinic D.,State University of Novi Pazar
Psychiatria Danubina | Year: 2011

Owing to the fact that the Internet is spreading rapidly and influencing all aspects of everyday life, a task is assigned to the academic and clinical circles to establish a diagnosis and provide treatment for disorders brought about by its dysfunctional use. This paper presents a review of the most frequent problems and difficulties in dealing with individuals complaining of the symptoms of Internet use disorder, as well as some suggestions for overcoming and alleviating these problems. For the diagnostic criteria problem, a solution can be provided in the form of behavioural addictions category in order to solve the problem of the classification of not only this disorder but also other forms, such as pathological gambling, compulsive shopping etc. However, since there are obvious similarities with the compulsive behaviour, we suggest the term Internet Use Disorder, which appears most acceptable in terms of avoiding beforehand the indecisiveness of this disorder nature. Certainly, in the practical work with each client, by means of a precise and complex clinical interview, it would be further determined which subtype is under question and whether the mechanism of its realisation is more that of a compulsive or addictive nature. We also suggest an approach of defining a set of minimal key symptoms and manifestations of this problem, rather than singling out the personality profiles of individuals who constitute the population at risk. By prevention, the attentiveness of the public would be in that way directed towards the critical aspects of behaviour, and not towards a vague picture which causes panic and doubt, rather than reasonable ways of the problem solution. © Medicinska naklada.

This paper presents a new, transformed, multi-criteria mathematical model for ranking suppliers in the supply chains concept. The problem was treated as a problem of procurement of companies with raw materials in multi-supplier environment, with different offers and different supply conditions. In the circumstances of uncertainty of raw materials procurement, selection of suppliers and ranking performances of criteria and alternatives is a very important decision of a company for a successful business operation on the market. The work depicts the procedure of transformation of values of the proposed criteria on the principle of maximal value and the ranking done by the principle of geometric mean. The values obtained by ranking are placed in descending order, and suppliers are sorted by priority. An illustrated example is also presented.

Lazic L.,State University of Novi Pazar
Computer Science and Information Systems | Year: 2010

Software testing provides a means to reduce errors, cut maintenance and overall software costs. Numerous software development and testing methodologies, tools, and techniques have emerged over the last few decades promising to enhance software quality. While it can be argued that there has been some improvement it is apparent that many of the techniques and tools are isolated to a specific lifecycle phase or functional area. This paper presents a set of best practice models and techniques integrated in optimized and quantitatively managed software testing process (OptimalSQM), expanding testing throughout the SDLC. Further, we explained how can Quantitative Defect Management Model be enhanced to be practically useful for determining which activities need to be addressed to improve the degree of early and cost-effective software fault detection with assured confidence is proposed. To enable software designers to achieve a higher quality for their design, a better insight into quality predictions for their design choices, test plans improvement using Simulated Defect Removal Cost Savings model is offered in this paper.

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